Monday, August 18, 2008

Beesly 4: Round 6

Last round, the 4th branch of the Beesly family experienced another low in their roller-coaster ride when Corey lost all the family's finances (again) from a bad chance card. Thanks to their superior garden, the family bounced back pretty quickly although Corey was still pretty upset with himself. Meanwhile, son Kentucky grew to a teenager and prepared for college while heiress Arizona became a child.


Hi there, April. What are you doing?

April: Writing a novel.

Um, ok. I hope that works out for you.

Arizona: Yes! I got an A+!!!


Happy birthday, dear Arizona....

Well, other than the shoes it's not a horrible outfit. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Arizona: I want a big family.

The opposite of Kentucky-interesting.

Arizona: And I want to be the education minister.

Alright, well get working on those skills then. Best to get an early start.

Learning to take over the garden?

Arizona: This thing has saved our family two times now. I need to be able to keep it going.

I'm sure you won't have as poor luck as you father.

April: Corey, we're fine with money now. You're at the top of your career. You can stop feeling bad about what happened.

Corey: April, I lost our family's entire savings twice! I think that's something to feel bad about.

Made a new friend?

Arizona: Yeah. He's telling me about this dragon...

That does sure seem to be a hot topic around here lately.

As I was saying...April, what are you painting?

April: Remember back when I was a kid and you asked me if I was feeling alright? Well, I had a dream back then that was making me act strange, and last night I had it again. This is what I saw-I just wanted to remember it.


Congratulations, Arizona!

Arizona: Thanks. These are going to be the best peppers ever!

Another new friend?

Arizona: Yes, but nothing more. But he said he'd send his brother over later on-we might hit it off better.

So why are you paying the matchmaker, then?

Arizona: Just to be safe.

Ok, but make this one a good one. Your family can't afford $15,000 worth of dates right now.

Roger: I already kind of have a girlfriend...

Arizona: Ok. I guess I'll just wait for Bronx's brother.

Oh, there he is. Hi, England.

Arizona: He is pretty cute. I like redheads.

Arizona: So why don't you and I...

Oh, darn...why do I hear troublesome music?

Roger: You flirted with another guy while we were on a date?

Arizona: You have a girlfriend already!

Roger: But we were still on a date-it counts as cheating!!

Man, Roger's sure one to over-react.

Arizona: Sorry about last night. Would you like to come back over today and try again?

You might want to go check out your front porch before he gets here.

Arizona: Eww!! Seriously, how immature is he?

Something tells me Roger's going to be a ball to be around for awhile.

Aww, looks like we've got another established couple!!

Nice job, Arizona.

Arizona: Thanks!

I'll see you at college graduation and then I'll see you next round!

(I forgot to take the ending picture-sorry. It's pretty much the same as the first one except Arizona's a teen)

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well, I had my first "horrible" date in the game this round. Seriously, shouldn't Roger realize that he was technically cheating on his girlfriend by being on a date in the first place? And I've also realized that now we're going to have two England's in town-England Vega, who's with Arizona, and England Halpert, Kiwi's son. This should be interesting.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

I finally caught up. You have a very interesting (and exponentially growing) cast of characters. I can't wait to see what new hijinks they will bring. That also sucks about the file limit. Mac users really get screwed over.
Anyway, on to this update. Poor corey. Beating himself up over spilled milk isn't going to help anyone. After seeing Kentucky in action, I'm not surprised Arizona's a family sim. Your matchmaker just doesn't like you, does she? You'd think she'd learn to bring single sims over... unless you never made any of them go steady. The matchmaker does check for those tokens. Cool, using the Spore Creature Creator for the File Limit Monster!

Rachel said...

I forgot a teen was on a date & had them flirt. It was a terrible date but very funny. Hurray for England Vega. He's an elder for me already.

ciyrose said...

Awww....hopefully Corey will forgive himself soon. YAY for Arizona getting England...they are cute.