Saturday, January 12, 2008

Schrute 1: Round 2

We've made it back to the Schrute boys...

Last round, David Schrute moved to Tranquility Bay with his elderly father, William, and elderly uncle, James. William and James' pleasure-loving ways had driven them into the poorhouse, and David was determined to dig them out. When we first arrived, David had already gotten engaged to Jennifer Halpert, but much had to be done before the wedding. David worked as an adventurer before chasing his true dream of becoming an all-star athlete while William and James were forced to hold down part-time jobs to help out. By Sunday night, the family had gained a female perspective as Jennifer and David were finally married. Will James and William continue holding David back from reaching his dreams? Or will they wake up and realize their responsibilities before its too late?

Hi, Schrute brothers!

William: Oh, it's you again. I thought you left.

I did leave. But I came back.

James: You didn't have to come back, you know...

Oh, yes I did. Somebody's got to keep an eye on you two.

Who doesn't love a park? Vote yes!

Nice job.

Looks like David had a good day at work too.

David: Yup! I'm that much closer to my dream!

I'd congratulate you too, Jennifer, but I can see you're busy at the moment.

Promotions for everybody today!

James: Can I quit now?

No...something tells me you're going to be needing the money very soon.

As I was saying...every paycheck is going to come in handy.

Jennifer: You're telling me! Good thing we have all these people working.

Although one of them seems to be set on spending his money on pinball machines...

And the other buys radio controlled cars.

James: This is a toy for the baby!

Then why are you playing with it before the baby is even born?

It's any minute now, huh?

Jennifer: I'm so excited!

David: She sure sleeps an awful lot.

Don't worry, it's normal.

Looks like its baby time!

Looks like we're only finding room for one more...


Jennifer: We've got a baby boy! Meet Eric.

Well, your daughter just had two girls. That makes sense.

Jennifer: My daughter just had two babies? That's a bit weird...

I'm trying to ignore it. I'd advise you to do the same.

And it looks like Jennifer won the genetic war. Although, both of the parents had brown hair so that was a given...

Wow...James is actually doing something useful?

James: What? There's nobody else home. I'm not going to let the kid starve.

Don't want to push it too far...let's just lend our support.

Oh, no...

Don't cry, Jennifer...

Jennifer: Why not? I'm stuck in a house with a brand new baby, I just got demoted, and the two old coots keep spending all our money on junk!

She does have a point...James, did you just break the bathtub?

James: I wanted to take a bubble bath!

You always want to take a bubble bath! How clean can you possibly get?

So today was a better day, I take it?

Jennifer: Except for this flu...

Go inside and lie down. You'll be fine.

In the meantime, David will take care of Eric's birthday!

Festive little guy, isn't he?

Well, I know what James would actually do, but I'm in charge so he's cleaning up himself.

See? It's the right choice.

David: Come on, Eric...go potty like a big boy!

Hey, his pajamas match the potty!

Oh, no...William! I saw your age meter go down at 6! How can you be dying?

At least he died happily...

I guess William didn't know that many people.

Odd conversation topic for a toddler, but whatever. At least he's learning charisma.

Eric: Bottle!

Smart little thing, isn't he?

Man, you're just cruising up through the ranks this week.

David: I know. It's been a wild ride.

Something tells me it's about to get a little bit wilder...

It never pays to be stingy...hire the movers.

Yes! Another promotion!

Nice job, David.

David: Thanks. But now that I'm so close to the top I think I'd better start spending some time with my son.

David: Atta boy, Eric! You can do it!

Well, that just about wraps up this week. Round two sure is flying by so far!

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: I really thought William had more time left. It looked like both of the elders were going to die that night at 6, so I went crazy filling every want I could and at 6 their age meters both went down. I guess the kick to their aspiration score gave them a few more days. William went to work, came home, and died at 10 pm. And as far as this house's naming theme goes, you'll have to wait until they have a girl before it becomes clear what it is.


Rachel said...

Bye William. Welcome Eric. He sure is a cutie. I hope he has a sister soon.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, It's brilliantly written.. Will the girl be called ariel? lol