Monday, May 28, 2012

Halpert 1: Round 10

Next up on the list is the Halpert family. Last round was full of ups and downs for these guys. Early on in the week, Mango's parents Jessica and Christopher passed away from old age. The family was also constantly trying to break up fights between their three cats, Flick, Maggie, and Tiger. Older daughter Strawberry grew from a child to a teenager and prepared for college, while twins Lemon and Lime grew from toddlers to children.

Mango: Are you going to be a good kitty today?

Not if you keep holding her up like that, she's not.

What are you two up to?

Lime: Studying. My skills are almost maxed already.

How about you, Lemon?

Lemon: I'm not as far as she is.

That's ok, you've got plenty of time.

Robin: Come on, the car...

Trying to wear him out by playing?

Robin: I saw this guy on TV who said that should stop them from fighting with each other.

You know, they make toys for them. I don't think very many cats chase cars out in the wild.

Robin: Why don't you take a break, honey? You've been studying for a long time.

Lime: But I want to finish maxing my skills!

You have your entire adult life to finish that. You're already closer than most adults in this town.

Ahh, the trio's together. Just for fun, let's assess the situation...

Ok, so...Maggie hates Tiger, but doesn't hate Flick...

Flick also hates Tiger, to a lesser extent, but doesn't hate Maggie.

Tiger hates everybody...everybody feline, that is. So he's the problem kitty...

Doing some...late fall cleaning?

Mango: The cats keep chasing each other up onto the counters.

He may be antagonizing, but he's a good worker.

Before we do anything else, let's get the graves off the lot. After the Beesly house, I can't take any more haunting.

Bye, Jessica and Christopher!

Let's invite the paparazzi to lunch.

I wish my cat could earn $10,000 for me! 

Lime: I got an A+ and Lemon didn't!

No surprise there, but try not to rub it in.

Lemon did make a friend, though, so I guess it wasn't a terrible day.

Lemon: I'll get an A+ tomorrow.

Robin: Good boy, Tiger!

Teaching him a trick?

Robin: We taught him to come, so we could call him into his new room.

His new room?

Robin: Now that the ghosts are off the lot, we could sell off their bed and furniture. So we're locking Tiger in here. That way the other cats can't get to him, and he can't get to the other cat.

He seems ok with the idea.

Only here could kids play with the sprinkler in late fall...

Mango: What do you mean you can't take the cat? Strawberry loved these guys. Can't you just take one?

Nutmeg: Maybe once Latte grows up, but it's hard enough taking care of her right now.

I guess Tiger is starting to go stir crazy...

Robin: You have to stay in here, Tiger. I don't want you to get hurt if you get in a fight with the other kitties.

I don't think cats really listen to logic that well, Robin.

Trying to bribe Tiger?

Robin: No, just trying to stock up the fridge.

Lemon: I got an A+! I told you so!

Great job!

Let's stay honest.


Selling lemonade to each other?

Lime: We both wanted to sell lemonade, but nobody was walking by.

I guess twins are good for things like that.

Are these guys nuts?

Um, Mango? You guys have enough problems controlling the animals you have.

Mango: Well, it's a dog, not another cat. And he's little enough that the cats won't bother him. 

Lemon: Come on, can do it...

Glad to see you guys got some feline-appropriate toys.

Lime: Dad, when can we let Tiger out?

Mango: We can't, Lime.

Lemon: But what about when he has to go to work?

Mango: ...We didn't think about that.

Glad to see he managed to get a good hiss in before the carpool showed up.

Happy birthday, dear Lemon...

...and Lime...

Not bad.

Lemon: Thanks!

Have you picked your aspiration?

Lemon: I want a life of pleasure!

Ok, that's do-able.

Also not bad.

Lime: Thanks.

What about your aspiration?

Lime: I want a life of knowledge!

Big surprise, there.

And an easy lifetime want to boot.

Less easy, but quite do-able.

Um...having fun?

Mango: Just making the yard look more inviting.

Happy birthday, nice kitties!

Oh, hi Avery.

Lemon: Seriously? You just moved here. How do you know her already?

Nice job, Lime. I didn't even notice you guys set up a garden.

Lime: Yeah, Mom and Dad needed another hobby.

Hey, look who's back...we haven't seen the gypsy in awhile. You know, Lime, there aren't many boys who've aged up.

Lime: That's ok. We'll just see who I get.

Hmm, I've never seen him around before but I think he has possibilities. 

Now let's try Lemon's luck...

Where did all these attractive teenage boys come from all of a sudden?

Looks like we've got a winner!

Or two winners! And that means we only need one more guy to even out the girl/boy ratio.

Happy birthday, Berry. Hopefully the cats like you enough to leave you alone.

I don't think Flick is a fan of your dancing, Robin.

And we end the week on another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Mango...

And Robin...

Don't worry, we'll get you a new outfit...

Although I think you need a new outfit first.

And now we wrap things up with scholarships! Heiress goes first. Great job, Lemon!

Lemon: Thanks!

You too, Lime! I'll see you guys at graduation!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: It's the kitty soap opera again, now with a dog thrown in. Robin and Mango both got their lifetime wants very early compared to most, so I constantly have to find new ways to keep them occupied. A domestic zoo seems to do the trick, as does a garden. They also have enough toys in their collective inventories to open a Toys R Us, and Robin has an impressive array of floral arrangements. Zoning Tiger in his own room seemed to stop most of the cat fights, but getting him to the carpool was tricky (not to mention getting him, but not the other cats, back into the room once he got home.