Friday, June 13, 2008

Beesly 6: Round 5

Last round, June Beesly married her newfound fiancee Damion after completing college. Both newlyweds entered the corporate world, although June started a bit higher than Damion since Damion did not attend college. Soon June became pregnant and gave birth to twin girls, Robin and Sparrow.

Morning, June. Who are you calling?

June: Oh, we have to hire a nanny for the girls for the first time. We're not to happy about it, but it has to be done.

Congratulations on the promotion...

June: Thanks, but why is this yard such a mess??

The nanny was here. Enough said.

June: The stupid nanny left all our trash on the lawn and now there are roaches everywhere...

Be careful. You don't want to get sick.

June: Oh, I'm sure I will. But I just want these roaches to be gone.

And I see the nanny is here again...

Congratulations, Damion.

Damion: Thanks. I finally feel like I'm catching up.

Happy birthday, dear Sparrow...

and Robin...

Man, that cannot be comfortable for anyone.

Nice hairstyle choices, girls.

Robin: Thanks. We looked too much alike and we want our new teachers to be able to tell us apart.

Sparrow: And now we have glasses.

Being able to see is always good.

June: Hi, Sparrow. How was your first day of school?

Sparrow: It was good. Did you get another new job?

June: Yup, I'm promoted again.

Um, ok...I don't know what June did to Mexico but he sure looks angry.

I'm glad to see that you two get along, even if you do show it by whacking each other with pillows.

Sparrow: Mommy, can you help me with my homework?

June: Sure, honey but I think I need to lie down soon. I'm not feeling too well.

Robin: Dad, can you help me?

Damion: Sure. I just hope your mother doesn't start passing around whatever she has.

Play to win, Damion!

Nice job.

You're almost caught up to your wife!

Robin, it's thundering outside! Do you really think you should be out on the swing?

Robin: But school was so boring. I need to do something fun.

Um...let's sell the stock.

Well, I guess that's ok...


Every little bit helps! Nice job.

Robin: I got an A+!

Great job!

Sparrow: Me too!

Wow, that deserves a reward.

Robin: We got a pool!

Can't even wait for sunrise, can you?

Why isn't your dad in the pool with you?

Sparrow: He's still sick.

I guess June gave you her flu, huh?

Damion: We've been passing it around all week. One person gets better, another gets it again.

Sparrow: Look what I can do!


Well, judging by Sparrow's position I think the week must be about over...

Yup, I think it's time to wrap this week up. I'll see all of you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, I went the entire week without having these guys have another baby! I'm trying to control the population in this town-it's getting out of control. One more house before round 5's college graduation!


Molly said...

Wow. I love your blog!!

It's taken me months, but I have at last caught up with the story. It was well worth the time spent on it, though! Your stories are always entertaining and you have some really fun and cute pictures! So great, in fact, that you've inspired me to try a Sims 2 blog of my own. So thanks! And keep up the great work!

Rachel said...

You have the same baby making problem I try to deal with. The flu is yucky. I hope they get better soon

ciyrose said...

awww....I hate when families get the flu, it takes forever to cure it unless you have a family sim that can make comfort soup....oh but that came with Free Time huh? Oh well.

Janet said...

I love your blog, and I was wondering where I can find the glasses the girls wear. Thanks!