Friday, February 1, 2008

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 3

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to graduation ceremony for Sim State University's class of Round 3! This class was extremely small, with only four graduates. They will be announced in alphabetical order:

April Beesly

London Caligula

Corey Scott

And our newcomer, Aracely Vega

With only four graduates, there's not much of a who's going with who rundown. Corey and April are now engaged, while London and Aracely (who I still think are a train wreck waiting to happen) decided to hold off on the commitment for now. Both couples will be moving into their own homes in Tranquility Bay.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: A short graduation, I know. But really, there were only 3 teens from the previous families, plus Aracely. And on that note, I know full well that pairing a family sim and a romance sim should be a disaster waiting to happen. But out of the five girls London dated before college, Aracely was the only one he was able to become best friends with. And despite the difference in aspiration, they still have one bolt of chemistry which for a family/romance pairing is really something.


Mao said...

I've had a Romance/Family pairing once or twice. They can be a lot of fun, if you're into dysfunction (and I am, oh I am).

A bit difficult from the challenge standpoint, though. They'll be an interesting read, that's for sure!

Rachel said...

Dang! Only 4 kids in college. I am so jealous.

ciyrose said...

Well this could start to make for very interesting stories. :)