Friday, January 25, 2008

Levinson 1: Round 3

Last week was pretty quiet for Lisa Levinson and her daughter, Olivia. After her son Christopher moved out on his own, Lisa continued to chase her dream of becoming the town's Captain Hero. Meanwhile, Olivia grew into a teenager and developed her skills before leaving for college. Now she and her fiancee Jacob Scott have moved back in with her mother to start their lives together.

Hi, guys...Jacob, what happened to you?

Jacob: I got really cold when I was visiting my brother Michael's house earlier in the week. I'm sure it will go away.

Jacob: So about our wedding...I really wanted to do something special.

Olivia: Me, too. Do you have any ideas?

Jacob: Actually, yeah...let me make some calls.

Who are you calling, Jacob?

Jacob: Just making some reservations for our wedding.

Reservations? For what?

You're getting married on the beach?

Jacob: Well, technically we're getting married on the grass behind the beach. But yeah, this is the new park they just opened.

Well, it is very scenic.

What a beautiful wedding!

Olivia: And look! I even found a necklace!

Not many women would go digging through the sand in their wedding dresses.

Jacob: That was such a nice wedding.

Olivia: It sure

Would you like me to leave now?

Olivia: If you would.

Good job, Lisa.

Lisa: Thanks, mysterious voice.

You too, Olivia. What was your lifelong dream, again?

Olivia: To earn $100,000. I don't care how, I just want to do it.

Good thing you get maternity pay...

Olivia: That was fast...

Olivia: I don't think we really need a video game system right now...

Jacob: Sure we do. Everybody loves video games.

Interesting breakfast topic.

One more level to go...

Lisa: Thanks!

Olivia: Um...what do I do now?

Well, walking away from the fire would be job one.

Who's your friend?

Olivia: This is Doyle. I'm trying to make some more friends for when I go back to work.

Which shouldn't be that far off now...


Olivia: It's a girl! Meet Brooklyn!

Um, Jacob?

Jacob: I'm just so happy about my new baby girl!


I guess those extra friends helped out, huh?

Olivia: They sure did.

Hey look, Christopher came home with Jacob.

Christopher: I had to meet my new little niece.

Lisa: It's great to see you-are you going to stick around awhile?

Christopher: Sure. Olivia and Jacob look like they could use a break.

Aww, Christopher is such a good uncle.

Way to go, Lisa!

Lisa: I can't believe I actually did it!

And now for another big event...

And Brooklyn got her father's hair.

Jacob: Come to Daddy, honey...

How cute.

Olivia: Can you say bear?

Brooklyn: No!

At least she's honest.

Wait, she's actually trying to bond with the nanny?

Oh, I see. She was making a friend so her parents could get promoted. Way to do your part, Brooklyn!

Olivia: I think I dug in the wrong place!

Really, now?

So, any plans for more kids next week?

Olivia: Well, Jacob is a family sim so we'll probably end up having at least a few more.

Great, I'll be looking forward to that.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So I had my first community lot wedding. It was kind of cool, although I did find it a bit weird that random townies were showing up at the ceremony. Also, I did put Olivia and Jacob together for the specific purpose of getting more redheads/blondes in town. Luckily, they were attracted to each other as well.


Rachel said...

Hey Sim Rachel showed up to the wedding! She looked sort of annoyed though. Nice up date. Brooklyn is adorable. It's either US cities or Fonts? I'm guessing the former.

ciyrose said...

Brooklyn is REALLY cute....of course her parents both are too. They should bring fun genetics into the game.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love this household. All such sweet people.