Monday, January 7, 2008

Scott 1: Round Two

Last round, the Scott family moved to Tranquility Bay. They made friends with their new neighbors, and Emily became very close with Lawrence Nuttington and the sparks began to fly. Of course, it came as quite a surprise when she (and I) found out that he was still technically married to his original wife even after becoming a townie. The resulting situation was a bit messy, and effectively ended Lawrence's marriage and ended with him moving into the Scott household. Meanwhile, the Scott grandparents Robert and Dorothy worked hard at their careers while the two boys, Jacob and Michael, worked at their skills.

Well, it looks like this is going to be a very eventful week.

Emily: I don't know how this happened...we weren't trying to a child yet.

Sometimes you don't have to try, Emily.

Jacob: Hey, mysterious voice? Wasn't I supposed to go to college?

Michael: Yeah, he got his scholarships lined up and everything.

About that...I thought it would be better to give you an extra week. Plus, now with a baby on the way I think your mom could use the help.

And it's the whole, guys? Shouldn't you be getting dressed or eating?

Dorothy: I'm a mascot! I don't go to meetings!

Oh, here we go again...

It looks like we haven't seen the last of Gigi...

Gigi: That'll teach him to cheat on me and divorce me...

I wish I lived in a world where the absolute worst revenge you could get on someone is kicking over their trash can.

What? No wedding party for you two?

Lawrence: No, there's no point. Emily's entire family lives here, and since I'm not exactly in close contact with my family...

I see. Continue, then.

Dorothy, aren't you a little old to be making a snowman?

Dorothy: What? I've got a man, honey. I've got Robert, remember?

Oh, stupid me!

And I see you two are still the example of maturity around here.

Hey, you're actually doing something useful!

Robert: Can't afford to have a shower not work in this place with all these people.

Hey, look. Jacob brought home a friend. And you are...

Tatianna: Tatianna Caligula.

Oh, you're one of Kalliope's sisters...

Hey, welcome to the club, Lawrence!

Lawrence: Huh? What club?

Never mind. But congrats on the promotion.

Well you two seem to get along.

Jacob: Yeah, but I don't know if it's going to go beyond being friends.

Well, give it a few days. There'll be plenty of teen girls in this town once I get through the Beesly house.

All right! No school today!

And the boys get to stay home to watch a birth!

Emily: Oww!!!


Emily: We've got a baby boy! Meet Corey!

A third boy...good luck with that.

And I see Corey's the star of the house already!

Enjoying the new baby, Dorothy?

Dorothy: I don't have scabies! Are you off your rocker?

No, but I think you might just be...

Hey look, it's everybody's favorite penguin Mumble!

Nice job, Emily! And on your first day back from maternity leave.

Looks like we're about to gain a second babysitter around here!

Not crazy about your outfit, but otherwise I approve. Have you decided what you want out of life?

Michael: I sure have.

Michael: I want to know all there is to know!


Wow, a double snow day. That almost never happens.

Michael: Yeah! No school again!

Lawrence: Good job with all those scholarships, Jacob.

Glad to see you two have bonded.

Uh-oh, the spurned ex is back.

Gigi: Once I take the newspaper he'll wish he never did any of this...

Again with lying on your grandson's bed?

Robert: I told you, it's my bed. I love Mickey.

Your bed is in the other room. You share it with Dorothy. This is Michael's bed.

Robert: Well then I want Mickey on my bed!

You're going to have to talk to Dorothy about that.

Well, if hosting banner ads will make people angry we'd better go with the T-shirts...

Looks like that was the right choice.

Another one? I thought fall was over...just go be Limpy.


Glad to see you got out of the slacker track, Lawrence.

Lawrence: With a family this big to support who can afford to be a slacker?

It's Corey's birthday already?

Cute little thing.

Not wasting any time, I see.

Lawrence: What kind of knowledge-sim father would I be if I waited to teach him this stuff?

Good point.

Um, about the pajamas...

Lawrence: We're going to change them, I promise.

Looks like Jacob brought home another friend...and I'd recognize that skin anywhere. You must be Kalliope's other sister...

Adrastia: My name's Adrastia.

Nice job, Emily!

Emily: Lawrence, I think we may be in for another little surprise...

Lawrence: What? Again?

What is that gypsy doing here?

Jacob: We finally have enough money to do this now and I kind of want a girlfriend.

Adrastia didn't do it for you?

Jacob: Nope.

Hmm, Renee...not quite sure where you came from, but you are kind of pretty. Sadly, it's Saturday and I can't see any way for you and Jacob to reach best friends in that short time without both of you starving to death.

It's been a good work week for everyone.

Looks like there's another baby on the way!

Emily: You don't think it's too soon?

Nah. It's Corey's birthday tonight anyway.

Oh, for the love of...Dorothy! Dorothy! What's wrong? What am I doing? She couldn't hear me when she was sane...better go check the house...

What!? Robert died? Well, that would explain Dorothy's nervous breakdown outside. Sorry I missed that one, I was busy trying to get Corey's score high before he grew up.

Hey, it's the first time I've seen this guy...ever.

Therapist: Now leestin to must pull yourselve together for zee zake of zee boys and your daughter. Go in zere, get zome skill points and you will be fine!

Thank the stars Dorothy is a knowledge sim. I can fix her pretty easily.

Well, I guess the best thing to do now is just to move on...

And Corey grew into a very handsome young man.

Corey: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Corey: I can't believe Grandpa died...on my birthday!

Sad twist of fate, I know.

Now that the week is over, let's get you older boys ready for college.

Jacob: I'm really going this time, right?

Yes, you're really going.

Wow, with all that time spent skilling I'd have thought you'd get more.

Michael: I'm close on a lot of them, but I just didn't get all the way to 8.

Oh, I see. Well, good luck to both of you. I'll see you at graduation.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Alright , so in this week we had a wedding, a birth, a second pregnancy, three birthdays, a death, and an aspiration failure (the first I've seen in the game ever, by the way). I think it's safe to say this week couldn't have gotten any more eventful. And I seem to have a knack for missing Sim deaths. I thought Robert had more time left-thank goodness for those insurance boxes or it would have been days before I noticed he was gone.


craterdweller said...

With such a full house it is no wonder you missed poor Robert. Wow, you neighborhood is really growing fast :) Looking forward to reading more.

Rachel said...

Poor Dorthy didn't take Robert's death well. Corey sure looks like his dad. Wow those Caligula girls want in bad!

DJ Piplup said...

That's strange, I never miss the Grim Reaper showing up. If your buy and build buttons become locked, that's a good sign someone's hit the end of their life. Pause the game and go find the guy!

By the way, did Robert die in platinum? Most of the old age deaths end up in green and give the gray urns.

ciyrose said...

Poor was a bit of a shock that Robert was gone, didn't expect him to go so quickly. Time sure does fly.