Monday, February 4, 2008

Vega 1: Round 3

We've come to the last lot of round 3! This one belongs to London Caligula and Aracely Vega.

London is the eldest child of Matthew and Kalliope Caligula. He dated several girls in his teen years, but the only one he managed to make best friends with was Aracely Vega, who ended up coming to college with him.

Hi, guys. Well, I'm glad to see this isn't a total train wreck so far.

London: Why would this be a train wreck?

Um...let's just say you two aren't the most compatible of people

Aracely: I think we're plenty compatible.

Ok, if you two say so. Any plans for a wedding?

London: Oh...let's not move to fast now.


Not feeling so hot, Aracely?

Aracely: Ugh....

Aracely: I really think something's not right...

You'd better go lie down. Your comfort is tanking.

Well, that explains a lot.

Aracely: I hope London is ok with this...

I'd take that as a yes...

You're that happy about the baby?

London; Yeah-let's go with that.

Aracely: So you're really happy about the baby? Even though we're not married?

London: For the last time, yes. I'm happy about the baby.

Real convincing, London.

Here it comes...

Aracely: It's a boy!

Yup, we've hit the boy spurt! What's his name?

Aracely: Toyota.


Looks like London really is happy about the baby.

London: How could I not be? The kid looks just like me.

I'll admit, I'm surprised he didn't get Aracely's blue skin.

Looks like he took after his dad with everything-eyes, skin, and hair. Well, his mom has brown hair too...

Aracely: Hey!

Sure, nanny. I'm sure soaking her right before she leaves for work will help her get promoted.

Nice job, London!

London: Thanks!

You too, Aracely.

Aracely: Thanks.

Wow, London. You're actually helping with the birthday?

London: Sure. Aracely's not feeling so hot tonight.


Well, he sure takes after his mom in his face.

Aracely: Say "bear"

Toyota: No!

Couldn't you have gotten dressed first, Aracely?

So are you ok with having your first child without being married?

Aracely: Oh, that's right...we're not married. I completely forgot.

So I guess not being married doesn't bother you much?

Aracely: Not really. I know it will happen eventually. But I'll focus on Toyota for right now.

London: One step closer...

Is this your lifetime want?

London: Yup. I want to be a hall of famer.

Ok, that's do-able.

Hey, Grandma Kalliope came by.

London: Hi, Mom.

Bonding with your first grandchild?

Kalliope: I can't believe I'm a grandma already. I've still got little Paris at home.

Don't worry, you're not that old yet.

Um, London? Who is this?

London: Oh, this is my new friend Monday Flannigan.

Friend. Uh-huh.

Perfect timing for this to happen...

Aracely: Uh-oh...we weren't trying this time.

Well, at least there's a helpful grandma just down the street. And now I'm afraid I must be on my way, because...(drumroll please)

It's the end of round 3!!!

Stand by for the scorecard!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know there's no ending picture-my computer froze right as I went to take it and I didn't want to have to re-load the game just to take that picture. And I'm really surprised that I've had two sims with custom skins (Kalliope and Aracely) have their skins not be passed on to their kids. I thought that custom genetics were always dominant.


Rachel said...

Awe Grandma Kalliope. Hehe, she got spit up on. :) Aracely's skin took til the second gen to show up for me. I believe the creator played around with that family's genetics before putting them out there. Toyota is a cutie. He definitely looks like his mom in the face.

ciyrose said...

Aww....Toyota is a cute little tyke. Well so far so good for this little family. I'm sure it will get messy soon enough.