Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vega 3: Round 8

Last round River Warner and Temple Vega set up their own home after graduating from college. River joined the medical career, while Temple went into education. However, Temple didn't spend very much time at work because she soon became pregnant with the couple's first son, Meter.

Well, this week should be fun.

How's it going, Temple?

Temple: I'm so tired!

Yeah, having a toddler son, working a full time job, and probably being pregnant will do that to you.

River: No, really it's fine. You just sit there at the table and I'll serve dinner.

There's such high quality hired help in this town...

Number two on the way?

Temple: I guess so...

Meter: Daddy!

River: Come on, buddy. It's party time!

Party time?

Looks like it's birthday time! Happy birthday, dear Meter...

Very nice, but a new hairstyle's in order.

Plumbing trouble?

River: I thought this shower wasn't supposed to break...

It's not supposed to break as much.

Meter: Dad, when will I get an A+?

River: Well, you have to go to school first, Meter.

Man, Granite is getting around! He's making friends with everybody.

Nice job, River!

River: Thanks.

And what a perfect time for the doctor to get home! It's baby time!

Just one more...

Temple: It's a girl!

Great! What's her name?

Temple: We're calling her Centi!


And she's a redhead! The recessive genes are showing up all over the place in this house.

Looks like it was a good day for Meter too.

Meter: I got an A+!

Great job!

Wow, and on your first day back from having a baby.

Temple: Well I had the entire pregnancy to skill.

Um...hi, Orion.

Orion: Hi.

May I ask what you're doing here while River and Temple are at work?

Orion: Just thought I'd drop in.

Um, ok...

It's been a great week for you, Temple.

Temple: I know.

Happy birthday, dear Centi...

And she is all Warner...she even has Kalliope's freckles!

Meter: Mom, guess what? I read this book about a lamp, and it had a genie inside!

Temple: Wow, that must be a great story.

Meter: Do you think someday I'll find a real genie?

I seriously doubt it, Meter.

And the toddler teaching begins!

Temple: Come on, can do it...

So you've got your boy and your're done now, right?

Temple: Oh, no. I want to marry off six...

Really? (sighs) Ok, fine. I'll be downstairs...

Gee, this seems familiar...

Well, this has been a fun week, but I fear I must be on my way now.

Yup, next week should be fun! See all of you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I have to say, my favorite thing about this lot is the genetics. This couple has such diverse kids. Centi is the first Vega descendant who doesn't have a bit of Vega in her face. I'm glad she got Kalliope's freckles too, since Kalliope died this round.


Rachel said...

High quality nanny there. *sigh* I'm happy to see Kalliope's freckles showing up too. :)

Anonymous said...

But Centi's red hair isn't recessive. Temple's got red hair. But I guess the red hair genes Kalliope passed down from Rome to River to Centi helped.

Anonymous said...

These Warners certainly have some high cheekbones. Centi's still adorable either way.

Marcy said...

From what I've seen on your blog, it seems to me that Aracely and England's Vega genes are stronger than Temple and Bronx's genes.

Love your blog, by the way.