Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Caligula 1: Round 3

Last round, Kalliope was feeling a bit out of sorts, though she wouldn't reveal exactly why. Her husband Matthew continued to advance in the medical career. Meanwhile, the couple's son London grew from a toddler to a child. Soon Kalliope was pregnant again and gave birth to a second son, Rome.

Good morning, Kalliope.

Kalliope: Morning, mysterious voice.

Feeling better this week?

Kalliope: I don't know. I still have this feeling...but I can't quite describe it.

Well, if you figure it out let me know.

Man, that's one flooded bathroom.

Matthew: You're telling me. And with a toddler around we can't let these puddles sit here.

Great job, Kalliope. But I have to say, you don't look too happy.

Kalliope: No, I am. I just wish I knew what was bothering me.

You're getting close, Matthew!

And look who came back over? It's Rachel, no doubt trying to steal my narrator duties again.

Kalliope: So how's school going, London?

London: It's ok. I have a hard time concentrating, though.

Really? Interesting...

Kalliope: So honey, remember how we were talking about having another baby?

Matthew: Yeah...

Kalliope: Well, we're having one.

Hopefully this one will be a girl.

You two are so close. It's really very cute.

Kalliope: I don't know why, but we seem to have this bond that I just don't have with Rome.

Speaking of Rome, I think it's time for a birthday!

Well I'm not crazy about the pink pajamas, but I'm glad your mother's skin is finally showing up.

Rome: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Is everybody ready for baby number 3?

Kalliope: I hope so.

Rome: So is Mom really having another baby?

London: Yeah-and it's getting your room!

Such a typical big brother.

Woo! Way to go, Matthew!

Matthew: Thanks.

Another day, another birthday.

Hmm, I think you'd better start working out. Anyway, have you picked your aspiration?

London: I sure have.

London: I want a life of romance.

Really? Are you sure?

London: Yup!

....Ok, fine.

Matthew: Come on, buddy. Let's tackle that homework of yours.

Rome: Ok, Dad.

Looks like that's going to have to wait. It's baby time!


Kalliope: We've got our baby girl! Meet Paris!

So is Paris going to be your last one?

Kalliope: I think so. We just wanted to have at least one of each, and my lifetime want is to graduate 3 kids from college. 3 is the perfect number for us.

Hmm, I think I can see some possibilities here.

Nice job, Kalliope!

Kalliope: Thanks.

Looks like these two get along pretty well.

London: Well, she's really pretty. But she's all into family and I don't really like that.

Well, don't you think you might be leading her on?

London: No...she knows where I stand. If she wants to be with me it's cool.

Ok, whatever you say.

Let's chill that school!

Or not...

Rome: I got an A+!

At least somebody had a good day.

Odd conversation topic with your little brother, London.

London: What? He has to learn...

Hey, who's this?

London: This is Brigid.

What happened to...

London: What? It's not like we were going steady or anything.

I feel like I should be watching the date outside, but we've got bigger things going on in here. Happy first birthday, Paris!

What a cutie. I wonder if she'll have her mother's skin.

Kalliope: Come on, sweetie. Come to Mommy.

So any ideas on what was making you feel strange?

Kalliope: No. It's the weirdest thing. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, though.

Wow, she brought over a TV. She must really like London.

But Brigid came back over...and she does match the trees.

Hey, who's this?

London: This is Aquamarine...what's your last name?

Aquamarine: Rosada.

Hey, that'd Brigid's last name...he wouldn't...

Yup. He would.

Aquamarine: Are you kidding me? You just were on a date with my sister.

At least one of them has some sense.

Still haven't found the right one?

London: Right one? There's so many...

You know, the least you could do for these girls is to get dressed for the date.

London: What? We're not going anywhere.

Hmm, Brigid brought a better gift.

And there's our little heiress...splashing in the puddles her mom's trying to clean.

Kalliope: Yeah-she's going to be our last one.

I don't blame you.

That's it? You guys had the special bookshelf...

London: Well, I was busy with other things.

So is anyone coming to college with you?

London: Well, Aracely said she wanted to come. So I guess she's coming with me.

Ok, but something tells me that isn't going to end well...

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, that's a lot of dates in one round. I thought it was kind of cool how Aquamarine refused to go on a date with London even though their relationship was in the 80's. Also, I saw another first on this lot-a sim autonomously potty train a toddler. Right after teaching Paris to walk, Kalliope put her on the training potty without me telling her to. I didn't know Sims would do that-or maybe Kalliope is just that awesome. On a side note, I have no idea why London doesn't have his mother's freckles. Matthew is a CAS sim and I'm assuming Kalliope was too when I downloaded her family to make townies, so hers should always be dominant, right?


Rachel said...

All those familiar faces were sure nice. I have a bad feeling poor Aracely is going to get hurt by London. Let's hope not.

ciyrose said...

The genetics are always a fun conundrum in this game. I'm so glad Rome has the freckles, it's really cute.

Pie Pierrot said...

Rome and London were adorable little boys, and London makes a pretty good-looking teenager too! Albeit he may be looking a bit pudgy. Nooo, London, why did you have to become a romance sim? I wanted him to be one of those cute, adorable, smart British guys. XD