Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mendoza 2: Round 8

We did it! We've reached the last old house of round 8! Last round, twins Nessarose and Glinda Mendoza moved in together after completing college. By doing so, brothers Harlem and Bronx Levinson also ended up moving in together. And the two couples instantly began living parallel lives, right down to the births of their daughters, Emerald and Fern.

(clears throat)

Harlem: Hi, mysterious voice. Just um...kissing Nessarose goodbye before work?

Nice try, Harlem, but she's a professional party guest. She won't be working until Friday night.

And this is how you've been spending your days?

Harlem: I want to earn $100,000 any way I can.

And was a fire part of that plan?

Harlem: No!

At least someone tried to take the toddlers outside, as evidenced by the snowsuit.

Taking up...gardening?

Harlem: I thought I'd be able to sell them off, but it turns out I can only put them around the house.

Well, you can sell them off but the profits don't count towards your $100,000.

Baby number 2 on the way. Which should mean...

Yup, right on cue.

Looks like there's a lot to celebrate in this house! Happy birthday, dear Fern...

and Emerald...

One lovely young lady...

Two lovely young ladies. I like that everything happens in double in this house.

Happy first day of school, girls!

Emerald: Do you think we'll be in the same class?

I don't see why you wouldn't be.

Fern: I hope the teacher doesn't think we're twins.

Don't be too surprised if she does. I even forget that you two are cousins.

Speaking's baby time!

Just one more...


Glinda: It's a girl! Meet baby Kelly!


Another brunette...

How was school, girls?

Fern: Really boring. We're playing with each other while my mom's busy with the baby.

Emerald: I hope I get a sister too.

Looks like we get to find out! It's baby time number 2!

One more...


Nessarose: It's a girl! Meet Jade!

Wow, there have been a lot of girls born recently.

Ugh, these things come at the worst times. Revert to fewer companies...

Nice. I wish Harlem could earn that much at one time.

And we've got a redhead!

Nessarose: I made you some chili.

Glinda: So Nessa, I wanted to talk to you about something...after the older girls move out, I'm going to have to have another baby to have 3 kids to graduate from college. I just want you to know you don't have to have one too...

Nessarose: What are you talking about? We've got 4 kids now.

Glinda: No, have two kids and I have two kids. I want to graduate 3 of my own kids from college.

Nessarose: Well, I don't see what the difference is. We're both just as involved with raising them.

Trust me, Nessarose, I'm on your side with this one but my um...supervisors don't quite see it that way.

Well, I don't think there's going to be any confusion over whose daughter Jade is with that red hair.

Harlem: I know. I'm glad it got passed on. Red hair is kind of a rarity in this town.

Emerald: I got an A+!!!

(holds applause for other...cousin)

Fern: I got an A+ too!

Great job, both of you!

Looks like another birthday! Happy birthday dear Jade...

and Kelly...but isn't she Bronx and Glinda's?

Harlem: They're both sleeping.

One adorable new toddler...

Two adorable new toddlers! And she even grew into a nice hairstyle that matches her mom! Now I'll be able to tell who's kid she is.


Nice job!

And let the teaching begin!

Glinda: Come on, Kelly. You can do it...

Love the new hairstyle on Jade, by the way.

(sigh) Everybody's gotten one except the one person who really needs the big bonus. Bixby Rabbit...

I just know I'm going to get burned on that one someday, but I'm glad it worked out for Glinda.

Fern: Hi, Jade!

Are you two playing nice?

Fern: Yes.

Fern: Mommy, I was really nice to the babies today!

Glinda: Good job, Fern!

Um...hi Madrid. Dropped in to babysit?

Madrid: Well, I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by. And she looked a little lonely.

Well, as fun as this week has been I think it's time for me to make my exit now. It's almost graduation time!

Fern: Mommy, do you think I'll be able to go to college? I'm not that good at math...

Don't worry, Fern. Everybody goes to college in this town. But that won't happen for you until next week.

Glinda: And then you and I can start on that third baby...

Ok, I'm out of here! I'll see you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: We did it! We made it through all of the pre-existing houses for round 8! Now it's time to grab your cameras and balloons and head over to Sim State for the graduation ceremony!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beesly 11: Round 8

So...confession time! I was actually supposed to visit the Beesly 11 house before I visited Venice and Crimson...oops! Hey, I'm an omnipotent and omniscient voice; nobody every said I was infallible. Anyway, last round Adam and Air started their own house after completing college. Adam started off in the law career, but by the end of the week had moved into the education field. Air, meanwhile, entered the politics career to chase her dream of becoming the mayor. Air soon became pregnant and gave birth to the couple's first child, Helvetica.

Hi, guys!

Air: Oh, there you are!

Adam: We thought you'd forgotten about us!

I could never forget about you guys...I just got the order of your houses mixed up.

How's Helvetica doing?

Air: She's doing well. We've got the basic toddler skills down now so we're working on getting some of her other skills up before she starts school.

Adam: So I was thinking that I should take up a sport...maybe soccer?

Air: Don't you think that would be a little difficult? We don't have balls or nets.

Adam: Oh, right.

Air: Don't worry, I'm sure once Helvetica grows up the two of you can play catch in the backyard.

Air: Adam, I think I'm going to have another baby.

Adam: But...we were so careful!

WooHoo can be risky like that, Adam.

Adam: So, she is going to have a baby?

Things sure seem to be looking like that.

Number 2 is on the way!

Air: Um, hiLexus! Did Adam invite you over?

Lexus: Nah. Trent and I just thought we'd drop by.

You know, it's generally frowned upon to show up uninvited at other people's houses and make out in their living rooms.

Nice job, Adam!

Adam: Thanks!

Happy birthday, dear Helvetica...

Another very lovely young lady.

Helvetica: Thanks!

Any minute now, huh?

Air: Yup.

First day of school, huh?

Helvetica: Yeah. I'm kind of nervous!

Adam: What are you nervous about? You'll do fine!

Helvetica: Mommy, maybe I shouldn't go to school in case you have the baby!

Air: I don't think the baby will be here before you get home, Helvetica. And even if it does, I'll be fine.

Helvetica: Dad, are you sure I shouldn't stay home?

Adam: Helvetica, school will be fine, I promise. The baby will come after you get home.

And judging by the fact that its dark outside I guess Adam was right. It's baby time!

Just one more...


Air: It's a girl!

Wow, we're really having a girl spurt in this town. What's her name?

Air: Verdana.


And she got Adam's skin.

Looks like Helvetica's making a friend...and surprise, surprise-it's Granite!

Nice going, Air!

Air: Thanks! Now we can finally focus on Adam's lifetime want.

Oh, yeah. What is that again?

Air: Having 20 best friends at once.

Oh, right...

Adam: Congratulations!

Seriously what is it with you guys and the PDA's in bathrooms?

Quick game of red hands before getting on the school bus?

Air: It seems to keep her from throwing a fit the minute she gets off.

What's wrong?

Air: There were roaches outside!

Yeah...two days ago. Adam called the exterminator.

Air: I know, but...there were roaches!

Helvetica: I got an A+!

Great job!!

Helvetica: Dad, why can't I help with the baby?

Adam: She's too little right now, honey. But don't worry, she won't be a baby for very much longer.

I guess not! Happy birthday, dear Verdana...

And she even has a cute hairstyle!

Starting off with walking?

Air: Yeah, it seems to be the one that tires them out the quickest. It seemed like a better idea to do this one at night.

Um, I don't mean to interrupt the pillow fight but shouldn't one of you be inside watching the kids?

Adam: Oh, right!

Air: Yuck! Verdana!

Looks like this is as good a place as any to make my exit. I'll see all of you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I really didn't mean to skip over these guys. I didn't even realize I had done it until I looked at the table of contents and saw that they had come before the Vega 4 house in round 7. The houses on this corner are in kind of a funky arrangement-it makes it hard to tell where I'm supposed to go next. This house wasn't too eventful, I know. But, we only have 1 more house to go before college graduation time!