Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 1

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the commencement ceremony for the Sim State University graduating class of Round One! This class is quite small, with only six students. The names will be announced in alphabetical order:

Pamela Beesly

Kalliope Caligula

Jessica Halpert

Rhys Inglar

Christopher Levinson

Matthew Martin

And now, for the second part of our ceremony: the "who's going with whom" rundown:

Luckily, two couples were formed before the students ever left. Pamela Beesly is now engaged to Rhys Inglar, and Matthew Martin is now engaged to Kalliope Caligula.

And thankfully, the remaining two graduates got along with each other very well.

So now it's time for these educated adults to return to Tranquility Bay and continue building a better world...oh, wait...that's the Kid Nation. Well, they're going back to the town. Let's just leave it at that. Now, on with the rest of round 1!


Mandie said...

Ah yes, the college years. I always love seeing which kids end up with whom! It's my favorite time!

Fairy D said...

That worked out well for everyone. I guess this means babies in round 2.

Rachel said...

Short and sweet! So nice that the last two singles liked each other.

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog. I can't believe Tranquility Acres is gone!! I'm going to miss it, but I'm glad you started a new one!

ciyrose said...

Well glad the last two hit it off, that made it nice and easy. :)