Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Martin 1: Round 1

Well, we've come to the last of the founding families, the Martins. As you can see, they're a big group.

The Backstory: To describe the Martin family as mismatched would be the understatement of the century. Back in his younger days, Charles Martin was the local hunk around his small town. However, when one of his...lady friends...ended up becoming pregnant, proper etiquette forced him to take her hand in marriage. That woman, Helen, soon gave birth to their daughter Kimberly. Though Charles had been forced into a family life that didn't stop him from practicing his romancing ways, so much so that his daughter grew up aspiring to be just like her father. Unfortunately, this lifestyle left her with three sons, obviously from different fathers. Her eldest son, Matthew, she could handle on her own, and she did alright when her second son Joshua was born. But with the addition of little Ethan, she enlisted the help of her parents. Because of his grandmother's influence, Matthew has already rejected his mothers lifestyle. But will the same be true for Joshua and Ethan? Or will they follow the same path as their mom and grandfather? Only one way to find out...

Hi, there Kimberly!

Kimberly: do you know my name?

Well, I'm the mysterious voice. Plus, we've seen you on almost every lot so far.

Kimberly: Don't blame me! It took you way too long to get to us. How come we have to be last?

Because I've been dreading your family the most.

Charles: Look, Helen, I told you I don't want to raise any more kids. She got them on her own, she can raise them on her own.

Helen: Charles, these boys are my grandsons. I'm not letting them grow up in a slum. Plus, who taught her to go around with all those different guys, huh?

I see you two are deep in conversation. I'll come back later.

Ahh, there's the big brother!

Matthew: This house is too small! Ethan's crib is in the hallway!

Pulling a Brandi Broke, I see...

Matthew: A Brandi who?

Never mind.

Ok, see, this is why I never put coffee makers in these houses.

Kimberly: But it's soooo good!

Yeah, I gathered that when you kept going back to drink more every time I took my eyes off you.

Helen: That's it, little man. You're doing it!

It's great that you chose to be involved with the boys.

Helen: Well, I couldn't stop Charles from screwing up Kimberly. But I can stop Kimberly from screwing up my grandbabies. I've already gotten Matthew in check.

More coffee?

Charles: Hey, I'm an old man and you stuck me in a house full of babies!

Actually, I stuck you in a house with one baby, one child, one teenager, your adult daughter, and your wife.

Charles: Ahh, what's the difference?

Hey, Matthew, who's that?

Matthew: This is my new friend. Her name's Kalliope.

Hmm, interesting name. But she is quite pretty in her own, freckly way.

Matthew: I think your name is really pretty.

Kalliope: Thanks.

Aww, looks like Matthew's got himself a crush.

Ok, dating lesson one, Matthew. Girls don't like noogies.

Good job, Kimberly.

Kimberly: Whatever. It's not helping me get what I really want.

Which is?

Kimberly: To woo-hoo with 20 Sims.

Yeah, you just hold onto that dream.

Joshua: Grandpa, can you tell me about the time you first kissed a girl?

Uh-oh, I think Helen better do an intervention!

And looks like Kalliope's coming into the blog! Welcome, Kalliope!

Well, grammar check worked last time...

And it worked this time too.

All right! Another promotion!

Kimberly: Yeah, but I haven' know...since I got here!

There's a reason for that, dear. You have three boys living in that house.

Looks like it's somebody's birthday! Now Ethan won't have to sleep in the hallway anymore!

A very nice young man.

Ethan: Thanks, weird voice!

Mysterious voice, please.

I suppose you don't care about this one, either?

Kimberly: Why should I? It's not helping me reach my dream.

Neither is complaining, but nothing seems to stop you from doing that.

You on homework duty, Helen?

Helen: Everybody's on homework duty.

Charles is helping Joshua...why do I have a feeling this is a bad sign?

And Kimberly is helping Ethan.

Kimberly: I do love my boys. I just love...other things in life too.

Which is why you have three sons instead of just one and they all have different hair and eyes.

Kimberly: Shh...Ethan's right here!

Hmm, better cancel the event...

Or not...

Never mind. Looks like it didn't make much of a difference anyway.

Kimberly: When can I stop all this working and get down to some...

When your boys go off to college. All of them.

Kimberly: Even Ethan? He's so young, that's really far away.

I know.

Guess Matthew is glad to see Kalliope.

Um, you are giving Kalliope a makeover?

Matthew: Just helping, really. She said she wanted to change her hair before going to college with me.

Atta girl, Kalliope. Let those curls flow!

Matthew: I'm going to miss you guys after I leave. You be a good big brother, ok?

Yeah, that's right. And try not to take after your mom too much.

Kimberly: I don't exactly see why you have to go, but have a good time.

Matthew: Um, thanks Mom, I guess.

I think that's the best we're going to get out of her.

Happy birthday dear Joshua...

Well, the top half is ok. The shorts have got to go, though. Now, for the moment of truth...what aspiration would you like?

(pause for dramatic effect)

Joshua: I want a life of romance, like Mom and Grandpa!

Aww, ok. I guess Helen couldn't do enough with you. But we've still got Ethan.

Hmm, nice job Matthew considering you were on nanny duty the first part of the week.

Matthew: Is Josh going to college too?

Not right now. I've decided that Joshua, along with Ashley Beesly and Jacob Scott, are going to wait until next round to go. It will give them more time to meet each other and/or other people, and to skill a bit more.

And that brings us to the end of our week with the Martin family, and the end of the founding houses. And anybody who followed Tranquility Acres knows what that means!

It's college graduation time! Grab your sunglasses, cameras, and "Congratulations" balloons and follow me over to Sim State!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I have been dreading this family from the minute I created them. I hate-repeat, hate- romance sims, so having two of them right off the bat, especially one who's an elder, did not make me happy. But, at least I was able to get Kalliope into the blog. I love reading about her in other blogs, and when I was making custom townies her family was one of the first ones I did. Now it's time for the Class of Round 1 graduation!


Mandie said...

Great update! This family isn't so bad! I -hate- romance sims too, but they've been really fun in my hood so far. They definitely add drama to the town, heehee. I'm confused though about one thing...what do you mean you "made custom townies" and where exactly is Kalliope and her family from?

Fairy D said...

Great update. I hate romance sims almost as much as I hate Pleasure sims.
I feel your pain with three romance sims.
I really hope Ethan chooses something else for you.

craterdweller said...

Love your starting families. I think I dislike the Pleasure Sims more than the Romance sims, but they can be quite a handful!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, your families are so unique, I think you're doing an awesome job! And out of 32 playable sims in my game, I finally just got my first romance sim, I used to hate them too, now I'm thinking I need it to break up the monotony! :)

Rachel said...

Hurray it's Kalliope!!!!!!!!! I love her. Bad luck on all the romance sims though. they drive me crazy too.

ciyrose said...

I used to really hate Romancers, and then I got Denis in my Breeze Point hood, and he has been a BALL to play. Marylena is another romancer in the hood, and she's ok, they certainly add some drama to the hood. Kalliope is really cute, glad she's there.