Thursday, February 14, 2008

Halpert 1: Round 4

Last week, Jessica and Christopher Halpert struggled to keep up with their two young daughters, Apple and Kiwi. Jessica's grandmother Betty passed away, and her ghost kept things
very interesting when night fell. Apple and Kiwi both grew to children, and soon Jessica discovered she was pregnant again. She gave birth to a third daughter, little Tangerine.

Hi there, Jessica.

Jessica: Oh, hi mysterious voice.

What is everybody doing up this late at night?

Jessica: Well, the baby keeps us up, and the older girls...

Betty's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Apple: Ahhh!

I see. I think it's time for Betty to get over to the town cemetery.

I guess the ghost being gone makes you want to dance, huh?

Kiwi: Yup!

Apple: Isn't it great? The ghost is gone so now we can sleep!

I seem to remember you being very sad when Betty actually died...

Apple: Yeah, but that was before she started waking me up every night.

You sure are a pretty young lady, Apple.

Apple: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Um, don't you think you're a bit old to be thinking about a bottle?

Apple: But I'm hungry!

Hmm...let's go with Frostbite.

Uh-oh. Well, you can afford it.

Kiwi: Yes! My first A+!

Great job!

Looks like it was a good day for everybody. Nice work, Christopher.

Christopher: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Happy birthday, dear Apple...

Wow, an outfit I actually like. You're lucky. Have you picked an aspiration yet?

Apple: I sure have!

Apple: I want a big family!

Nice choice.

Oh, looks like it's a double birthday. Happy birthday, dear Tangerine...

Wow, her dress matches the naming theme.

Apple: Why don't I help you with your homework while Mom is busy with Tangerine?

Apple's such a good big sister.


Jessica: Come to Mommy, honey...

All right! It will take awhile, but it's easy to achieve!

Tangerine: Chair!

Wow, she's smart.

Hey, looks like Kiwi brought home a friend.

Kiwi: Eric's a lot of fun.

Duly noted.

Nice choice on the hairstyle.

Jessica: So, your father and I have been thinking of having another baby.

Apple: That's great, Mom.

Christopher: Are you sure we should have another one so soon?

Well, the clock is ticking...

Thanks for helping with the shower, Apple.

Apple: No problem. This puddle is getting much too big.

So I guess that new baby is on its way, huh?

Jessica: Yup.

What'cha doing, Tangerine?

Tangerine: Pwetty bugs!

Aww, she's chasing the fireflies!

Jessica: Come on, Tangerine. You have to be all nice and clean for tonight.

What's tonight?

Jessica: You'll see soon enough.

Aww, you two are so cute.

Oh, so I guess that's what tonight is. Happy birthday, dear Tangerine...

Just as pretty as your sisters.

Tangerine: Thanks, mysterious voice!

I think Apple is the best older sister I've seen in this town.

Hmm, who is this...Shawn Scott, huh? I was hoping you would come home with Apple.

Shawn: Um...ok.

Looks like we've got an established couple for the class of Round 4!

It's a big day for everybody. Happy birthday, dear Kiwi...

Man, you girls are lucky. Both of you got clothes that matched.

Kiwi: Um...ok.

So have you chosen an aspiration?

Kiwi: Yup! I want a big family, too!

Well, that's good. Because yours is about to get a little bit bigger. It's baby time!


Jessica: We've got a boy! Meet Kumquat!

Another boy? That makes (does quick count) six lots with baby boys in a row. This town is overdue for a girl spurt.

At least everybody seems happy about the new arrival.

Apple: And then you just divide both sides by 3, and that's your answer.

So Apple is the official family tutor, apparently.

Um, Jessica? Care to explain?

Jessica: see...we thought...for sure...Kumquat would be...a...girl. And...since he wasn't we...still want to have....our youngest be...a girl to...take the house.

Ahh, I see. And if this baby is a boy?

Jessica: ...It won't be. It just won't.

Well, he's a cute little thing anyway.

Tangerine, maybe it's not such a good idea to play fetch with the wolf.

Tangerine: But she's so friendly!

Jessica: I want you to take this treasure chest before you go to college. I dug one up for you and for Kiwi-it should help you out once you graduate.

Apple: Gee, thanks mom.

(This is Kiwi's lifetime want. I'm not sure why I didn't capture the part that said that)

No doubt about it now, huh?

Jessica: Nope.

So Tangerine, how do you feel about the new baby?

Tangerine: I hope this one's a girl.

You and me both...

Nice job, Apple.

Whoa, way to go! When did you have time to do that?

Christopher: Well, with Apple and Kiwi being able to help out I had some more time.

Equally nice job, Kiwi. Now, there's just one more thing to attend to this week...

Happy birthday Kumquat!

Well, he sure is a cute little guy!

And now I fear I must leave you all, as much as I want to find out if the next baby is a boy or girl. That will have to wait until next round. I'll see Apple and Kiwi at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This house was a classic example of my assumed "expertise" at this game coming back to haunt me. I thought with 5 boy births behind me, this family was sure to have another girl and another female heiress, but then along came Kumquat. And there is some genetic strategy behind pairing Apple with Shawn: Apple's hair genes are brown/red and Shawn's are brown/blonde, so in the future there's a chance they could have a child with blonde or red hair. Now I just have to find a mate for Kiwi...


Mao said...

Such lovely girls! I can't wait to see what children they have. And genetic strategy, hehe... that's always fun. I try to start with some blonde sims since it is so recessive and difficult to get (at least it always seems to be for me).

Galena said...

I hate going into houses and I think they're due for one child of a certain sex and bam it's different.

Just have to keep on reminding myself the odds are still 50-50 for each.

Rachel said...

Lots of family sims. Apple really is a great big sister.

ciyrose said...

Apple and Kiwi are such beautiful teens. Tangerine and Kumquat are cute too. Apple is such a GREAT big sister, and 2 family sims....kind of makes sense in this big family since they both seem to be good sisters.