Friday, February 24, 2012

Warner 6: Round 9


 We're rolling through these new houses. Our next stop is the home of Bay Warner and Brendon Lancaster. Brendon is a newcomer to Tranquility Bay, while Bay is the second-youngest of Rome and Abigail Warner.


Hi, Bay!

Bay: Hi mysterious voice.

I guess a makeover was first on the agenda, huh?

Bay: Absolutely! Did you see the stuff they gave us to wear?

You guys were actually luckier than some.

So...shouldn't there be a wedding going on soon?

Brendon: We'll get around to that eventually. But we can't really afford to throw a wedding right now.

Bay: There's no rush, right?

I guess not.


I guess getting jobs would help with that too, huh?


 And they're working in the same industry. How cute.

 Island: I thought you wanted to be a chef.

Bay: I do, but that career just wasn't coming up. I figure being in show-business is good enough for now.

Only in this world is being a star the "just for now" career.

 So, you two ready for work tomorrow?

Brendon: Yes. But you know, we really should get some rest...we don't want to be too tired in the morning.

Is that a clue for me to leave?

Brendon: Yes. 

Ok, hint taken. I'll be admiring the paint job in the other room.

Wow, you look, um...great.

Brandon: They really should put the outfit description in the job posting...

Funny, you don't look pregnant to me...

Bay: Just wait until I change clothes. This top hides a lot.


Ahh, I see it now.

And look who stopped by! Hi, Sea!

Sea: Hi, mysterious voice! Um, so Bay...when are you and Brandon going to get married?

Bay: You too? What is with everybody? I'm already engaged!

Sea: Bay, that's not enough for Mom's lifetime want. I'm a Romance Sim and I'm going along with it!

I think this conversation is going to have to continue later on...


....much later on. It's baby time!


Looks like Brandon won the skin war!


Again, I was hoping Bay's freckles would win out. I guess the blue skin is less diluted.


Um, hi Stream.

Stream: Hi!

Any reason you're wearing your wedding dress?

 Stream: Well, what else do you wear to a wedding?

I'm glad to see everybody else dressed more appropriately.


Even if the bride is dressed as a vampire...

Although since the sun just set I guess it makes sense.




And as an added bonus everybody gets to bond with the baby too!


Happy birthday, dear Madeline...


Hmm...who does this look like? Those Lancaster genes are strong!


Much better. She looked way too much like her...wait, I can figure this out...Bryan's your brother, right?

Brandon: Yes.

Ok, so...cousin Willow. She looked way too much like her cousin Willow.


Let's pass on the part...

Yes! That should help out quite a bit!


Looks like Madeline's starting the skill building early...

Brendon: Come on, can do it...


Um, isn't Bay still at work?

Brendon: Yeah...

So who's watching Madeline?

Brendon: She's upstairs. She'll be ok...


Um...yeah, I think this is a good point to make my exit. See all of you next round!

 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Another blog post fixed! I don't know why Blogger decided to glitch out, but I do appreciate people letting me know when it happens.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vega 5: Round 9


Another day, another new house. This one belongs to Snapple Vega and Braden Caligula. Snapple is the eldest child of Venice and Crimson, while Braden has been living in townie limbo up until now; hence he's just now becoming an adult while his sister Kalliope has already died of old age.  

Hi, Brendon.

Braden: It's Braden.

Oh, right. Sorry. You and Brandon Lancaster live next door to each other now. It's hard to keep your names straight.

Braden: How is that? He's blue, I'm not.

Since I have no idea what his lifetime want is, I guess going for that career bookshelf is a good first step.


Although it looks like Snapple is one step ahead of him.

Oh, boy...I see over-dressed relatives. That can only mean one thing!


It's wedding time!




Snapple: Um, hi Violin.

Violin: Hi! I love your dress.

Snapple: Yeah, um, speaking of that...I see you wore yours too?

Violin: Well, of course. It would be a waste to only wear it once.


And nothing says wedding like a game of kicky bag in the front yard.


So how did the rest of the wedding go?

Snapple: Great! Kicky bag was a great idea for an activity.

Yeah, I don't know what most wedding planners are thinking with dancing and food...


Snapple: So do you think we're ready to start a family? I mean, you've never really been around kids...

Braden: What are you talking about? I'm great with kids. I was good with your sister at the wedding, remember?

Braden, what is Snapple's sister's name?

Braden: Um...Agua-something?

Let's chill the school?


Yes! That one can be tricky.

Looks like Braden had a good day too.

Hmm, funny. I don't see a baby bump.

Snapple: I just have to go change my clothes.

These compression garments can't be good for the baby...


 Destin: That's great news about the baby! If you guys ever need any beach balls...

Snapple: Beach balls?

Destin: Yeah, you know. Kids need beach balls, and I've got a few lying around...

Snapple: I think we'll be ok, Destin. But, um, thanks for offering.


Nice job, Braden. But, um, don't the kids seem to think its weird that all of their teachers dress alike?

Braden: Come to think of it, no. You'd think so, though, right?

Ok, now I can see the baby. I was worried there for a minute.


Andre: So, if you guys need any help with the baby at all...

Snapple: Don't you have two kids still at home?

Andre: Well, Island's a teenager now so she's handling more of the work. And things have been getting tenser with Angelica lately...

Isn't it great that Braden brings all of these helpful guests into the house?


Congrats, Braden!

Braden: Thanks.

And I think Snapple will be happy to see you didn't bring anyone home with you today.

Or maybe not. It doesn't look like Snapple's happy about anything right now. It's baby time!


It's a girl!

Snapple: Yup! We're naming her Michelle!


And her skin puzzled me enough that I had to go back and look. Apparently Crimson's skin skipped an entire generation.


I'll admit, I was hoping for another kid with the Caligula freckles but she is pretty cute.


Changing jobs?

Snapple: My lifetime want is to become a celebrity chef, remember?

Oh, right.

Yes! That one can be tricky too.


Nice going.

Braden: Thanks.


Braden: See? Told you I'm great with kids.

When did you guys get a garden?

Braden: Only a few days ago. I think I'm getting the hang of it, though.

Happy birthday, dear Michelle...

And I can see the Caligula influence in her face.


That was quick!

Snapple: Well, I've been planning for it all week.

And there's still time for potty training!


And learning to walk! Although I see that you two switched off.

Braden: Yeah, Snapple had to get to bed. I don't know why the kid's nocturnal.


Wow, you're becoming quite the gardener, Braden.

Braden: Thanks. I hope the finished product turns out well.


That's quite impressive conversation for a toddler...

And this is unfortunately where I must make my exit. I'll see you guys next round!

 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well, I'm posting this for the second time since Blogger decided to eat most of my first post. I always have a hard time blogging Sims that I just added to the round without having watched them grow up. I don't know Braden as well as I know Snapple, and that makes him harder to write. And yes, this family does have a naming theme.