Friday, January 18, 2008

Beesly 3: Round 2

We've only got one new house this round. This one belongs to Joshua Martin and Ashley Beesly.

Joshua was the middle son of Kimberly Martin, and the only one to follow in her footsteps in becoming a romance Sim. Ashley Beesly was the middle child as well (it's no wonder these two were a three-bolt couple) who had a very successful childhood but received a huge wake-up call when her older sister Pam left for college and she was responsible for providing half the households income. Following the death of her grandfather, she was even more distraught. Does Joshua genuinely care about Ashley, or is he taking advantage of a weak moment?

Hi, guys!

Joshua: Hi, mysterious voice!

Say, I can't help but notice that you two didn't get engaged at college like everyone else.

Joshua: Um....

Ashley: We just weren't ready for that yet. We'll get married someday, right Joshua?

Joshua: Yeah,, I've got to get to work.

Jessica: That was the best joke I've ever heard!

Making new friends?

Ashley: Joshua needs them for his job. You need a lot of friends to get to professional party guest.

So how was work, Joshua?

Joshua: Oh, I didn't get promoted. I was one lousy mechanical point short.

Well, there's always tomorrow.

Ashley: She's right, honey. Plus, it's just the two of us. No need to rush.

Something tells me it won't be just the two of you for long.

Ashley: Maybe it's just the stomach flu?


Ashley: I hope Joshua is ok with this...

Way to go, Joshua! Now head on inside, Ashely's got a surprise for you.

So you're happy about the baby?

Joshua: Um, sure I am! Who wouldn't be?

Ashley: You know, now that we've got a baby on the way maybe we should think about getting married soon.

Joshua: Why don't we wait a little bit longer? I don't want to make you plan a wedding when you're pregnant.

Ah, so caring.

Ashley: Mysterious voice! It's time!

Make room for one more...


Ashley: It's a boy! Meet Steve!

Aww. Hey Josh, you want to stop playing with the toy car and come meet your son?

Joshua: He looks so much like me!

Ashley: And now that the baby's born...don't you think its time...

Joshua: Well...I would, but we don't have the money to throw a wedding right now. And I want you to have an amazing wedding day.

Let's go with bunny rabbits. That tragic clown was creepy.

Well, that takes care of the money excuse. Let's see what Joshua will come up with next.

So got a lot of money today, didn't you?

Joshua: Yup! Going to buy myself a hot tub...and Ashely, of course. Buy myself and Ashley a hot tub.

I don't think that's what Ashley wants.

Whoa! That was fast! How did you manage that?

Ashley: Well, as soon as I decided I wanted to be a celebrity chef I started working on my cooking and creativity skills. Then in college I majored in art, so that helped out too.

Well, congratulations.

I can't help but notice that you're doing the bulk of the baby care.

Ashley: Well, you know, I've achieved my dream already. Joshua still needs to work on his.

He's in the slacker career. How much work could there possibly be?

You're starting a garden?

Ashley: Well, I need something to do! I'm so bored!

Happy birthday dear Steve...say, where's Joshua?

Ashley: At work.

Um...are you sure?

Ashley: Where else would he be?

I've got some ideas...

He does look a lot like his father.

Ashley: I need to get to bed. I'm exhausted.

Nice job parenting so far, guys.

Steve: Butterfly!

I feel so bad for you, little guy. There's a train wreck coming soon, I can feel it. But we're going to have to wait until next round. The week is over.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Normally, I change the outfits of everyone who comes out of uni. But these two happened to age into perfect outfits for their characters. Also, I'm so happy that both Ashley and Joshua have career lifetime wants. Now I've just got to concentrate on making them friends to get Joshua up the slacker ladder.

And that brings us to the end of round two! (throws confetti)
Stand by for the scorecard!


Rachel said...

Wow, only one new house. Nice job! It sure doesn't seem like Joshua wants to get married, ever. I'm a bit nervous for this family.