Saturday, June 7, 2008

Warner 1: Round 5

Last round, Eric Schrute moved in with town newcomer Destiny Warner after college. As they moved into their new home, Destiny unpacked several photographs which kept her and Eric puzzled for the rest of the week. Soon Destiny became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter Angelica. Notice something missing? With all the goings-on, Eric and Destiny never managed to get married!

Good morning!

Destiny: Oh, good morning mysterious voice.

I see you're enjoying the second bathroom.

Destiny: We desperately needed it. Even with just the three of us just one bathroom isn't enough.

So are you two going to tie the knot this week or what?

Eric: Well, hopefully.

Destiny: We're not sure when, but it is going to happen.

Um...let's contact the base first.

See? It was the right one.

Congratulations on your correct choice...

Destiny: I don't feel so good.

That can only mean one thing...

Destiny: Those pancakes I ate this morning were bad?

Nope! It means baby number 2 is on the way!

Oh, there's the little one. Man, she sure loves that dollhouse.

Destiny: Mommy loves you-but please stop making me sick!

I don't think that's going to work that well, Destiny.

Happy birthday, dear Angelica...

Such a lovely young lady.

Angelica: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Everybody ready for the first day of school?

Angelica: Uh-huh!

And now for the first homework assignment!

Eric: But I'm in the education career so I'm actually pretty good at this.

Baby Time!


Destiny: It's a second girl! Meet baby Dot!

Dot? That seems kind of incomplete somehow but ok.

And she looks exactly like her sister.

Destiny: Goodnight, big sister!

Was she not awake for the birth?

Destiny: No, but she'll meet her sister tomorrow.

Congratulations! And on your first day back from maternity leave too.

And of course, the new big sister comes home with an A+. Congratulations, Angelica!

Still working on those dream dates, huh?

Eric: ...Uh-huh...

How far are you?

Destiny: ...We're up to 6...

You've still got awhile to go.

Angelica:'s Dot's birthday tonight, remember?

Destiny: ...Oh, right. We'll be right down.

Happy birthday, dear Dot...

Again, she looks exactly like her sister. I think a makeover's in order.

Thats much better. Such a little cutie...

Eric: Can you say "bottle"?

Dot: No!

I wonder how all toddlers automatically know the word "no"...

Destiny: Come on, Dot. Go potty like a big girl...

So has anyone figured out who those people are yet?

Angelica: No. Do you know?

Well, I do. But I don't want to just tell you unless your Mom can actually remember them.

A wedding by the coat rack?

Destiny: We're not going to put this off for another week!

Well, it's been a fun week but I have to be moving on now. See you all next round, Warners!

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Congratulations to Terri (aka SheWhoSims) for once again guessing Dot's gender during the last live broadcast of Customizing the Sims 2.


Rachel said...

A wedding by the coat rack, how romantic.

ciyrose said...

Aww...the girls are super cute. The genetics are playing it pretty safe, staying pretty consistent with siblings right now.

Gillian said...

Dot Warner... xD The children are both cute.