Monday, January 21, 2008

Halpert 1: Round 3

Last round, Jessica Halpert and her fiancee Christopher Levinson moved in with her grandmother Betty after graduating college. After the wedding Jessica began chasing her dream of becoming a mad scientist, while Christopher took a job in education. Soon Jessica became pregnant, and gave birth to a daughter named Apple. Almost immediately after Apple's birth, she became pregnant again and gave birth to a second daughter, Kiwi.

Hi, Betty. How's Apple doing?

Betty: She's doing great. How are you doing, mysterious voice?

Nobody ever asks me that. I'm great, thanks.

Jessica: That's it, honey...that one goes in there.

Is she as smart as her Mommy?

Jessica: It sure seems so. That special milk we gave her sure didn't hurt, either.

And how's daughter number 2?

Jessica: She's doing great. I'd have never imagined that I'd have two so close together.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Good job, Christopher!

Christopher: Thanks.

Oh, comes Grimmy, that can only mean one thing.

Bye, Betty!

And Betty had so many friends that nobody gets very much.

Well, now that the inheritance checks have come in, let's have a birthday.

What a beautiful young lady.

Apple: Thanks!

Apple: I miss great-grandma!

I do too, honey.

Another day, another birthday.

And she's just as adorable as her sister.

Oh, good. You remembered to do this...with Kiwi's birthday I completely forgot.

Christopher: What kind of college professor would I be if I didn't teach my own daughter to study?

Good point.

More special milk?

Jessica: Well, it worked for Apple.

Nice makeover job on Kiwi.

Nice work!

Jessica: It feels so good to have that out of the way.

Jessica: Now I've got more time to spend with my girls.

Any plans for baby number 3?

Jessica: I don't know...maybe.

Apple, what are you doing up?

Apple: I thought I saw great-grandma Betty....

It's just your imagination.

Or not...

Betty's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Apple: Ahhh!

Why do the ghosts prey on the kids?

Jessica: Come on, Kiwi. Talk for Mommy. Please?

That special milk really doesn't help the talking, does it?

Apple: I got an A+!

Way to go. And by the way, nice choice on the new outfit.

Apple: Hi, Kiwi...

Oh, good. It's about time you two bonded.

So...are there any plans to make this happy family any bigger?

Christopher: Well, we've been talking about it...

That must have been some conversation.

Man, nothing slows you two down, does it?

Happy birthday, dear Kiwi...

Jessica: I'm glad to have this out of the way before the baby comes.

Again, just as pretty as her sister.

Kiwi: Thanks.

And she's so helpful, too...

Is everybody ready for school?

Apple: But today's Saturday.

So it is. I guess Kiwi will just have to wait until next week to start school.


It's any minute now, huh?

Jessica: Yup.

Christopher: Sure, I'll buy some lemonade from you honey.

How cute. Especially since I'm sure you'll be the only customer she'll have all day.

Kiwi: Why doesn't the penguin want any lemonade?

Well, he's from the North Pole, dear. In fact I'm not sure what he's doing here at all during the summer.

Looks like baby number 3 is almost here!

Jessica: It's a girl!

Another girl! Great! What's her name?

Jessica: We're going to call her Tangerine.


And it looks like she got her Dad's eyes.

Well, it looks like the week is winding down...

Betty's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Kiwi: Ahh!

...As I was saying, it looks like this week is...

Betty's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Kiwi: Ahhh!

Oh, never mind. See you next round, Halperts!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I've never understood why Sims who are so content in life become such angry ghosts. Betty is really preying on Kiwi and Apple, but she never seems to scare Jessica or Christopher at all. I hope she's nicer to little Tangerine.


Mandie said...

I think this is probably my favorite family! I love all the little girls! They are all so adorable...cute as buttons! I can't wait to see what they'll be like when they grow up!

Rachel said...

After Betty was so nice to greet you, she sure did seem to enjoy scaring the girls. Speaking of them, they are adorable! This couple can't make an ugly child.

ciyrose said...

What cute little girls. At least some of these families are having girls. :D