Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Beesly 1: Round 2

Last time, John Beesly was left alone taking care of his four granddaughters. Eldest granddaughter Pamela ran herself ragged between going to school, holding down a job, and babysitting her younger sisters, but still managed to keep her grades high enough to go to college. Middle child Ashley grew to a teen at the end of the week, and the twins Emma and Madison grew to children. With Pam out of the house, will pleasure-seeker Ashley be able to take over the responsibility of being the eldest sister?

Hi, John. You sure look relaxed.

John: Why shouldn't I be? The girls are all off at school. I can actually hear myself think for once.

Um, you bought a womrat?

John: It's the cheapest pet available. The girls have been bugging me for a pet.

What's its name?

John: Womrat.

You named the womrat Womrat. Nice, John.

Emma: All right! My first A+!

Great job!

Madison: Mine, too!

Again, great job!

What's this? Ashley the pleasure Sim got a job?

Ashley: I have no choice. Grandpa's salary alone just doesn't cut it.

Ha, see, this time I know better. Order by color...

Nice job, Ashley.

Ashley: Thanks. Now I have to go do my homework...if I can stay awake.

Looks like work was good for everybody today.

John: Sure was.

Ok, not sure why Rhys came and left this here when he lives with Pam down the street...but it will fetch some money, I guess.

This one's the grammar check!

Another one for Ashley...well, it's never good to help the competition. Convince the boss, Ashley.

Oh, no...

Ashley: I hate this week! I miss when Pam was still here!

Don't cry about it, Ashley. I'm sure you'll get promoted back up soon.

Ok, the nanny has just surpassed her own stupidity. She has now set fire to absolutely nothing, and walked away. Thankfully it's in the kitchen...

This, however, could be an issue...

Um, girls? You know the nanny is on fire in the bathroom...

Madison: Can't it wait? I'm trying to make a friend.

Oh, dear...

Yup, here we go...

Hey Emma, you know the nanny just burst into flames and died, right? Seriously, the Grim Reaper's in there right now.

Emma: What time is it?

What time is's 5:45, why?

Emma: Oh, ok. Grandpa and Ashley come home at 6. We'll be ok.

That's not what I was talking about, Emma...

Sure, now you cry...

Well, since nobody seems to care that the nanny's dead, I guess we should move on to the other event of the night...

One beautiful young lady...

Two beautiful young ladies. And glad to see your pajamas are still pink. Now, have you two chosen your aspirations?

Madison: I'd like a big family.

Emma: Me too!


Hmm, and it looks like Madison's made herself a new friend.

Madison: I kind of like him...

Well, there's no rush. He lives in town so he's coming to college with you either way.

John: Madison, as the heir to the house I'd like you to have some things...

Um, John? Are you ok?

John: Sure. Just making sure she's set for after college.

Hey, Pamela came back over!

John: I thought it was important that she come by today.

John, what are you talking about?

Oh...I see. Well at least he died happily, in the snow, with hula dancers.

Kimberly Martin got money? I fail to see the logic in that, but ok...

Ashley: I hate this week!

Pull yourself together, Ashley. You're all teens, you can survive on your own for one day before you all go to college.

Who are you calling, Emma?

Emma: Just getting us something to help ease the pain.

Oh, dear...

You got a puppy on the day before you all leave for college?

Ashley: Sure. She'll still be here when Madison moves back.

And speaking of college, it looks like the time has come. Nice job, Ashley.

Equally nice job, Madison.

And a third nice job for Emma. I'll see all you girls at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well, round two sure has been exciting so far. I have no idea why the nanny suddenly started leaving fire bombs all over the house. This was actually the first time I saw a sim die by fire. And I think it's hilarious that neither of the girls cared at all that the nanny was in flames. They didn't panic about the fire or anything. And if anyone was wondering what exactly John gave to Madison before he died, he gave her some fish, and all three hidden maps that he found digging in their yard.


ciyrose said...

Well good luck in school girls. They are all very pretty. The nanny thing cracked me up!