Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Schrute 1: Round 3

Last round, David and Jennifer Schrute enjoyed life as newlyweds. Meanwhile, David's father and uncle continued to spend as much money as they could on useless junk. Jennifer soon became pregnant, and gave birth to a son named Eric. William's time ran out in the middle of the week, and the Grim Reaper led him to that great tropical island in the sky. The week ended with Jennifer showing signs of being pregnant with a second child.

What's wrong, James?

James: My brother died! That's what's wrong! You're the mysterious voice. Why didn't you stop it?

I'm very sorry, but it was his time to go. There's nothing we mysterious voices can do about it.

Let's move on to a happier occasion, shall we?

What a cute little boy!

Eric: I'm not little anymore!

Oh, sorry. What a cute big boy.

Still feeling queasy, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Uh...huh...

Yup, just as I thought.

Well, it looks like James and William are about to be reunited!

Um, who's the bald guy?

David: If you really must know right now, Jennifer stopped him on the street. I need four new friends to make it to the top of my career.


Well isn't that a slap in the face...

Eric: I can't believe he's gone!

David: And he didn't even leave me any money! I saved him and Dad from the poorhouse-you'd think he'd leave me something.

Spoken like a true fortune sim.

Glad to see you're not too overwhelmed with grief to do some studying.

Although it looks like it won't be necessary after all.

Eric: Aww, I did all that homework for nothing.

Well, now you can enjoy the day off.

Wait, am I seeing things? A ghost who's actually happy about something?

Although he's apparently not happy enough to keep from scaring Eric...

And scaring Eric again...

And again.

Eric: I don't want to sleep in here anymore!

Looks like it's baby time!


Jennifer: Meet our second son, Gaston.

He looks exactly like his brother. I would have thought between you and David there would be more genetic variety.

Hmm, haven't seen this one in awhile. Let's cut the players.

Oops. Sorry.

Eric: Yes! I got an A+!

Good job, considering you got woken up three times last night by that ghost.

And at least work went well for one parent today.

Jennifer: I'm that much closer to being the mayor!

Happy birthday, dear Gaston...

Festive little guy, isn't he?

Jennifer: Come on, sweetie. Come to Mommy...

How cute.

Nanny: You people are all alike. My best friend died in the house next door. Why am I even here anyway-you're still home? You trying to kill me too?

Whoa, the nanny is out for revenge.

Well, I'd say by in large it's been a pretty successful week.

Jennifer: True. Although David still hasn't gotten his lifetime want, and neither have I.

Give it time, Jennifer. Give it time.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: So this house's naming theme should be obvious now. I got tired of waiting for them to have a girl to use an obvious name. Also, those pictures of William scaring Eric are not three pictures of the same event-those are three individual scares over the span of about four Sim hours. I still don't understand why the ghosts in this game prey on the little kids.


JBbaby said...

I know the naming theme!! It's Disney cartoon characters, isn't it??? :)
Nice Post! :D

Rachel said...

Disney's Beauty & the Beast names! This family is very lovely. The boys are very cute.

ciyrose said...

YAY for Beauty and the Beast. Poor kids with ghosts around. I don't get why the ghosts scare people so much, especially when they died happy in platinum mood of old age. I could understand if it was a tragic death, like the fire.