Monday, December 31, 2007

Schrute 1: Round 1

We now go from a house full of women to a house full of men!

The Backstory:
David Schrute was named the heir to his family farm, and abandoned his big-city life to move there with his father, William, and his uncle James. Sadly, his father and uncle's pleasure-loving ways did not mesh well with the world of agro-business, and the farm was soon foreclosed by the bank. With nowhere else to go, David moved to Tranquility Bay with his dad and uncle tagging along. Will David be able to rebuild his own life while keeping his dad and uncle in check?

Well, David, I do believe we've already gotten to know you quite well over at the Halperts.

David: Yes, but I don't believe you've met my dad or uncle. Dad's in the beige, Uncle James is in blue.

How are you liking Tranquility Bay so far?

David: Well, I've already found love so I guess I can't complain.

Hey, look. It's the welcome wagon, full of people we haven't met yet! How lovely!

Kimberly: When are you going to get to my house?

Wow, somebody's impatient.

So I hear you two are a couple of pleasure freaks.

James: Life's better if you just try to have fun.

Uh-huh. And I also heard that you two pleasure freaks didn't pay your bills on time.

William: Paying bills wasn't fun. We bought a dune buggy instead.

A dune buggy on a farm? Good thing David's living with you now.

William: Wheee!

Ok, you are much to old to be doing that.

William: You're never too old for this!

Get down, you'll break a hip.

What? Who doesn't like grilled cheese? Stand up to those weirdos, David!


Um...let's just stick with the safe way. Alphabetical it is.

Oh, no. Bad day for chance cards.

At least work went well for someone.

Nice job, David.

David: Thanks. I don't want to get too far deep into this adventurer thing, though. What I really want to do is become a star athlete. But that job's not up.

Well keep trying. It will come up.

Although it may be hard for you to keep trying since your uncle just broke the computer!

James: What? No biggie. We'll just buy another one, that's all.

With what money? The money you're supposed to use for food or the money you're supposed to use for bills?

Hey, look. It's Lisa Levinson from the welcome wagon. Um, why are you hugging?

David: We really hit it off.

Um, may I remind you that you're...

David: Engaged. I know, don't worry. She's just a friend, I promise.

Well, I guess it's innocent enough. Just don't let your fiancee's mother catch you with her.

David: Don't worry, I wont.

Hey, looks like James found a fishing buddy too.

James: Creepy nagging voice, meet Cornelia Roswell.

You know, I prefer the term mysterious.

Well, at least you're doing something productive.

Nice going, William.

William: Can I quit now?

No, see, in order to keep making money you need to keep working the job.

William: Darn.

Hey, Cornelia's back. And it looks like she and James get along pretty well...

Hey, you finally switched to athletic!

David: Yeah, after I almost killed myself trying to fix that stupid computer.

Uh-oh...good thing Lisa's not over.

Betty: We're going to see just where this guy lives. I bet he's got fifty women there already. You'll see...

Jennifer: Sorry about my mom, she insisted on following me or she was locking me in the house.

David: That's ok, I think we can avoid her.

Betty: Look at the size of this place! You'll never be able to raise a family here.

Jennifer: Oh, mom. I could raise kids here just as well as our house.

Betty: With those two old geezers living here?

David: Hey, stop insulting my family in my house!

Atta boy, David! Stick up for yourself!

Ooh...who's that from?

James: My sweetie, Cornelia.

Aww, looks like we've got ourselves a little elder love affair.

Great job, David. You're really raking it in this week.

David: Well with Jennifer and I about to start a family I've got to start saving up.

Look who's back again...

Um...I personally think he should take it, but my judgment has been really bad this week. Let's pass.

Ok, so from now on I do the opposite of what I think I should do.

Wow, you got pretty far in one week!

David: Well, there's no kids around here. My time is all my own.

Yeah, enjoy that while it lasts.

I think James had better enjoy bachelorhood while he can, too.

What? No wedding party?

David: Don't have enough money, time, or energy for that. A simple ceremony is fine.

Well, Tranquility Bay's first wedding is still very beautiful.

Ahh, who needs burgers.

Hey, I actually picked one right!

Well, that brings us to the end of our first week with the Schrute family! See everybody next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This house took me forever to play. First of all, it was extremely boring. I purposefully put off the wedding until Sunday night so Jennifer wouldn't be ahead of David in age, so for the rest of the week there was nothing to do. That's why I had James hook up with Cornelia. My game also got a little buggy during this lot, but everything seems fine now. And don't think we've seen the last of Lisa in this story, either...she's next on the list.


Mandie said...

Great update once again! I've loved every family so far. They're all different and so fun to read about!

Fairy D said...

Agreeing with Mandie. These families are great and so different they make the neighborhood truly unique.
Great job

Rachel said...

David and Jennifer are cute. I hope Betty will get to liking David.

"William: Paying bills wasn't fun. We bought a dune buggy instead." Too funny!

ciyrose said...

The father and uncle are too fun in this house. I like Jennifer and David together, they are cute, and maybe Betty will come around some day.