Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beesly 5: Round 5

Last round, May Beesly moved in with her newfound love, former mailman Pao Mellon, after college. With Pao not contributing as much money as the other spouses, both he and May began work right after their wedding. They both began following their dreams, May's of becoming the Law and Pao's of becoming the Mayor. May soon became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby girl named Easter.

What are you looking at, Pao?

Pao: May painted this last week. She said she saw these people in a dream...I don't know how she would know that family, though. know them?

Pao: Of course. I was the mailman for them too, you know.

But...that means you survived...

Pao: No. I didn't actually live in that town. All of us service folks lived outside the towns we work in.

May: So did you know the people in that painting too?

Nanny: I'm not telling you. You people killed my friend!

For the last time, that nanny killed herself. They didn't set fire to her!

Nice job, Pao.

Pao: Thanks. I'm getting closer!

Yup. You guys just need a few more friends.

May: So who is that lady?

Pao: Her name...I think the family name was Geller. That's what was on all their mail, anyway. I can't remember any of the first names.

May: But why am I seeing her in my dreams?

Pao: That I do not know.

You're on a roll, Pao!

Pao: I know!

Happy birthday, dear Easter...

What a lovely young lady. But you'd better go get your glasses back on so you can see.

Any plans for another baby?

May: Well if it happens it happens.

I guess it happened, huh?

Happy first day of school!

Nice job, May.

May: Thanks. I hope Easter starts bringing home friends soon. That will help with the promotion.

Easter: Dad, can you help me with my homework?

Pao: Sure, honey.

It's official now! Baby number 2 is on the way!

One more level...

Pao: It's so close! I never thought I'd be this close to my dream.

Easter: So did you ever meet anyone in the other towns, Dad?

Pao: I never really met them. I just delivered their mail. Some of them had some pretty mean dogs, though.

Easter: I got my first A+!

Great job! But that usually happens on the day...

...the baby is born! It's baby time, everyone!


May: It's a boy! Meet Arbor!

And he looks exactly like Easter so far.

May: I can't believe how far you've come in your job this week. I'm so proud of you.

Pao: I've come a long way from being the mailman.


May: I guess so!

Happy birthday, dear Arbor...

Aww, he has his mommy's ears! I never actually checked Easter's...

And I see he has glasses too...

May: It has to be genetic. He was squinting too.

Well he still looks adorable. And that brings us to the end of the week. I'll see you next round.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: I'm really starting to like Pao. It took awhile, but he's growing on me. Those pointy ears sure are a strong gene!


Rachel said...

LOL another toddler with glasses! Very cute

ciyrose said...

I love the glasses on the toddlers, they are so cute!