Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beesly 4: Round 3

Now that the college graduation is over, it's time for the graduates to start their own lives in their new homes. The first new house belongs to April Beesly and Corey Scott.

April is the oldest daughter of Pamela and Rhys Beesly. Before leaving for college she seemed to be a little out of sorts, but she insisted that everything was alright. Corey is the third son of Emily Scott, and her first child with her husband Lawrence.

Hi, guys!

April: Hi, mysterious voice.

How's it going?

Corey: Ok-we're having some money problems though. We kind of overspent on our house and we're going to have to be frugal for the first few weeks.

Well, that's ok. Being frugal isn't so bad.

Who are you calling?

April: Well we can't afford to have the wedding at the house. The $900 for the arch is just too much. So we're having it at the new chapel down the road. They have the arch there, and it's free.

I wish it worked like that where I'm from.

April: Where are you from?

...Never mind.

Having some fun outside before the wedding?

April: Well, we have to do something while we wait for everyone to get here.

Why doesn't anyone ever sit down for the wedding?

Wow, not many women would get into a water balloon fight with their family on their wedding day.

Ahh, the wedding night.

April: At least we can afford a decent bed.

Corey: We start work tomorrow-things will be better after that.


You were saying, Corey?

Corey: I meant financially better! Quick, call the fire department!

So are you two prepared for this little surprise?

April: Not at the moment. But I'm sure we will be by the time it gets here.

Confidence. I like that.

Glad to see you're putting your days off to good use.

Corey: Well this garden was here when we moved in, and it already had plants and everything. We were going to get rid of it, but they might come in handy down the road.

Oh, no. Poor April fell asleep in her fish. I hope this pregnancy is over soon.

Looks like my hopes are coming true.

April: Your hopes?



April: It's a boy! Meet Kentucky!

And after being perfectly even for the past few houses, I think we've hit another boy spurt.

And right back to the garden you go, huh?

April: These weeds are impossible to keep up with!

Well at least the work is paying off.

Let's go with Knights with Swords.

Or not...and that's 8,000 more Simoleons than you had!

Well, you look relaxed in the face of total bankruptcy.

April: Actually, we're going to be fine. Those plants out there came out so well that they fetched a whole bunch of money, plus my salary for the day.

Oh...anyway, happy birthday Kentucky!

Cute little guy, and so festive too!

April: Come on, Kentucky. You can do it...

Hmmm...let's go with airports.

Oh, come on!

Sorry the week has to end on such a downer for you guys.

April: It's ok. There's always next week.

Glad to see you've become such an optimist, April.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I may have jumped the gun on the house I had this family move into. I love the design of the house, and it has plenty of space, but even after gutting it the house was barely under the 40,000 the two graduates had together. Thankfully that garden helped them pull through. Just one more lot left in Round 3!


DJ Piplup said...

Aw MAAAAN! Sucks to be you then! I hate the chance cards, if you mess them up, you could end up getting fired or losing all your money and getting visited by the Repo Man until you lose everything because you can't pay your bills.

Next time, you should avoid buying a house because you like it. Bett yet, place them on an empty lot and build up on it. It sucks to build from scratch, but at least you can regulate what you have. Thank Seasons that the garden was there to save them!

Rachel said...

I've bought houses that were too expensive for sims too. It sure makes for a challenge in the beginning. I hate when they get a chance card and bottom out their money. That usually happens to me when the maid or nanny are there and then they steal something for payment. From that last picture I'm guessing Kentucky (cute) will be getting a state or sibling next week.

ciyrose said...

April is a really pretty girl. I don't think I realized until now she has the pointed ears. Kentucky is a cutie. This poor family and their stupid chance cards! At least April seems upbeat. :D