Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vega 4: Round 8

Last round, Venice Holiday and Crimson Vega moved in together after completing college. Both joined the gamer career, and Venice soon became pregnant with the couple's first daughter Snapple.

Hi, Snapple! Where are Mommy and Daddy?

Snapple: Outside!

Spying on the neighbors?

Crimson: No. I'm...looking for helicopters.

Uh-huh. Sure. You just tell the neighbors that when they come over and shove you.

Watching the snow?

Venice: It's really coming down out there.

What is with you guys and having romantic interludes in the bathroom?

Crimson: She's right, you want to head upstairs?

Venice: Sure.

So how are you two doing?

Venice: Oh, we're doing fine. Keeping ourselves busy dating...

Ah-ha! See, I knew it!

Venice: What? All the married couples in this town date each other!

Oh, dating each other...

Crimson: What did you think she meant?

Never mind.

Crimson: Come on, Snapple. Let's get you dressed for the party!

Party? What party?

Happy birthday, dear Snapple...

Another very nice young lady. And those princess dresses are popular this round.

Oh, come on! Not again!

At least they had an alarm.

At least the cop won this time. Although, haven't you caught her like 6 times by now?

You should go back to bed now, Snapple.

Snapple: I don't want to go back to bed. What if there's another robber?

I don't think that will happen.

Another snow day? Man, these kids are lucky this round.

Snapple: Dad, why don't you have a snow day too?

Crimson: Grown-ups don't get snow days, honey.

Despite the fact that they're the ones who have to drive in the snow.

Um...shouldn't you be at work?

Crimson: The nanny never showed up this morning. I called another one, but by the time she got here the carpool had already left. I called in sick, though.

Nice job, Venice.

Venice: Thank you. Does this mean you're not going to hate me anymore?

I never hated you. I've just had my eye on you.

Hey, Phoebe. How's it going?

Phoebe: Oh, fine. Just stopped by to play some darts.

Venice: Oh, sure. You're nice to her. I still don't know what I did...

Yes you do.

Venice: I'm not feeling so great...

Which in this town could only mean...

Looks like baby number 2 is on the way!

Venice: Well, it's about time!'re happy about this too?

Venice: Well, I want to graduate 3 kids from college. It's kind of hard to do that without having 3 kids first.

That's an odd lifetime want for a pleasure sim.

Venice: I know, but it's what I want.

Snapple: I got an A+!

Great job!

Snapple: Mom! I got an A+!

I think you should probably wait awhile, Snapple. I'm sure your mom will cheer for you when she wakes up.

Snapple: So...I got an A+ today.

Orion: That's great...

Snapple: Um...Why are you in my house?

Orion: I don't know. I just decided to drop in.

Any minute now, huh?

Venice: I guess so.

Snapple: Can you please come out soon, baby?

Don't worry, Snapple. It won't be too much longer.

Venice: Oww!

It's baby time!

Just one more...


Venice: It's a girl! Meet baby Aquafina!

Cute name.

She's Venice's daughter, alright. I can already see it in her face.

Crimson: Fire!

So many things on the lawn and the bouquet of roses gets hit by lightning?

Crimson: It's ok, the fire's all gone...

I don't think she was aware there was ever fire there...

Um...the second one...


Nice going, Venice.

Venice: So do you like me now?

I'm warming up to you.

Well, this seems like a good place for me to be on my way. I'll see all of you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So yeah, I'm really starting to like this town's version of Venice. I'm not sure why she, as a pleasure sim, wants to graduate 3 kids from college. I always thought that one went with family and knowledge. 1 more house and then it's college graduation time!


Rachel said...

It's so weird to read about Venice as a good mother. :) Snapple is a cutie and so is Aquafina. I'll have to remember those names in case my beverage house ever gets a girl.

Anonymous said...

If the girls had red hair they'd be complete clones of Venice. She has a very good face for baby-making. :]

Anonymous said...

Well... Orion is technically Snapple's aunt. Crimson is Violet's twin brother, and Violet is married to Snapple, making her Orange's cousin. I'm a dork. :]