Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Halpert 5: Round 10

 Last round, Rosario Halpert continued on her quest to get a female heiress for her house. After giving birth to her fifth and sixth boys, twins Coal and Marble, she and Bronx decided to try just one more time and ended up with not one, but two baby girls, Diamond and Amethyst. Meanwhile, Granite grew to a teenager and Obsidian grew to a child.

Oh, boy...brace yourself everybody. We're now entering the child farm...

You're doing your homework already? You just got off the bus.

Granite: This is the only time I can get it done. The little kids are either still at school or napping.

Happy birthday, dear Bronx...

...and Rosario...

Not bad. At least you're not Santa.

Eh, I've seen worse.

Besides, you guys are a bit too busy to worry about fashion.

Rosario: You think?

Obsidian: I got an A+!!!

Great job!

Coal: Me too!


Oh, good. We're about to have one less child. Happy birthday, dear Obsidian...

Again, I've seen worse. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Obsidian: I want a life of knowledge.

Ok, that should be easy.

Um, what was that I said about having one less child? Happy birthday, dear Diamond...

Diamond: Cool, I'm a dragon.

You're changing before school tomorrow.

Happy birthday, dear Amethyst...

You're changing too.

Oh, boy...why do I get the feeling that having two more children is going to be worse than having two toddlers?

Amethyst: Bang! Bang!

Marble: Ahh!

Giant Robot...

Is Giant Robot ever not right?

Oh, thank goodness. Obsidian's got an easy lifetime want.

As does Granite.

Oh, hi Edward. What are you doing here?

Edward: Twilight came over after school today. I came to pick her up. Which one of these kids did she come home with?

I have no idea. There's 4 of them. Take your pick.

Coal: You can't go back there if you don't know the password!

Edward: I hope she didn't come home with this one.

Diamond: What is this place?

Welcome to your new homeschool room.

Coal: We don't have to go to school anymore? All right!

No, you still have to go to school. But I'm sick of searching for your homework (and the 4 of you) all over the lot. Everybody has their own desk now. 

Oh, right. I forgot about the teenagers..,

Ok, look. You two are each doing this once. You have too many little brothers and sisters for me to be keeping track of your dates. If it doesn't work out I'll find you each a girlfriend on another lot. Got it?

Gypsy, we've been through this. Lime is taken. Can you stop bringing her to every lot?

Let's see if Granite does any better.

Well, she's not taken, but we're not adding any more girls this round.

Diamond: Wow, homework is easier when you help, Dad.

See? Dad couldn't help you when you left your homework on the lawn.

Looks like we get to go out on another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Coal...

Well, can't complain about the pajamas. Have you picked an aspiration?

Coal: I want lots of friends!

Happy birthday, dear Marble...

Not bad. How about an aspiration for you?

Marble: I want pleasure!

Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

Ok, before I head out to get some aspirin let's check your scholarships. Not bad, Granite.

And I guess being a forgotten middle child has it's advantages. Ok, I guess I'll see you two at graduation.

These two, meanwhile, still have some growing up to do.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: This lot gave me a headache! I actually realized that these guys somehow ended round 9 with 9 Sims on the lot. I don't have a mod that allows that, so I'm not sure how the game allowed the twin girls to be born. Anyway, beyond the sheer number of Sims, there are some issues with having this many children at once. First, there was the homework issue. Trying to find each child's homework, not to mention making them stay near it long enough to get someone to help them with it, was pretty much impossible. I ended up putting in the homeschool room with the desk selector because I couldn't take it anymore. There was also another issue. Even though I didn't blog it, every sim on this lot was sick at some point during the week. Whenever someone would get healthy again, they would go play red hands with a sibling and then boom, sick again. (And yes, I realize that spelled Obsidian's name wrong when labeling the photos.)


ciyrose said...

Wow that is a lot of kids all at once. Crazy crazy house, but good job getting through it.