Sunday, January 6, 2008

Caligula 1: Round 1

Well, we've done it. We've reached the last house in round 1. This house belongs to Matthew Martin and Kalliope Caligula.

Matthew was the eldest of the three Martin boys, and so far the only one not to follow in his mother's romancing footsteps. He met Kalliope in high school, and they got engaged in college. Now that they've graduated, they rejoin their hometown to start their own family.

Aww, look at the two of you. You're such a cute couple!

Kalliope: Thanks. You're just in time for the wedding!

Great! But Matthew, I hope that suit isn't what you're wearing.

Matthew: Of course not. I've got a much better outfit.

Oh, good.

Looks like the guests are arriving. Although they all seem to be from Matthew's family.

Kalliope: It's been really hard tracking my family down since we got here.

Matthew, this was your better outfit?

Matthew: Sure is!

You're getting married dressed as Santa?

Matthew: Why not?

Well, ok. Have a holly jolly wedding, then.

Kalliope, it's the middle of your wedding party. You're going to work?

Kalliope: I have to. We need the money.

Well, I guess with the automatic honeymoons gone there's no reason for you to stay home.

Better safe than sorry, right? Let's check them in.

Darn those hypochondriacs.

At least work went well for someone. Good job, Kalliope!

Kalliope: Thanks...can I go to bed now?


Morning, Kalliope!

Kalliope: Can't talk...bathroom!

I'm getting another one of my mysterious voice visions...

Well, what do you know? I was right!

Kalliope: What happened to my hair?

I don't know. Just change it back.

Nice job, Matthew!

Matthew: Thanks! I'm that much closer to my dream of being chief of staff!

Well, I see that pregnancy hasn't changed you two any. I'll just be making a graceful exit now.

Kalliope: Mysterious voice! Something's happening!

Oh, boy! It's baby time!

Ok, only one baby coming...


Kalliope: We've got a baby boy! Meet London!

Well, at least the birth rate seems to be even around here.

And I see he takes after his dad in the hair and eye department.

Hey, Kimberly. What are you doing here?

Kimberly: Well, I had to come and meet my new grandson, didn't I?

Matthew: There he is, Mom.

Kimberly: Oh, he's first grandchild!

Be careful, Matthew. Remember, she convinced your brother to become a Romance sim.

Kimberly: Do you always have to ruin the moment?

Sorry, it's what I do.

Kalliope: Ha ha...sprinklers are fun!

That's not a sprinkler, Kalliope. That's a water pipe. You might want to fix that up.

And it looks like we get to end the week with a party! Happy birthday dear London...

What a little cutie!

Kalliope: He is quite adorable!

I wish I could stay longer and get to know the little tyke, but sadly the week has come to an end. And do you know what that means?


It's the end of Round One! Stand by for the scorecard!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I really need to remember to start checking Sims formal wear before sending them to get married. I could deal with Kalliope in the sari, but Matthew dressed as Santa Claus...why is that considered formal wear anyway?


Rachel said...

LOL! "Well, ok. Have a holly jolly wedding, then." I hate when that happens.

ciyrose said...

Nice round...LOVED the santa outfit, too funny. London is another very cute baby.