Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mendoza 1: Round 5

Now that college graduation is over, let's get started on these new houses.

Joey Beesly is the oldest of the Beesly brood. Trinity Mendoza met him in high school and they quickly fell in love.

Hi, guys!

Trinity: Hi, mysterious voice! Get a load of these outfits they gave us.

I know. I think it's time for some new clothes.

Where are you guys going?

Joey: Oh, we're heading down to the town chapel for our wedding. We don't have enough money to host the wedding here.

And it looks like there's already a crowd here-albeit a very random crowd.

Hey, there'll be plenty of time for that after the ceremony.

And look at the audience not paying one bit of attention...

Trinity: Who are you, anyway? It seems like you only show up at weddings.

Rachel: I'm the narrator...

No you're not. That job is taken. But the position of wedding crasher seems to suit you well.

So no honeymoon for you two?

Joey: No. We don't have the money. But we both start work tomorrow.

Um...what job did you say you had again?

Joey: I'm an actor...

In what? Attack of the Trans-Fat: Part III?

Trinity: I don't feel so good...

Maybe you should go lie down...

Or maybe just stay by the toilet for now.

So does this mean you don't have to dress up like that anymore?

Joey: I hope so. This head thing gets heavy.

I guess that explains the stomach problems.

Let's be honest. Call in sick.


Much better work outfit, Joey.

Joey: It's certainly more comfortable.

Um...what are you eating?

Trinity: Cheesecake. I had a craving for it.

I hope you also have a craving for twins.

Wait a minute...that doesn't look like a situation an actor would be in. Joey must have gotten a new job...let's counter-sue.

Looks like that was the right choice.

Now let's see if that cheesecake took effect...

Yup, the cheesecake did its thing.

Trinity: It's a girl!

What's her name?

Trinity: We'll call her Nessarose...

Trinity: Oh, and we're not done yet...

Trinity: Oh, we got another girl!

And her name?

Trinity: Meet baby Glinda!

Not Galinda, right?

Trinity: No...

Just checking.

Ok, Glinda has brown hair and blue eyes...

And Nessarose also has brown hair and blue eyes. Yay for identical babies...

This seems strangely familiar...let's call in sick again.

Whew. It was the right choice again!

And of course the nanny left both babies out of their cribs on the floor, so I can't tell them apart. Great work, nanny. Great work.

What are you doing, Joey?

Joey: I want to be able to make some toys for my girls.

What have you made so far?

Joey: A pet brick.

Wow, boring AND dangerous. Keep working, Joey.

Happy Birthday dear Glinda...

and Nessarose...

One cute little girl...

Two cute little girls! And one with custom hair!

Trinity: Come on, Glinda. You can do it...

Joey: Can you say "Daddy?"

Nessarose: Daddy!

They certainly are smart little things.

Well, this week is just about over.

Joey: Really? It went by so fast!

Twins will do that. And speaking of twins, let me get a shot of just how similar they are...

Ok, here's Nessarose...

And here's Glinda. Aside from their hair, they look pretty much the same. Next week should be fun!

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: So can you guess why I picked this naming theme for this family? Go on, of this couple's kids HAS to come out green eventually, right?


Galena said...

I really wanted to use this name scheme when I got my prosperity going. So many interesting names. Now to wait and see if they're from the musical or if you're including characters from the novel as well

aquatami said...

Just discovered your blog. Love your families.

Rachel said...

Um witches? SOrry I don't know. Hurray for Sim Me. Of course she's a wedding crasher. What else would she be?

Morgan said...

I actually know this. My friend loves Wicked. That's the theme, right? If not, Imma cry.

ciyrose said...

Wow...those twins really are identical. It's got to be something about Oz, either the movie, book, or play based on it....or all of the above. :)