Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beesly 7: Round 5

These Beesly houses are really taking over! Rachel Beesly was either the first or second born daughter (I don't remember who came first) to Michael and Madison Beesly, and is a twin to Monica Beesly. Gaston is the middle child of Jennifer and David Schrute.

Whoa, guys? Where are we going already?

Gaston: We're heading to the chapel. It's wedding time.

Oh, dear...sorry I didn't get you a better dress, Rachel.

No honeymoon?

Rachel: No. We don't have time. But a quiet wedding night at home is just fine.

Quiet wedding night...sure.

Some quiet wedding night, huh?

Rachel: ......


Yes! That should save some time.

Guess you won't be going back to work for a few days, huh?

Rachel: Nope. But that's ok. My true calling isn't politics, anyway.

Searching for a new job?

Rachel: My dream is to become a media magnite.

I guess you're going to have to put that off. Looks like it's baby time!

Rachel: It's a boy!

What's his name?

Rachel: Orion.

Who are you?

Exterminator: I'm here to take care of a bug problem. I wish more people would call me instead of trying to take care of the problem themselves-there would be less people getting sick.

Thanks for the PSA, exterminator.

Nice. That should help out with the new baby.

Finally, a promotion this week.

Rachel: Well, I made a bunch of friends while I was pregnant.

Rachel: Why were you lying on the floor?

You remember the nanny, don't you?

Rachel: There you go...I don't know what's wrong with those nannies.

Have a nice nap, Orion.

And Mommy, apparently....

Happy birthday, dear Orion...

He looks just like his dad!

Rachel: Can you say "chair?"

Orion: Chair!

He's a smart little guy!

Well this week sure went by fast.

Gaston: I know.

And I think this is only the second time you've spoken...

Gaston: I was very busy.

Well, I have to be on my way now. See you next round, guys!

Gaston: Bye, mysterious voice!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Thanks go out to the participants at the last live show of The Sims 2 Challenges Podcast for suggesting the new naming themes for the new houses.


Rachel said...

Oh Rachel, you don't want to get married in a Mrs. Claus outfit. That's just not attractive