Friday, January 4, 2008

Beesly 2: Round 1

Now that college is over, it's time for the graduates to re-join their community. First up is the new branch of the Beesly family.

Hi, guys...guys...hey, Pam and Rhys!

Pamela: Oh, hi mysterious voice.

Everybody get moved in alright?

Rhys: Yup. You're just in time for the wedding.


And it looks like Pam and Rhys are having a real wedding, complete with a family reunion. Hi, girls!

Emma: Hi, mysterious voice! Don't me and Madison look pretty?

You sure do

What a beautiful ceremony.

Well, they sure don't hide their affection for one another, do they?

Sorry about you guys not getting a honeymoon. But with you guys right out of college...

Pamela: It's ok. We'll be just fine by ourselves at home.

I think that's my cue to exit...

Pamela: It's our second day in this house and the shower broke already!

Well, it was a very cheap shower.

Pamela: Yeah, no kidding.

Man, things just aren't going your way today, are they?

Rhys: I think cereal would be a better option for us.

Yeah, I think so too.

Pamela: Oh, I don't feel so good...

Oh, boy! I think generation two is on its way!

Wow, and with morning sickness too. Way to go Pam!

Um...ok. Well, I guess any promotion is a good thing.

Pamela: Oh, my...

Yup. Generation two is coming!

Rhys: Hi there, baby!

So any predictions on the gender?

Pamela: I think it's a girl.

Rhys: No way. It's a boy. I can feel it.

Well it won't be much longer until we find out.

Well, working with dirt is still better than your last job.

Rhys: You're telling me.

Pamela: It's time!

Here comes generation two!

Alright, so there's only one baby. That's good to know.

So? Who was right?

Pamela: I was. We've got a little girl! Meet April!

Hi, April!

She sure looks like her dad so far.

Pamela: Yeah, but she has my blue eyes.

Wow, on your first day back from maternity leave!

Pamela: I know. I guess they really missed me.

Nice work, Rhys.

Rhys: Thanks, mysterious voice.

And it looks like it's April's first birthday already! Happy birthday dear April...

And she is a perfect combination of her mom and dad.

I see you're taking the teaching duties?

Rhys: Pam had enough of doing this with her sisters. I figured she might not want to jump back into it again.

Such a caring husband.

Rhys: Come on, April. Go potty like a big girl.

You know, once you're done with this I think a makeover is in order.

That's better. And look, she has her dad's pointy ears!

Pamela: She's most definitely her father's daughter. Come on, sweetie. You can do it!

Hey, great-grandpa came over!

John: I'm so happy to have my first great-grandchild.

And I'm happy that your oldest granddaughter survived long enough to give you your first great-grandchild.

Yup, I think Rhys won the genetic war with this one. April's got his skin, his hair, and his pointy ears. Well, that about wraps it up for our first week with the new Beesly family. We've got one more new house to get through, and then it's the end of round 1!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Except for the birth of April, this house was pretty uneventful. I was very unhappy to see that they took away the automatic honeymoon from the wedding parties. I like having them get in the limo and come home with all their motives maxed. And I was very excited to see April have the pointy ears. I've never had a pointy-eared Sim before-it's really quite cute.


craterdweller said...

April is a sweetie. Looking forward to seeing how these guys turn out :)

Rachel said...

April sure is cute. I bet she's beautiful. I loved the picture of infant April looking up at Pamela on her birthday. It was great!

DJ Piplup said...

I'm sorry you missed the automatic honeymoons. Did you install Bon Voyage? I did and never got the honeymoon limo - I haven't played The Sims 2 without Bon Voyage, and that EP removed the honeymoon limo because now you have to book actual honeymoon vacations and run through them.

To be honest, I think that's better because the honeymoon limo was a cheap substitute for the real thing. I didn't like the no vacations thing, and the vacation spots given in Bon Voyage encompassed some pretty good spots.

Besides, the vacation perks you get are far more useful than max-motives IMHO. :)

ciyrose said...

April sure is a cutie. I'm sure we will grow into a beautiful woman soon. I kind of missed the limos once Bon Voyage came out too, although it can be fun to actually book the honeymoon.