Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Levinson 1: Round 1

This first round is sure going by fast. Next on our list is the Levinson family:

The Backstory: Lisa Levinson surprised everyone when she walked out on her husband and moved herself and her two children, Christopher and Olivia, to Tranquility Bay to chase her dream of becoming a superhero. Will she be able to achieve her dream in her new town? And will she ever find love again?

Hi, Levinsons! I'm...

Lisa: I know, I know. The mysterious voice. We met over at the Schrutes.

Right. I hope you know that David went through with his wedding.

Lisa: Yeah, I know. It's ok, I still like him as a friend. Anyway, this is my daughter, Olivia.


Lisa: You ok?

Yeah, she just reminds me of another red-haired Olivia...

Lisa: That's right, honey! You're so smart!

Um, didn't you also have another child?

Lisa: Yeah, but I'm not sure where he is at the moment. I've got to get this little one settled, then I'll worry about him.

No favorites in this house, huh?

Lisa: Now that we're in our new house we're going to go potty like a big girl...

Um, Lisa? Your other kid...

Lisa: Oh, right...

Lisa: Look, Chris, I told you. This is just something I have to do. You'll do fine here, I promise.

Christopher: Mom, you ripped me away from my life to become a superhero in a town inhabited by disembodied voices!

Well, technically there's only one disembodied voice...

Christopher: You're not helping!

Looks like the welcome wagon came by. How's it going, Lawrence?

Lawrence: Ok. Isn't she just the cutest?

Is it giving you any ideas about you and Emily?

Lawrence: I don't know, maybe. Once the sting of my break up as worn off.

And I see Olivia has found the toilet. Can I just watch Olivia for the entire week? Or would that be bad mysterious voice etiquette?

See? Even the moody teenage boy likes her.

Christopher: Ugh, Olivia....

Well, most of the time, at least.

How was your first day at work, Lisa?

Lisa: First night, actually. I'm a security guard. And it went ok, only I didn't get promoted.

Well, that's alright. You just moved in yesterday and you spend all day taking care of Olivia.

Lisa: Come on, honey. You're going to grow up well if it kills me.

Nice encouragement, Lisa.

Christopher: Mom, I hate this town! Even the homework is harder!

Lisa: Chris, relax. Olivia is asleep, so I can help you.

Lisa: Why aren't you talking? I gave you the special milk!

Keep at it, Lisa, and Olivia will be the first toddler in town to learn all three special skills.

And looks like it's just in time! Happy birthday, dear Olivia...

What a lovely young lady.

Olivia: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Yay! You finally got a promotion!

Lisa: Yeah, after almost collapsing from exhaustion!

Christopher: Hey, I got an A+!

See? I told you you'd do fine here.

Christopher: Actually Mom told me that.

Oh, right.

And another promotion for Mom!

Lisa: I'm that much closer to my dream!

And it looks like Olivia's got her first friend. Who's this?

Olivia: This is Starrie Night.

Hmm, interesting. Must be one of those Fellowship kids.

Olivia: Mommy, can you help me with my homework?

Lisa: I sure can, honey. Tomorrow's my day off, so I've got some extra time.

Hmm, looks like Christopher's found another reason to like this town. She's a bit younger than you, though.

Christopher: Well, she's still coming to college with me, right?

That's a bit of an issue at the moment. I haven't made my decision about that yet.

Olivia: Mom, can we go on vacation?

Lisa: You've got to be kidding me...we just moved her less than a week ago. We don't have money for that right now. Maybe later on.

Hmm, well, it's never good to show off. Let's follow protocol and wait.

See? It pays off to be patient.

Nice going, Lisa!

Lisa: This sure has been one crazy week.

Oh, you're right! The week's almost up! And you know what that means!

It's college time for Christopher! How'd you do on scholarships?

Christopher: Only two. It's not fair. That girl down the street got so many!

Yes, but you were also taking care of your sister for most of the week since your mom had night jobs. It's ok, you're going to college in a big group so it's not like you'll be strapped for cash.

Christopher: I still wish I had more.

And that brings us to the end of our first week with the Levinson family. Only one more family to go before it's graduation time!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: This family reminded me so much of the Larsons from my old blog it was scary. I guess I brought it on myself for making them red-haired and naming the baby Olivia. And I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with the town children who age to teen on the last night of their week. Part of me wants to just send them off as they are, but part of me wants to give them a full week as teens to skill and/or find a mate. So I don't know if the Christopher/Ashley thing will happen or not.


Mandie said...

I loved this family too! Olivia is so cute! I just wanted to pinch her wittle cheeks! As for the teenager/college thing, I do it this way: If a child turns into a teenager at any point during Week 1, they will leave for college at the end of Week 2. That way, even if they age on the last day of a round, they still have a full week. And it's fair playing time for all teens. All teens leave for college on the last day of the round following their transition round. Make sense? It sounds oddly complicated as I try to explain it! Lol, oh'll figure something out that works for you! Can't wait till the next update!

Fairy D said...

This family is great. I am really getting into this hood and look forward to more updates.
Olivia reminds me of a Real Life Olivia I know. They are both adorable.

Rachel said...

What a lovely family. Go Olivia learning your skills!

ciyrose said...

They are a sweet's interesting how everyone does something different with teens. As a whole I wait until the teens have one day left before their transition and then they leave that morning, or the night before. That way they can all their teen "years" to find a mate (although they seem to wait until college), skills etc. They also all age about the same, although many time the "mates" end up behind in college by one round. So far it's worked out though. :)