Thursday, August 7, 2008

Caligula 1: Round 6

Last round, Matthew and Kalliope became elders while their youngest child, Paris, grew to a teen. Kalliope had achieved her lifetime want despite the fact that only two of her children had graduated from college. Paris tried desperately to find a boyfriend, but her choice was already taken by somebody else.

Hey, guys. Glad you made it back alright.

Paris: Come on, we have to go online to get our jobs...

Kentucky: Right now? Can't it wait until...later?

So what jobs did you end up getting?

Paris: I got a job in law enforcement, and Kentucky has a job in the slacker career.

You don't sound too happy about that.

Paris: Well, once Kentucky gets promoted to the top we're never going to see each other. He'll work nights, I'll be working days.

Kentucky: Well then we really should make this night count then, shouldn't we?

Would you two like to be left alone?

Kentucky: Uh, yeah.


Matthew: I know you're an adult, but I'm still worried about you. This guy...doesn't seem to want what you want.

Paris: Dad, it's ok. Kentucky and I are perfect for each other. Sure, he's a little....laid back. But I'm sure he'll start to settle down. We just graduated from college. It's not like we're starting a family already.


Paris: It's just food poisoning, right?

I don't think so...

Congratulations, Kentucky, on being a top-of-the-line slacker.

Kentucky: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Wow, that must be a new record. Congratulations, Paris.

Paris: Thanks, mysterious voice.

I guess it wasn't food poisoning, huh?

Paris: But...Kentucky and I aren't married yet...

Kentucky: Why do we have to get married now? It's just a baby. Why are you being so old fashioned about this?

Paris: I know its old fashioned, but it's what I want...

Looks like time is running out...

Paris: I hope I can convince Kentucky...

You bought a hot tub? That should help Paris out with the baby.

Kentucky: Yeah...sure. That's why I bought it.

Baby time!


Paris: It's a boy! Meet baby Toronto!

Paris: Kentucky, meet your new son.

Kentucky: Wow...I'm a dad...

Hmm, no genetic surprises here.

And Kalliope becomes the only sim in town to achieve two lifetime wants. Congratulations, Kalliope.

Kalliope: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Glad to see you two enjoying the hot tub together.

Kentucky: So you're going to be going back to work tomorrow?

Paris: Yeah. You're ok staying home with Toronto?

Kentucky: Yeah, sure...

Oh, hi Apple!

Apple: I just had to stop by to see the little guy. Hi there, buddy! So how's Kentucky been since the birth?

Paris: Just fine. Why wouldn't he be?

Apple: Oh, I don't know. I just...he never seemed to be the father type.

Happy birthday, dear Toronto...

He seems to be a good mix of both his parents.

Paris: Come on, can do it!

So where's the proud father?

Paris: He's working tonight.

If you can call being a professional party guest "working".

Paris: Good job, buddy!

About bedtime, huh?

Paris: Yeah, I was going to try and wait up for Kentucky but Toronto is wearing me out.

Kentucky: So, I was thinking that you and me...

Riley: Excuse me! I'm married! And you have a son!

It's a good think Paris didn't wait up to see this...

(Yawn) Giant Robot...

Um, who is this?

Kentucky: Marisa.

What about Paris?

Kentucky: Don't worry, she's at work. She won't know a thing...

Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and get out of here now. See you all next round...

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Kentucky is the first Romance sim I've had in awhile who didn't have a career LTW-he wants to woohoo with 20 Sims. I hate to do it to Paris, but luckily she doesn't seem to fear being cheated on so she should be ok with her perma-plat for now. And they will have at least one more child, to try for the female heir. Lots of drama brewing in this house...


Galena said...

I do feel bad for Paris for having a romance sim father her children and live with her while doing so. Toronto looks like he's going to be a cutie. Hopefully, he doesn't roll his father's aspiration.

Narrator MD said...

Wow, good luck with the Woohoo 20 Sims want. I'm trying that out for my first time and it's even harder than I'd imagined!

Rachel said...

Bad Kentucky!

Rachel said...

Bad Kentucky!

Anonymous said...

Ehh, I'd say that it's actually more his dad, especially if you look back at Valentines house in Round 9.