Sunday, July 20, 2008

Schrute 1: Round 6

Last round, Jennifer Schrute achieved her lifetime want of becoming the mayor. Their middle son, Gaston, grew to a teenager and prepared for college while their daughter Giselle grew to a child.

Still hard at the books, huh Giselle?

Giselle: Yeah.

How's the flower making going?

David: Oh, just great. I found out how to make these great flowers. One wiff of them, and you're happy as can be for hours.

Those sound great.

Giselle: Here, my dad is telling me to give these to everyone we know. They're some special flowers.

Chandler: For me? Really? Wow, I just met you today.

Well, it is winter, the season of giving.

Happy birthday, dear Giselle...

Couldn't decide what season to dress for?

Giselle: Huh?

Never mind. What aspiration would you like?

Giselle: Pleasure.

Ok, and a lifetime want?

Oh come on!!! I like her too much to ignore it-I'm going to have to go for it I guess.

Giselle: Yeah, I'm going to need your help.

Who are you calling?

Giselle: Someone to help me get started on my dream.

Giselle: I'm going to need 50 first dates...

Matchmaker: 50? That's quite a feat.

Hey, she's keeping you in business.

Ross Beesly...interesting.

So when did you guys get the photo booth in your hallway?

Giselle: Around the time Dad started making flowers. I think he went through some kind of crisis.

You two seem to get along.

Giselle: We are really compatible.

Giselle: I'm going to need you to come back over...

I thought you liked Ross.

Giselle: I do. But I still want to have 50 first dates. And now I want to get as many of them under my belt now-before college is over and me and Ross are committed to each other.

So you guys really like that thing, huh?

Jennifer: Yeah, 4 pictures for $10. Can't beat that.

So what are we up to now?

Giselle: Um...12, I think?

Man, you're keeping a photo record of your dates.

Giselle: It's creepy, but it keeps them happy.

Um, Giselle? You do know that's a girl, right?

Giselle: I know, but at this point a date's a date. Now that I've found the boy I want to marry I have to get this done fast.

So are you getting all of these dates through the matchmaker?

Giselle: Are you kidding? I can't afford that.

Giselle: I know some on my own, too.

Do you think these boys mind all this constant dating?

Trent: She was just on a date with me. How can she be on a date with you?

Mystery Boy #14 Whose Name I Can't Remember: She's been doing this all week. She dates each boy for 5 minutes then ends it and calls another.

Trent: Do you think we should tell Ross?

Giselle: Ross, I swear. I'm going to college with you. This is just something I have to do. I promise, once I get the 50 dates I'll be done.

I guess they told Ross.

Well that brings us to the end of the week. It's a good thing you worked on your skills when you were little. How many dates are we up to?

Giselle: Ah, either 14 or 15. I need to re-count.

Ok, well you do that and I'll see you at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This is the first time I'm actually attempting this LTW. It figures that the girl with that LTW finds a 3-bolt match on her first try.


Rachel said...

Dang 3 bolts? I guess Giselle & Ross are meant for each other. Great job on the 1st dates. You can do it!

ciyrose said...

I have now had 2 sims with the 50 1st dates I got down during college and he is finish up college with his sweetie. The other is headed to college now, and I hope to pull off the same feat with her.