Friday, February 8, 2008

Beesly 1: Round 4

Let's see...where did we last leave the Beesly family?

Oh, that's right. Last round Madison and her fiancee Michael moved back into Madison's childhood home, rejoining the puppy, Sparkle, that had been adopted before the girls left for college. They were quickly wed and began to start on their main goal (well, Madison's main goal)-a large family. Little Joey was soon born, and before too long Madison was pregnant again. At the very end of the week, she gave birth to not one, but two baby girls, Rachel and Monica. Also, the family spent the week being haunted by the ghost of the nanny who burned to death in their bathroom. (Man, that's a strange sentence).

Yup, I can sense this week is going to be quite special.

Hey, guys. Don't you think you should go let Joey out of the crib?

Madison: He'll be fine for a few more minutes.

Michael: But um, why don't you go keep an eye on him?

Ok, ok. I get it...

Joey: Puppy!

At least the dog seems to be good with kids.

Ok, now I get to play the "which twin is which" game. Rachel seems to have the darker skin...

And Monica has the lighter skin. At least I can tell them apart easily.

You have got to be kidding me, Madison. You just had twins!

Madison: I know, I know.

At least we won't have 3 toddlers at the same time. Happy birthday, dear Joey...

Very handsome. And nice choice on the hairstyle, by the way.

Joey: Thanks, mysterious voice!

(takes a deep breath) Happy birthday, dear Monica...

What a little cutie.

(Clears throat) Happy birthday, dear Rachel...

Hey, she actually grew up with a decent hairstyle.

Hey, your pajamas match their room.

Joey: Can we do something about that?

I'll see what I can do.

Man, you are like the definition of supermom.

Madison: Well, I am a family sim.

Number 4 is on the way!!!

Michael: I hope we can handle another kid...the three we have are such handfuls.

Oh, the chaos...what do I deal with first?

Madison: Welcome to my world.

Ahh, there are the little terrors. Hi, cuties.

Rachel: Spawkle, stop!

I love when the dogs lick the toddlers.

Michael: Can you say "tired"?

Rachel: No!

I'm not surprised. These two never seem to run out of energy.

Glad to see Joey isn't being totally ignored.

Michael: I wish I had more time to spend with him. He's growing up so fast.

Madison: Come on, Rachel...come to Mommy so she can go to bed.

I think you'd better eat something first.

Madison: Yeah, that too.

You're such a good big brother.

Joey: I'm still wearing pink pajamas...

I know. I'll get to it eventually.

Madison: The new baby will be here any day'll have a baby brother or sister.

Or maybe both...

Madison: Don't say things like that!

I guess we'll get to find out!

Well, at least there's only one...


Madison: It's a boy! Meet baby Ross!

Another boy? There must be something in the water...

Madison: Well, we just had 2 girls...

Yes, you just had 2 girls. But it just seems like forever since there's been a baby girl in this town.

He sure is a cute little thing, though.

You guys still have time to work with all these kids?

Madison: Somehow, we do.

You sure look happy.

Joey: I got my first A+

Great job.

Finally...Happy birthday, dear Monica...

and Rachel...

Nice outfit...

Rachel: Thanks!

Both of the girls are quite pretty, though.

Monica: Thanks.

Joey: Good doggy...good girl.

At least someone's paying attention to the dog.

A little brood of animal lovers in this house.

Monica: I love my womrat!

The princess and the two make quite a pair.

How's the newest member of the family?

Madison: He's just great. Things are a bit easier now that the girls are older.

And you're not pregnant.

Madison: That too.

Monica: Hey, I was the one wearing the princess dress. Stop copying me!

Rachel: I'm not copying. My dress is blue!

Ahh, the joys of twins.

Man, the birthdays never end at this house.

Michael: We are pretty much living off cake.

Happy birthday, dear Ross...

Wow, he's ready for the ball, isn't he?

Monica: Who's a good puppy...

It must be nice to only deal with one, huh?

Madison: It really is.

Madison: As if the 4 kids weren't enough...

I'm really scared to ask this, but are you planning to have more?

Madison: (sigh) Yes. It's kind of hard to marry off 6 kids without having 6 kids first.

I see.

Well, as much fun as this week's been, I really have to be moving on.

Monica: Do you have to?

Yeah. But before I go, may I suggest you and your brother go switch pajamas?

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: And once again my computer locked up when I tried to take the end picture. This lot made me want to pull my hair out. Between the twins, the dog, and Madison being was very special. And I really don't know what's up with the sudden boy spurt.


Rachel said...

This is definitely my kind of house. You handles it well. I love the dog/toddler interactions they are so cute. This family is much nicer than my Friends themed house. All the kids are very attractive.

ciyrose said...

Cute family. Monica and Rachel are beautiful girls, and Joey and Ross look very handsome. The dog and toddlers are so cute! Great job with the chaos.