Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beesly 1: Round 10

Next up, as always, is the first of many Beesly families. Last round, Chandler gave birth to a daughter, Janice, and the week ended on a sad note with the unexpected death of grandfather Michael. 

See? Sad note.

Chandler: I just wasn't ready yet...

Halloween: So...what do you think about us getting another dog?

Chandler: ....Samantha's not even an elder yet, honey.

Halloween: I know, but Janice will be in school soon and we'll all be out of the house all day. I don't want Samantha to get lonely here by herself.

Chandler: It's definitely something to consider...very, very, hard...

Happy Birthday dear Janice...what the...

Ok, who invited Grimmy to the birthday party?

I guess with Michael going last round this isn't entirely unexpected. Bye, Madison!

And what a great memory of the birthday party...getting an inheritance check as you blow out the candles.

Not bad. Sorry your grandma died in the middle of your party, Janice. 

Janice: Well, at least it didn't happen in the same room.

Ben: Ahh!

I'm with you on that one, Ben. Those pet ghosts are creepy. 

I guess Halloween got his way.

Welcome to the family, Clunkers.

Happy about the new puppy?

Ben: She's so cute! I've never had a puppy before!

Well, that should put you in a good mood to grow up. Happy birthday, dear Ben...

Well, a new outfit is needed but otherwise not bad. Have you chosen your aspiration yet?

Ben: Yup!

Ben: I want a lot of kids!

Well, we'll have to discuss the "a lot" part, but ok! Family it is!

Aww, Samantha likes the new puppy...

Ben? Care the introduce me to your friend?

Ben: This is Avery Warner. He just moved here, but he lives on the other side of town.


Ben: You know, the side you don't go to.

Oh, no not that. It's just he looks so familiar. I know I've seen him somewhere before...

And this?

Ben: This is Adina. She's Avery's sister. Same deal, just moved here, lives on the other side of town. I'm guessing you've seen her somewhere before too?


Janice: I got an A+!

Great job!

Whoa, whoa whoa...before you two get too serious I need to check something out. 

(insert hold music here)

Ok, sorry guys, but I'm afraid we're not accepting any new townie girls this round.

Ben: But why?

Because according to my count, we have 21 girls who will be growing up and going to college this round, compared with 18 boys. You will be needed elsewhere.

Adina: But that's not fair!

It's not like you're getting any older on the other side of town. Just hang tight; I'm sure there will be someone for you in round 11.

At least Ben has an easy lifetime want.

Madison's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Janice: Ahh!

Man, Madison's ghost is active. I haven't seen Michael's all week, though.

Um, it's one in the morning. Shouldn't you be sleeping?

Ben: Grandma's ghost woke me up, and I just had to check myself out before I went back to bed.

Happy birthday Clunkers! And thankfully she's a...normal...looking dog.

And the fur promptly starts to fly over the bowls and beds.

Morning, Janice!

Janice: Ugh...can I go back to bed?

Grandma kept you up again last night?

Janice: Yes. Can we move her grave yet?

Next week, I promise.

And Womrat lives on! 9 rounds and counting!

Janice: Hi, I'm Janice.

Elmyra: I'm Elmyra.

Janice: Do you want to have a your house?

Elmyra: I don't think that's a good idea. My mommy and daddy are fighting a lot right now; they're always yelling at night.

Man, are none of the kids in this town getting a good night's sleep?

And that brings us to the end of the week, which means it's scholarship time!

Ben: That's it?

Well, you were more focused on socializing than on studying this week. Don't worry, though, you still have the college years to skill up.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I always forget how much I love this house. Madison's ghost is really annoying; I had to keep a constant eye on these guys while they slept because they would be woken up 3 to 4 times a night, and of course they never just go back to bed after the ghost scares them. Chandler's halfway to her 20 Best Friends goal. I think she just might make it.


ciyrose said...

Janice is a cute little girl. I loved Ben with puppy Clunkers. Bad luck about the dead during the party....I had that happen in Breeze Point once.

Sissy150 said...

This has always been one of my favorite families. Goodbye Madison, you will be missed :(

Check out my blogs!

Willow said...

I've started reading at Round ten so that I can be all up to date, but I might have to go back and read everything from the start as well. . . I love Prosperity Challenge blogs because they're so epic- you can see the generations and all the family trees look spectacular XD