Monday, August 25, 2008

Halpert 3: Round 6

Last round, Kiwi and Steve added a third child to their family with the birth of little Germany. After a great deal of struggling in the friend department, Steve finally achieved his lifetime want of becoming hospital chief of staff. Twins Mexico and England grew from toddlers to children.

Kiwi: Good morning, mysterious voice.

Hi, guys. Good to see you're all awake. Having three boys must be exhausting.

Although not as exhausting as being pregnant and having three boys.

As I was saying...

Kiwi: I hope this baby is a girl. I really am tired of being pregnant.

Well, look who came by. It's the little social butterfly.

Queens: Your pool is really fun!

Any minute now, huh?

Kiwi: Yup. I really can't wait.

What is that you're holding?

Kiwi: Cheesecake.

And you know what that will do, right?

Kiwi: I'm fully aware. I'm giving myself a double chance of having a girl. This is going to be my last pregnancy. I'm determined.

Hmm, look who happened to wander by.

Mexico: Hi, I'm Mexico.

Sparrow: I'm Sparrow. I live down the street.

You might want to make friends with her now, Mexico. It will come in handy down the road. Trust me.

Happy birthday, dear Germany...

And he looks just like Mexico. The firstborn effect strikes again.

I guess it's a triple birthday. Happy birthday, dear England...

and Mexico...

Well, an outfit change is in order for England. Have you both chosen your aspirations?

England: I want a life of pleasure!

That's been a popular one this round.

Mexico: I want a life of fortune!

That one hasn't shown up in awhile.

Um,'s easy enough. I'm not going to judge...

Oh, why, England? Why?

Baby time! Let's see how the cheesecake worked!

I guess it took effect!

Kiwi: We've got our girl! Meet baby Canada!

Kiwi: And we have a fourth boy, Holland!

Canada looks just like her mom...

And Holland got his dad's hair and eyes.

I guess it's all hands on deck, huh?

England: But do my hands really have to be on this deck?

Send him away!

Oh, no....

Well, at least someone had a good day.

Germany: I got an A+!

Great job.

Sorry about you being fired, Steve.

Steve: Oh, I didn't get fired.

Um, yes you did. I read the chance card!

Steve: I know. But they didn't fire me. They did take the 40,000 simoleons though.

Well, at least you have your job.

Another birthday! Happy birthday, dear Holland!

Happy birthday dear Canada!

She's a cutie, but I think a makeover is in order.

But I think Holland is fine the way he is.

Wow, Canada looks just like her mom!

Kiwi: Come on, Canada. You can do it!

Kiwi: Can you say "Mama"?

So are you still the stay at home parent?

Kiwi: Sort of. Steve and I alternate days. I refuse to leave my kids home alone with the nanny anymore.

That's probably a good call.

Canada: Bear!

I can see Canada is grasping the talking thing faster than her brother.

How's it going for you older guys? I haven't seen a whole lot of you.

England: Ok. I have a girlfriend, actually.

Really? Who?

England: She's coming by later. I want to surprise you.

You can't surprise the mysterious voice, England.

Aww, how cute! They match! Ok, back to England and his mystery woman...

Oh, Clarinet! I think you two will make a great pair!

England: I just wish Mexico could find someone.

Don't worry, he will. There's a lot of girls who haven't grown up yet.

Another birthday for these guys? This is quite a week. Happy birthday, dear Canada...

And Holland...

One handsome young man...

And one lovely young lady.

Whew! You survived your second set of twins. Guys...guys...wake up!

Kiwi: (yawn) Steve, get up. The mysterious voice is yelling at us about something.

Let's go see how the older ones did with their scholarships, huh?

Nice job.

You too, England. I'll see both of you at graduation! Everyone else, I'll see you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well that was certainly exciting. I don't know why Steve didn't get fired after his bad chance card-he came home at his usual time and collected his usual paycheck with no change. They did take the money from the family, but that was all that happened. As far as glitches go it's not the worst one I've seen.


Rachel said...

Queens really has turned into a little blog hog. I've used cheese cake to double my chances at twins too. Glad Canada came along.

ciyrose said...

All the kids are super cute. Glad that he didn't loose his job, even though he "should have".