Thursday, January 17, 2008

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 2

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the graduation ceremony for the Sim State University class of Round Two!

All of these graduates moved to Tranquility Bay as either children or toddlers. Now that they've grown up, they're ready to make their own impact on their town. The names will be announced in alphabetical order.

Ashley Beesly

Emma Beesly

Madison Beesly

Olivia Levinson

Ethan Martin

Joshua Martin

Jacob Scott

Michael Scott

And now for the second part of our ceremony-the list of couples.

Olivia Levinson and Jacob Scott
Olivia and Jacob will be rejoining Olivia's mother Lisa in the Levinson house.

Emma Beesly and Ethan Martin
Emma and Ethan will be rejoining Ethan's mother Kimberly in the Martin house.

Madison Beesly and Michael Scott
Madison and Michael will be moving back into the Beesly house.

Joshua Martin and Ashley Beesly
While these two are not engaged, they will be moving into their own home together.

And that about does it for the ceremony. Please help yourself to refreshments on the way out.


Mandie said...

All the kids look great! Well, I guess they're not kids anymore...but still! I can't wait to see when they all start having babies of their own!

DJ Piplup said...

I saw the Sim Modder in one of your engagement photos! Bad Mary! Always make sure your cheat devices are out of the picture or everyone will know you cheated! :)

ciyrose said...

Wow...the Beesly sisters all look a LOT alike....I can barely tell the difference.