Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Martin 1: Round 2

We've made it back to the Martin household.

Last round, Kimberly Martin moved to Tranquility Bay with her parents, Charles and Helen, and her three sons Matthew, Joshua, and Ethan. Kimberly had already inherited her father's love of romance, but thanks to the influence of her mother Matthew had taken on a love of knowledge. However, Kimberly and Charles were able to pass along their aspiration to middle-son Joshua. Which path will Ethan choose in life?

Hi, everybody!

Mom, I really hope I get an A+ today!

Don't worry. I'm sure you will.

Having some bonding time with grandma, huh?

Helen: I really hope he doesn't choose the same path as his mother.

You and me both.

So how are you two doing? I forget, do you two have jobs?

Helen: Nope. We decided to stay at home and help with the kids. And it's too late now.

I'm sticking to my guns on this one. Lend support.

See? That's what's supposed to happen. And that money will help out quite a bit.

Nice work, Kimberly.

Kimberly: But it's not what I really want...

I'm aware. But I'm not that approving of what you really want.

Ethan: Yes! I got an A+!

I told you so.

Don't you two get bored just staying at home all day?

Charles: Oh, we find ways to keep ourselves occupied.

Who are you calling, Joshua?

Joshua: Someone I've wanted to call since we moved in.

The gypsy?

Joshua: Yeah! We've finally got enough money now for me to get a blind date.

You wanted to call the gypsy since you moved in as a kid?

Joshua: ...sure!

Ashley Beesly...well, she does live in the neighborhood.

Joshua: I really think this could work. She's a pleasure sim, so she's not looking for anything too serious...

I have no doubt you two will work together. But I am a bit concerned that Ashley doesn't know what she's getting into...

Kimberly: Hey, as long as you're here...

Oh, boy. Here we go...

Well, it looks like Joshua's date is going well.

Can't really say the same for Kimberly. Who is that, anyway?

Kimberly: His name's Peter. He's a member of some garden club or something.

Wow, you actually paid attention when you were talking?

Kimberly: I'm so proud of you having your first kiss!

Odd thing to congratulate the kid on, but whatever.

Hmm, looks like Joshua made a new friend. Hi, Aracely.

Aracely: Hello again.

(clears throat)

Joshua: What? It's just flirting!

I know it's not getting you any closer to your real dream, but congratulations.

Ok, everyone. It's the moment of truth...Happy Birthday dear Ethan....

Not the worst outfit I've seen. Now for the big question. Which aspiration would you like?

(Pause for Dramatic Effect)

Ethan: Knowledge!

Whew! Helen was able to save this one!

And his first act as a teenager is to strike back against his older brother. And Mom sits in the corner and does nothing.

What? Helen died? How do I keep missing these things?

Um, was Helen murdered or something?

Oh, you guys got a cat. That should bring the mood up around here.

And I do believe this is a new man...

Kimberly: Joe came home from work, and we went on a date.

And judging by your attire that date went very well.

Who are you calling?

Charles: A little help, that's all.

Oh, like a maid?

Oh, for the love of...

Charles: What? My wife is dead. I still need love!

Your wife died yesterday!

So who is this young thing?

Charles: This is Catalina. She's some kind of service worker.


Well you two seem to get along.

Charles: Yup. We had a dream date.

Less than 24 hours after your wife dies. Unbelievable.

And it looks like that was just in time. Here comes Grimmy!

And Charles becomes the first Sim in Tranquility Bay to die in platinum.

Ethan: I can't believe Grandpa's gone!

I know, this is not how anybody wanted to end the week. But, the week is over and it's time for you boys to get ready for college.

I found this amusing.

Nice job, Joshua.

And equally nice job, Ethan. I'll see both of you boys at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well, I accomplished something on this lot that I never thought I would. I had a Romance sim (a CAS elder, no less) die in platinum aspiration. Also, does anybody know exactly what kind of service sim Catalina was? Charles had a memory of doing Woohoo with a service Sim, but I'm not exactly sure what kind she was. And I am planning on having Joshua and Ashley live together, but not get engaged or married. I'm seeing potential for some good storylines there...


aquatami said...

She looks like a massage technician. Way to go on the platinum tombstone the day after his wife died.

Rachel said...

Hurray for Ethan getting knowledge! Nice job getting Charles a platinum grave so close to his wife's death! I found it amusing it got right into dating again.

ciyrose said... least Ethan got knowledge...that's great!