Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beesly 5: Round 6

Last round, May and Pao Beesly continued to work towards their lifetime wants of becoming the mayor and "the law", respectively. Their older daughter, Easter, grew to a child and started school. May became pregnant again and gave birth to a son, Arbor. By the end of the week, she was pregnant for a third time.

Good morning...or not, I guess.

I'm glad to see somebody's awake in this house.

Pao: Easter's not much of a morning person.

I can tell.

Looks like Arbor isn't either.

Arbor: Sleepy!!!

Nanny: What does this kid want me to do?

Well putting him in the crib right in front of you would be a good start...

Baby number 3!!

Looks like it's just number 3...


May: It's a boy! Meet baby Halloween!

Ooh, scary.

Aww, he got his dad's skin and his mom's hair and eyes. I wonder who's ears he's going to be getting.

Let's settle out of court...

Or not.

Well, at least someone had a good day at work. Congratulations, Pao. One lifetime want down!

Pao: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Happy birthday, dear Easter...

Um, I'm not crazy about the outfit...but that's easy to fix. Have you picked your aspiration yet?

Easter: I want a life of pleasure!

Man, this round's college class just wants to have fun! Everyone's choosing pleasure this round.

Pao: I'm really getting tired of everyone asking me if I know anything about this stupid dragon. I was just the mailman. I don't know anything like that.

May: I know, but all of this is really quite strange. And you're the only one who's ever been in any other town, except for my parents of course. They moved here as teens.

Pao: So why don't they remember anything?

May: I have no idea.

Well, while the parents are discussing that, I guess Easter is the babysitter.

Easter: I can't believe Mom had two kids this close together. Arbor's still a toddler.

Way to go, May!

May: I'm getting closer to becoming "The Law"!

Another day, another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Halloween...

And Arbor, apparently...

Hmm, Arbor lost his glasses but he still is a very handsome young man.

And Halloween is showing his father's influence more in his face than his brother and sister.

Another one? So soon?

May: I really want a female heiress.

Ok, whatever you want.

Pao: Come on Halloween. You can do it...

Better do this fast, before the new baby comes and you have to teach them to walk.

Looks like Easter's picked her lifetime want. Seems easy enough.

Hmm, and it seems she's found a new friend. I'll have to keep my eye on this relationship.

Ready for number 4?

May: I really hope this baby is a girl. I'm getting tired of being pregnant.

Well, you've only had about 24 hours of rest between these pregnancies. I don't blame you.

Arbor: I got an A+!

Wow, that was fast. Great job!

Number 4 is on the way!

Just one more...glad to see May didn't give in to the cheesecake temptation.

May: It's a girl! Meet baby Valentine!

Great! And now you're done, correct?

May: Yes, now we are done.

I think it might be time to re-decorate that nursery. The Snoopy baseball theme doesn't seem to work anymore.

Happy birthday, dear Halloween...again...

Whew! And now there's finally no toddlers in the house-for a little while, anyway.

Looks like Easter's found herself a boyfriend! We've got another established couple!

Another promotion! There's only one more to go, right?

May: Yup! But that's going to have to happen next week.

One more birthday. It seems like all these people eat is cake.

Um...are you sure she's a girl?

May: Of course I'm sure! Let me just go and fix her hair...

Ok, that looks a bit better.

Pao: Can you say "bottle"?

Valentine: Bottle!

And she's a smart little thing, isn't she?

Nice job, Easter! I'll see you at graduation! Everyone else, I'll see you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I think this family wins for the "most change in one week" award. Two new babies, one of whom grew all the way to a child, everybody growing was a busy week!

Where Did You Get That???

Lately, I've been getting some comments requesting that I share where some of my custom content comes from (try saying that five times fast). To tell you the truth, I can't always place exactly which hairstyle or which outfit came from which site, but I can offer you a list of the sites I use most often for different types of custom content.




Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Warner 1: Round 6

Last round, Destiny Warner became pregnant for a second time. Soon after her second daughter, Dot, was born. She and Eric finally were married in a simple ceremony by their coat rack, as they continued to chase after Eric's lifetime want of 50 dream dates. Destiny continued to be puzzled by the photographs she had brought to the house with her.

Good morning, girls!

Angelica: Hi, mysterious voice! Say hi, Dot!

Dot: Hi!

Cool, she actually listens to you.

Bring out the whole squad!


Congratulations Destiny!

Destiny: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Nice work, Eric.

Eric: Thanks.

Happy birthday, dear Dot...

Hmm, I think a new outfit is in order but you're still a lovely young lady.

Dot: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Have a good first day of school!

Dot: Bye, mysterious voice.

You're having quite a week.

Destiny: I know!

How was the first day?

Dot: I didn't like the bus...

Angelica: Don't worry, after I grow up I can drive you so you won't have to take the bus anymore.

Happy birthday, dear Angelica...

Wow, a halfway decent outfit! Have you chosen an aspiration?

Angelica: I sure have!

Angelica: I want a life of Romance!


Angelica: Um, because I do?

Oh, alright.

Angelica: So when do we get to call the gypsy?

Never. I'm kind of fed up with the gypsy right now. I'm going to be your matchmaker.

Angelica: This is who you brought? He's gross!

Angelica, have you heard of tact?

Angelica: You're no better...

Jazz: I didn't come here for this...wait, why am I here?

Never mind, Jazz. Just go home.

Dot: Mommy, why does Angelica not like any of those boys?

Destiny: Well, they're all below her standards, I guess.

At least her lifetime want is easy.

Um, let's explore the ocean. Space travel sounds much too dangerous.


Way to go Destiny! Three promotions and a lifetime want achieved.

Destiny: It does feel good to have come this far.

Angelica: Yeah, um, could you maybe come over?

I thought all the guys I picked disgusted you?

Angelica: Not really. There was one who was ok...

Looks like Canada's becoming a social butterfly too.

Dot? What are you doing?

Dot: I'm playing on Mommy's obstacle course. She got it from work.

Maybe you should wait until you're older...that thing looks

Dangerous! Dot are you ok?

Dot: Huh?

Dot: Yeah, I'm ok. I think I just need more practice.

Well maybe you should save the practice for when you're a little bit older. I've got enough problems keeping track of your sister's romantic escapades.

Dot: Angelica, why does the mysterious voice have a hard time keeping track of you?

Angelica: Because I don't see why I should have to choose one guy, you know? Like, why should I have to settle for just one when I can have them all?

Because you can't have them all, Angelica. You can have one-the rest will then slap you and kick over your trash can.

Dot: I got an A+

Great job!

Angelica: You are actually pretty cute, you know that?

Glad to see you've found someone up to your standards.

Wow, two top-of-careers in one week. You two sure are on a roll!

Aww, see? Picking one guy isn't so hard once you find the right one.

Angelica: Um, who says I'm picking him? I just had my first kiss, that's all. Besides, we're not "best friends" yet. Isn't that against your rules or something?

Well, technically yes. But...then who are you picking?

Angelica: For the last time, I'm picking no one! I'm going to live by myself-I'll bring the guys to me!

Man, the new houses are going to be a blast this round...

Dot: *cough*

Are you feeling ok?

Dot: I think I have the flu...

Aww, I'm sorry. Your mom brought it home the other day. She must have given it to you.

Um...ok, am I the only one who finds it odd that the teenage boy brings over a decorative vase after going on one date with a girl?

Oh no...Eric, step away from the stove!

Still no idea who they are, huh?

Destiny: Not a clue. Why won't you just tell me?

Because I don't think it will actually jog your memory. Sure, you'll know but you won't actually remember.

Destiny: And then the beautiful princess married the handsome prince, and the two of them lived happily ever after. The end.

Dot: Mommy, Angelica says that you don't have to choose just one prince.

Destiny: Oh she does, does she?

Destiny: Dot, I don't want you to pay too much attention to what your sister says. You're too little to think about that kind of stuff now.

Hoping to undo some damage after Angelica leaves home?

Destiny: Oh, you bet.

Well, I can't argue with that. Great job with the scholarships.

Destiny: Hello...oh, hi Abigail. You what? You think you know? Of course. I'll come over first thing in the morning.

Ooh, a cliffhanger! Although not really, because I'll be at Abigail's house before too long. See you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Angelica is going to be the first Sim in Tranquility Bay to leave university without a fiancee. She is actually the first female Romance sim I've rolled since Kimberly Martin when I started-all my other Romance sims have been male. I figure that there's still plenty of chances for her to her household even if she has no live-in partner. Plus, she really did reject every single male townie I tried to set her up with. At best, she had one bolt. Her aspiration score was getting quite low-hence the first kiss with Danton.