Sunday, June 1, 2008

Halpert 3: Round 5

Last round, Kiwi Halpert and Steve Beesly moved into their new home after college. Following their wedding, Steve began chasing his dream of becoming chief of hospital staff while Kiwi took a job in the corporate world. Soon, Kiwi got pregnant and three days later she gave birth to a set of twin boys, Mexico and England. Understandably, the boys pretty much consumed their parents lives for the remainder of the week.

Hi, guys.

Steve: Hi, mysterious voice.

So what's going on today?

Kiwi: It's my first day back at work since the boys were born.

Kiwi: Mommy will see you boys after work. Be good for the nanny, ok?

Oh, great. The nanny's coming. This should be interesting.

What kind of nanny lets a toddler wander outside in the snow? Get the boy inside, nanny!

Kiwi: England, what happened to you?

Well, you see, the nanny thought it would be a good idea to let him fall asleep in the snow. You got home just in time, actually.

So any thoughts about a third kid?

Kiwi: Well, we would like to try for a girl.

England: Mama no leave!

Kiwi: It's ok, England. Daddy has the day off today so the nanny doesn't have to come. Mommy has to go to work, though.

Um, let's go with trust.

Wow, I guess it was an important day at the office.

Congratulations, Kiwi.

Kiwi: Thanks.

Happy birthday, dear Mexico...

And England...

One handsome young man...

And two handsome young men.

And one on the way, I see.

Kiwi: Yup. I guess I got that last promotion just in time.

I see you met your cousin at school today.

England: Did you know she's a twin too?

Yes, I did.

Mexico: Mom, who is the mayor of our town?

Kiwi: Hmm...I don't know.

You guys actually have like 3 different mayors in this town. I don't blame you for being confused.

Mexico: I can't wait until I can go outside and collect bugs.

Steve: You can go outside now and catch butterflies and fireflies.

Mexico: I know, but I want more bugs.

Such a typical boy.

Kiwi: Tangerine, there just isn't room here for you to move in. We have twins and there's another baby on the way. I'm not having you sleep on our couch...

I see Tangerine hasn't given up her fight.

Yes! One down! Way to go, Steve.

Steve: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Just in time, too. It's baby time!


Kiwi: It's another boy! Meet Germany.

Three boys...good luck with that one, Kiwi.

And he pretty much looks exactly like Mexico. I guess Steve is winning the genetic war with skin, while Kiwi is winning with hair and eyes.

Kiwi: Who's a cute little baby? Who's a cute little baby?

So I guess you've decided to stay home with this one.

Kiwi: I just can't trust my kids with that nanny anymore.

England: I got an A+!

(holding applause until the other twin gets off...)

Mexico: Me too!

Great job, guys!!

Mexico: I really wish we could get a fish.

Is that why your room looks like an aquarium?

Happy birthday, dear Germany...

Again, he looks just like Mexico.

Kiwi: That's it can do it...

Steve: Can you say "chair"?

Germany: No!

Well, one out of two isn't bad.

At least he's not eating the puzzle pieces. And that brings us to the end of the week. I'll see all of you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I'm so happy Steve got his lifetime want. It seemed like every day, at 4 pm, one of his friends would drop below 50 and keep him from being promoted. Only with Kiwi being home all day pregnant was the family able to keep the number of friends high enough.


Anonymous said...

hey i love ur blog, can i just ask where u got Kiwi's hair from and also ur other hairs, they're gorgeous! thnx xxx


Rachel said...

Gah, I hate when the nanny leaves toddlers out in the snow. They are SO stupid!

ciyrose said...

Wow...good think Kiwi got home for the baby....stupid nannies. Still no girls for them though...sadness.