Sunday, August 24, 2008

Halpert 2: Round 6

Last round, Apple managed to convince her husband Shawn to try for a third child in addition to their twin girls. Apple soon became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Adam. Meanwhile, twins Idina and Rosario grew to children. Shawn achieved his lifetime want of becoming the mayor, but had it taken away by a bad chance card.

So how is everyone doing?

Shawn: Well, I'm still a little down about losing my job. But I found another job as an artist. I actually make just as much money as I did when I was the mayor.

Idina: Good morning Adam!

Aww, you're such a good big sister.

Uh-oh-the nanny must be here somewhere.

Ok, can I just point out what's going on here? The nanny set fire to the stove, walks past the fire, and goes to cook something else. Even the nannies aren't fazed by their own stupidity anymore.

Man, Queens Levinson is little miss popularity this week. She's making all kinds of friends.

Queens: Want to go out back and fish?

Rosario: Ok!

So now that your family is financially secure again, any plans for child number 4?

Shawn: Well, we kind of have to now. We want to try and have a female heiress. But this is our last shot-there's barely enough room in this house as it is.

Make room for one more!

Apple: I hope so. I don't think I could handle another set of twins.

Looks like it's time for another birthday! Happy birthday, dear Idina...

and Rosario...

Hmm, not bad.

You two actually lucked out with the outfits. Now have you chosen your aspirations?

Idina: I want a life of pleasure. could be worse...

Rosario: And I want popularity.


Looks like it's a triple birthday. Happy birthday, dear Adam...

You can tell he's a Halpert, that's for sure. He looks just like Kumquat.

Going for a natural birth this time?

Apple: I don't think I have a choice!

Whew! Well, there's only one coming.


Apple: It's a girl! Meet baby Tracie!

Aww...she's adorable. She has your eyes, and Shawn's skin. The hair could have come from either side.

Oh, boy. We've got two teenage girls in the house-that means it's time to play the dating game!

Look, gypsy, you and I have to be more in tune with each other here. Rainn is already slated to go to college with Manhattan Levinson.

Gypsy: They're not going steady-he's fair game.

Of course they're not going steady-he's a romance Sim! But that doesn't change the fact that he can't go with Idina.

Maybe Rosario will have better luck.

Or not...wait a minute, which Holiday are you again?

Danton: The one nobody seems to like. My brother Destin already has a girlfriend.

Oh...Well, I'm still iffy about you.

Adam: Mysterious voice? Who's Kumquat?

Um, you're uncle. Sorry about that. You two look so much alike...

Whew! At least Idina picked an easy lifetime want.

Looks like Rosario did too.

Let's go with Frostbite.

Or not...

Ok, gypsy. Let's try this again...

Roger? Weren't you there they last time you set him up? He's taken! I think it's time I took over for the gypsy on this lot. She's not doing too well.

Congratulations, Apple!

At least Adam is having an easy time with the ladies. Welcome back, Queens.

This must be Rosario's second attempt with the gypsy. At this point, I'm willing to give it a shot.

Happy birthday, dear Tracie...

She's adorable, but I think a makeover is in order. I don't think she's going to the toddler prom.

Much better, from what I can see.

Apple: Between all the kids and all the girl's rejected dates, this house is so crowded!

Don't worry, the rejected dates should leave soon.

Hmm. Bronx Vega. It would be nice to get the rest of the Vegas into town.

Rosario: He is kind of cute.

And yet another Holiday with a "D" name-are you guys trying to confuse me? At least they seem to get along.

Apple: Come on Tracie. You can do it!

Glad to see you found some space to teach the girl to walk.

No, Tracie. The puzzle piece isn't food!

Aww, it looks like Idina finally found her first love!

And so did Rosario! Two more established couples! Now let's see how you girls did with your scholarships.

Wow. Quite the little overachiever, aren't you?

And a nice job by Idina as well, keeping in mind that she took care of the little kids more than her sister did. I'll see both you girls at graduation. Everyone else, I'll see you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, going from the Vega house with one child to this house was quite an adjustment. Little Tracie was often lost in the sea of teenagers from the constant attempts at dating. I love the house these people are living in but it really is much too small-I'm going to have to build them a guest house when the next generation moves back. As it turned out, Rosario could have ended up with Danton. But I mistook him for his brother and sent him away. Oops. I'm sure she and Bronx will be just as happy.


Rachel said...

Loved seeing so many sims I know and love. Those Holiday boys want in BAD! Where's Venice?