Thursday, July 31, 2008

Martin 1: Round 6

Last round, the Martin family was recouping from Ethan losing his job due to a bad chance card. He bounced back into the life of crime quickly, though, and soon achieved his lifetime want of becoming a criminal mastermind. Soon, Emma achieved her lifetime want of becoming Captain Hero as well. Oldest child Trumpet grew to a teenager, and youngest child Clarinet grew to a child. With so much to celebrate, the family went on a vacation to the mountains where Clarinet made a furry new friend. At the end of the week, Mandolin grew to a teen as well and while her brother departed for college, she decided to stay an extra week and enjoy her teenage years.

How's it going, Mandolin?

Mandolin: Great. I'm just working on my skills.

Hey me crazy but do you miss Sparkle?

Emma: Madison called me and told me she turned to an elder. I can't believe she's so old already. I wish I had gotten to spend more time with her.

Clarinet: I got my first A+!!!

Great job, Clarinet!

And you made a new friend too...

Clarinet: Yup! Queens is really fun.

Clarinet: Yeah! No school!!!

What are you going to do with your day off?

Clarinet: I'm going to make a snowman!

I bet I know how Mandolin is spending her day!

Mandolin: could he be in class? It's a snow day!

Maybe he's in some kind of extra-curricular activity. He can come over after 1, I'm sure.

Mandolin: I think I'm going to make him a surprise...

A fire?

Mandolin: No! I was trying to make him lunch!

Mandolin: Kumquat, I'm so sorry.

Kumquat: Sorry for what? What's wrong?

Mandolin: I tried to cook bass with squash for lunch and it caught on fire!

Kumquat: What? I don't care about the fish-are you ok?

Mandolin: Yeah, I'm fine.

Happy birthday, dear Clarinet...

Well you'll stand out in a crowd. Have you picked an aspiration?

Clarinet: Yup. I want to be a knowledge Sim just like my dad.


Um...when did you guys get a hot tub?

Mandolin: Grandma wanted one. Mom said it's important we keep her happy because she's an elder.

Mandolin: I hope I never see another fire again. I was so scared.

I don't think that's going to happen. Fires seem to be as common as breathing around here.

Emma: I don't like you and Kumquat being out back in the hot tub. You have to set an example for Clarinet.

Mandolin: Mom, Clarinet isn't even that little anymore. She can take care of herself.

Emma: But she's still your little sister. And I don't want either of you girls to get yourselves into trouble.

Speaking of Clarinet, let's see if she's found a lifetime want.

Whew! That's an easy one.

Hey, who's your friend there?

Clarinet: This is Maureen. know she looks really familiar. What's your last name?

Maureen: Larson.

What? But is that possible? I thought....

Clarinet: Come on in, let's play some SSX3. The mysterious voice is having a moment.

Oh hi Trumpet!

Trumpet: I'm sure you're going to be a great heiress, Clarinet.

Clarinet: I hope so. It's a lot of pressure.

New friend for Kimberly too?

Kimberly: This is Nicholas Richardson.

What? Another one? How is this possible? I thought you guys were are you back?

Kimberly: Who cares? Come on inside...

He's married Kimberly!

Emma!! What happened to you?

Emma: I got hit by lightning, I think.

You think?

Emma: Well I don't really remember it...but why else would I look like this? I wasn't fixing anything.

Hang on a second...I think a tree just caught on fire.

Oh, no, and the rain stopped!....Ok, everybody out on the lawn! Ethan, call the fire department and Mandolin, spray your sister!!!

Mandolin: Don't worry, Clarinet! I'll save you! I'm not going to let you die!

Oh no! I think you're too late, Mandolin!

Mandolin: No!!!

Mandolin: You can't take Clarinet! She's my little sister! Please!

Grimmy: Ah, ok if you're going to cry about it...

Mandolin: I'm so happy you're back! I though you were gone forever!

Clarinet: Thanks for saving my life! I'm glad you stayed the extra week.

You and me both, Clarinet. That was quite a scare, there.

Well this certainly has been an eventful week, huh?

Ethan: You can say that again!

Emma: I'm just glad my baby is safe. We need to make this place more safe during storms.

Nice job, Clarinet. I'm sure you'll do great at college.

Clarinet: I'm just glad I'm going at all!

And an equally nice job by the town heroine!

Mandolin: I feel so much more ready now.

Well, I'll see you girls at graduation! Until then, please stay inside!!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Whew! That was a rush! I've got to tell you-if there's a Sim family that you don't feel that connected to, send them on a vacation. I like these guys so much more after their mountain adventure. And I literally almost cried when Clarinet was dying. That was the first time I've ever pleaded for a Sim's life before. I'm just glad it worked!


Narrator MD said...

What a sweet story! I'm really glad that your Plead worked out.

Rachel said...

Eek! I thought Clarinet was a goner for sure. Glad you saved her.

ciyrose said...

Thank goodness you were able to save Clarinet. I was just reading along, and saw the fire and instantly leaned in closer to make sure I read every word. Scary moment.