Sunday, June 15, 2008

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 5

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the graduation ceremony for the Sim State University class of Round 5. This round we had 14 graduates, who will be announced in alphabetical order.

Joey Beesly

John Beesly

Kentucky Beesly

Monica Beesly

Rachel Beesly

Paris Caligula

Brooklyn Levinson

Trumpet Martin

Trinity Mendoza

Gaston Schrute

Jack Scott

Kia Vega

Toyota Vega

And now for the second part of our ceremony-the who's going with who rundown.

Trumpet Martin and Brooklyn Levinson will be moving into a new home.

Joey Beesly and Trinity Mendoza will be moving into a new home.

Gaston Schrute and Rachel Beesly will be moving into a new home.

Jack Scott and Tangerine Halpert will be moving back into the original Scott home, where Jack will take his place as the house's heir.

Toyota Vega and Monica Beesly will be moving into a new home.

John Beesly and Kia Vega will be moving into a new home.

And that leaves Kentucky Beesly and Paris Caligula. While they have not gotten engaged, as you can see they are very passionate about each other and will be moving back into the Caligula house where Paris will take her place as heiress.

And there you have it, the graduating class of Round 5! Now let's get back to Tranquility Bay and get this round wrapped up!


Rachel said...

*sniff* it seems like just yesterday these guys were kids, probably because I just read it yesterday. Kia sure looks like a Vega.

ciyrose said...

Wow 14 kids....that's a lot to get through uni. Looks like they all found someone to go home with...even Tangerine. lol The Beesly's sure are taking over the town.

Anonymous said...

Tangerine getting engaged to an heir? I hope he knows what he's getting into with that one.