Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vega 2: Round 5

Note: Pay No Attention to the Labeling of the Picture! The male sim is NOT Gaston-it is John Beesly! We've finally come to the last house in Round 5! (Throws confetti) Kia is the middle child of the Vega clan, and John is the middle child of Ashley Beesly and Joshua Martin. Both Kia and John had a rather unconventional family life growing up. Will that affect them as they start their own lives?

Hi, there...

John: Um, I am not Gaston, mysterious voice.

Oops...sorry. You two do look quite alike, though.

There, that's better. Now let's get down to the chapel and get the wedding underway!

Oh, wow. That' interesting combo.

Oh, look. Gaston came over for lunch. See? You two are almost identical!

John: I have black hair and he has brown....

I said almost identical!

Jacob: So are you sure there's nothing else you two newlyweds need?

John: No, Jacob. We're just fine.

I'm sure they would appreciate some privacy, though.

Is everybody ready for their first day of work?

Kia: I am, but John doesn't start work until later in the week.

How'd you swing that one?

John: I have a rather...unconventional job.

Kia: I don't feel so good...

Wow, your comfort level just tanked. Go lie down for awhile before the carpool comes.

Are you sure you should be going to work?

Kia: It's my first day! I can't call in sick.

It does look like you have some pretty big decisions to make...let's go with the effects of vegetables.

Or not...

Sorry about the demotion, but it looks like you've got other things to worry about...

Kia: You mean my hair?

Yes, that's exactly what I meant...

Glad to see you got your hair back to normal.

Kia: This pregnancy sure is going fast...

What are you doing?

Kia: Oh, just some baking. Being home on maternity leave is pretty boring.

Looks to me like the boring part is pretty much over...

Something tells me I know what Kia was baking...


It's a boy! Meet Crimson!

Kia: Hang on a second...

Kia: We've got a girl too! Meet Violet!

Great, now you have one of each!

Crimson looks just like his daddy...

And you can tell already that Violet is a Vega...

Um...let's go with the speedboat.

Whew. Finally picked one right.

That didn't take long! Way to go!

John: I've been preparing since I was a teenager. Kia's reward bookcase didn't hurt either.

Now you get to meet your new twins.

John: They're both so beautiful. But I'm surprised neither of them took after Kia's mom.

Well, there's a lot of competing skintones in your family.

Not everyday you see the criminal mastermind climb into his hybrid SUV and drive to work...

John: Hey, I had to wait for the nanny to show up so I had to use my own car.

At least you remembered to wait for the nanny.


(I forgot to take the picture of the result-they lost $20k)

Wow, this has been a great first week for you guys. I guess the demotion at the beginning of the week didn't matter much, huh?

Now you both can focus on the twins!

John: Can you please go get Violet? I think she needs to be changed...

Man, you two have a great work wardrobe.

Happy birthday dear Crimson...

He really does look like his dad.

And now...happy birthday dear Violet...

And she's a Vega for sure! And she grew up with custom hair!

And now let the teaching begin!

Kia: Violet, you're faceing the wrong way...

Does it really matter? She is technically walking. And now it's time I was on my way. See you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: And that brings us to...the end of round 5!!!! Stand by for the scorecard!


Rachel said...

What a couple cuties! Darn no periwinkle-ish skin though. Hopefully soon.

ciyrose said...

Violet is SO CUTE!!! Crimson is adorable too, but with her hair and everything...such a cutie!