Monday, June 30, 2008

Levinson 2: Round 5

Next up is the new home of Brooklyn Levinson and Trumpet Martin. Brooklyn is the firstborn of Jacob and Olivia Levinson, and Trumpet is the firstborn of Emma and Ethan Martin.

Hi guys. You don't look too happy, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn: Of course I'm not. Get a load of this outfit they stuck me with!

Is that better?

Brooklyn: Oh, much better. Now we've got to get down to the chapel for our wedding.

Um, Trumpet, if you're not too busy splashing in the puddles, you have to go get married today...

Well, Brooklyn has an ok outfit...but Trumpet's ensemble is just unfortunate...

Oh, well. It's not like anyone's actually watching the wedding anyway.

Now it's time to greet the welcome wagon.

Brooklyn: So what was it like in other towns?

Pao: Pretty much exactly the same as here, just with different people. All towns seem alike, actually.

Brooklyn: Were you there know...

Pao: No, I wasn't.

Finally got those welcome wagon guests to go home?

Brooklyn: Pao has a lot of good information. I can't believe nobody thought of asking him what has been going on sooner.

Well I can't see him knowing more about what's been going on than I do.

Brooklyn: Well how do you know...

Brooklyn, I'm the all knowing voice, remember? Now I'll just leave you two alone..., are you feeling alright?

Brooklyn: Ugh...

Well I guess that explains the stomach problems.

Brooklyn: Yup.

Brooklyn: You know, I'm really glad to have this time off. It will give me a chance to rethink my career options.

Trumpet: Didn't you just start your career two days ago?

Brooklyn: Yeah, but I don't think I made the right choice.

I think we're going to have to put the career planning until later. It's baby time!

Brooklyn: It's a boy! Meet baby Cinnimon!

Looks like we're finally back on an even ratio here...

Brooklyn: Meet your new son...

Hey, let the mysterious voice get a look...

Aww, he got his mommy's blond hair! It's been awhile since we've had a blond little boy in this town.

Um, I could be wrong but weren't you a teacher before you got pregnant?

Brooklyn: Yeah, but my lifetime want was to become a hall of famer...

I see. Well congratulations on that then.

Brooklyn: What were you doing on the floor?

You've met the nannies in this town, right?

Happy birthday, dear Cinnimon...

Aww, he's so cute...

Brooklyn: Come on, Cinnimon. You can do it...

Trumpet: Can you say "Daddy"?

Cinnimon: Daddy!

Well he seems to be picking up the talking pretty fast.

I think a makeover is in order, though. That hairstyle is everywhere.

That's much better. What are you doing now, Cinnimon?

Cinnimon: I gonna play in the potty.

Yeah, I think it's time I went on my way. See you all next round!

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: One more house in round 5! Also, I'm now aware that I spelled "cinnamon" wrong by using the "i" instead of the "a"....I like it better that way, alright?


thescaryworker said...

You've been doing a great job with your Prosperity Challenge! I enjoy the way you bring humor out of the quirky things Sims do in their lives.

I've been inspired to try starting a blog on mine.

Rachel said...

Cinnimon is a cutie! I spell stuff
wrong all the time

ciyrose said...

awww....I like Cinnimon. I like his name that way. :)