Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beesly 1: Round 1

Next up is the Beesly family.

The Backstory:
Following the sudden disappearance of his daughter, Place, John Beesly was left caring for his four granddaughters. The eldest, Pamela, is eager to start a family of her own. There's also middle child Ashley and the toddler twins, Emma and Madison. With no means of decent income, will the Beesly family be able to survive until all four girls grow up?

Hi, Beeslys!

Pamela: Um, Grandpa? What was that?

John: Oh, um...I don't know. Now come and help me get your sisters inside.

Hey, wait a minute. I haven't introduced myself yet...

Oh, and there's Ashley.

Ashley: Are you a ghost? Do you know where my mom is?

Sorry, I don't. And I'm not a ghost. I'm just a disembodied voice.

Glad to see you don't mind helping out.

Pam: I don't really have much of a choice here. There's no adult in this house. Somehow I'm supposed to go to school, work a job, and take care of Ashley and the twins.

Wow. Good luck with that.

Oh, great. Way to start off the week. I knew leaving that tree here when I gutted the house was a bad idea.

Ok, it's time to play "Which twin is which?". From the looks of things it seems that Madison always wears purple and has a headband, and Emma always wears pink and has no headband.

Pamela: Yeah, I can't come into work today. I'm not feeling so great.

You're calling in sick already? It's your second day of work.

Pamela: What else can I do? I still have to feed the babies, do my homework, and help Ashely with hers while Grandpa's at work.

I think you're working harder than anyone else in this house.

And judging by your attire, both of you took a little nap in your room before starting.

Ashley: Yeah, but we can't sleep.

I noticed you kept getting up. I'll have to look into that.

Not again...

Pamela: Come on...say something. Anything. Just talk so I can go to bed.

What's the rush?

Pamela: Their birthday is tonight, so we want them to at least learn something before they grow up.

I see.

Oh, look. Pamela brought home a friend. And a male one at that. What's your name?

Rhys: Rhys Inglar.

Oh, another one of you Fellowship 3 townies. You're not still married to anybody, are you?

Rhys: Um, don't think so.

Well, it looks like Rhys is going to have to come back another day. We've got more important matters to attend to here-like a double birthday.

Pamela: A long awaited double birthday.

And thankfully Emma's pajamas are still pink. It's good to be consistent.

And both you girls are adorable.

They really do pull their weight, don't they?

Another new friend?

John: Me and Pam have been stuck at the first levels of our jobs for this whole week, because we haven't had time to make any friends. I'm stopping everyone who walks by.

You know, getting dressed would make a better first impression.

Ashley: Yeah! My first A+!

Pam may be working the hardest, but Ashely's having the most successful week.

Fishing party?

Emma: It's a way we can make money. But everything I catch goes right into the fridge.

Ashley: Everything me and Madison catch gets sold.

Where is Madison?

Pamela: Not now, Maddy. I have to fix this shower, clean up the mess, and do my own homework.

Madison, take my advice. Go out and fish with your other sisters.

Madison: Can you help me with my homework, Grandpa?

John: Sure, honey. Um...which one is it?

Does it really matter? They're all the same.

Hmm, as much as I'd like to be progressive and go with the orange wedges, I think that the detention slips will work better.

Looks like that was the right choice.

Aww. Odd setting, but still aww.

You know, you can take off the thinking cap while your eating breakfast, Pam.

Pamela: No I can't. I don't have time. I have to keep studying. Plus, Rhys is coming back over later.

I guess you're glad to see him, huh?

Pam: You have no idea.

So I think it's pretty safe to say that Rhys is coming to college with you...

Pamela: Oh, college! I completely forgot! I have to get back to studying!

Don't worry, Rhys. I'm sure once you're graduated she'll calm down.

Happy birthday, dear Ashley...

And look. Your sister pried herself away from her skilling to come to the party.

Alright, not the worst outfit I've seen. Have you picked your aspiration yet?

Ashley: Sure have. After watching Pam do so much work, I just want to have fun!

Ok, pleasure it is.

And that just about brings us to the end of the week. Hopefully things will start to calm down a little more around here next round.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: If it seems like there's not very many pictures, it's because this house was so chaotic that I did not have time to take them. This was my first time playing a house with no adults. The only reason these people are not bankrupt is because of the dream catchers-big thanks goes out to Rachel for doing the Quick Tip podcast about that. Those things were a lifesaver. Stuck one in each of the girls' bedrooms and they kept the family afloat. And it was so nice to see Pam get something for herself at the end. She came close to death many times trying to juggle being a student, employee and nanny.


Mandie said...

Cute girls! They all turned out to be pretty so far! Lately in my hood, we seem to be having all boys. So I'm glad to see some girls somewhere! Loved the update!

Fairy D said...

Pam did a great job with her sisters. She deserves to be happy at college with her new love.

ASimWen said...

Awww I feel for Pam. She did a wonderful job, she does deserve a life of pleasure. She and Ryse look like a good match. Uni together? Yeah!

craterdweller said...

That house was a handful :) Dream catchers? I don't think I've ever used them.

Rachel said...

The twins sure are cute little neat freaks. :) Poor Pamela but at least she found someone to love. It's nice to see Fellowship 3 townies. I have them too, but I have no idea which sims they are verses regular townies.

ciyrose said...

The girls are all so pretty! So glad that Pam has something to call her own, she did a good job with the girls.