Thursday, January 10, 2008

Halpert 1: Round 2

Round two's going by fast! Next up is the Halpert household...

If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that Jessica Halpert and Christopher Levinson weren't added on to the end of the round after graduating from college. Instead, Jessica and Christopher moved back in with Jessica's grandmother, Betty. Will Betty accept Christopher into the family, or reject him the way she rejected her daughter's new love? Only one way to find out...

Hi guys...oh, sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt.

Christopher: Oh, it's ok.

Christopher, you know your fiancee is making pancakes, right?

Christopher: But I'm hungry now! And besides, I'm not eating I'm drinking.

Such a typical male...

So Betty, what do you think of your granddaughter's choice for a husband?

Betty: Well, I still think she doesn't need one. But I guess if she has to have one, this guy's not so bad.

Hmm, a better reaction than she had to David Schrute last week...

Jessica: Ugh...I don't feel so good!

Maybe you'd better go lie down.

Jessica: No way. Today's too important to be sick.

Oh, it's the wedding day...why is the arch inside the house?

Jessica: Well, it's snowing outside. We don't want to get married knee-deep in snow.

Good point. (Also the white snow, gray sky, and white dress would make it a photo nightmare.)

And now I present, Mr. and Mrs. Levinson....

Jessica: Actually, Christopher is taking my last name. It's the name of the lot, it only makes sense that it should be the name of our family.

Oh, ok then....Mr. and Mrs. Halpert, everybody!

Oh, look! Olivia made it to the wedding!

Christopher: Now you be good at home with Mom, ok?

Don't worry, I'll be over there soon enough.

Looks like that sickness before the wedding was no fluke.

Jessica: I guess not.

What a good husband...

Jessica: Well he is a family sim. This kind of stuff matters a lot to him.

Nice job, Christopher!

Christopher: Thanks!

Betty: I'm so happy I'm going to get to live to see my great-grandchildren!

Looks like she's accepted the relationship after all.

And that's a good thing, because it's baby time!

Alright, so we're only getting one kid here...


Jessica: It's a girl!

Great, what's her name?

Jessica: We're going to name her Apple!

Apple...sound so trendy.

Well, she got Mom's skin and hair, and it looks like she got Dad's eyes.

So how are the new parents doing?

Jessica: Oh, just fine.

Christopher: We were just discussing...paper products.

Ok, I get it. I'm on my way out...I should go check up on Betty, anyway.

Looks like Betty's back to her old tricks.

Betty: Well, hi there. I don't believe I've seen you around before...

Oh, this is Temple Vega. She's part of a new crop of townies that just moved in.

Betty: Well, Temple...would you like to stay and do a little fishing...

Um, Betty? The pond's still frozen from winter.

Betty: Oh...well, then you can just hang around here anyway.

Temple: Um, I think I broke the sink...

Nice move by Betty...

Jessica: Uh-oh...I'm getting that feeling again.

What feeling?

Oh, that feeling. Maybe you'd better go back to bed...

Jessica: No, it's my first day back at work! I have to go!

Well, I remember the bullhorns causing a financial emergency in Tranquility let's chill the school.

Hmm, seems like a very small reward compared to the results of the wrong answer, but whatever...

I guess this is why it was so important for you to go back to work today...

Jessica: Yup. I'm that much closer to my dream of being a mad scientist.

Happy birthday dear Apple...

Aw, she's adorable!

And it looks like she won't be an only child for long!

Jessica: This is sure happening fast...

Jessica: Say "chair"...

Apple: No!

Well, she's certainly strong willed.

Don't look too excited, Jessica.

Jessica: Give me a break! I'm pregnant here!

Jessica finally gave up?

Christopher: She needed to get to bed. I guess being pregnant really wears her out.

And I see Apple got a makeover...very nice.

And Apple is fulfilling her duty as a toddler by flooding the bathroom on a daily basis.

Betty: I can't believe I'm going to see two great-grandchildren.

You are quite lucky. Most other elders in town have kicked the bucket by this time in the week.

So apparently Betty's excitement sends Jessica into labor...

And it's a....

Jessica: It's another girl! Meet baby Kiwi!

Kiwi...shouldn't be hard to guess what your naming theme is.

What a nice way to end the week. But, sadly, it is late Sunday night and I must be moving on soon.

But first, let's get a good look at little Kiwi...she seems to have a combination of her mom and dad's skin, her mom's hair, and her dad's eyes.

And that brings us to the end of another week in the Halpert house. Next up, let's get on over to the Schrutes and check in with Jennifer...

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Well, Betty surprised me this week by...not dying. Since both the Scotts and the Beeslys had an elder die this round I was expecting Betty to go too. I bought the most useless stuff to keep her aspiration up. Also, I learned this week that elders do not see their great-grandchildren as family. What's up with that?


ciyrose said...

Sometimes the family ties in this game leave something to be desired.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Apple's the cutest toddler! Definitely my favorite sim on your blog!