Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scott 1: Round One

First up is the Scott family:

The Backstory: Emily Scott was living the picture-perfect life. She was happily married, with two young boys named Jacob and Michael. Her aging parents, Dorothy and Robert, also resided with her and her husband and made wonderful babysitters. Then her world came crashing down when her husband was caught by his company having an affair with his receptionist. To escape the resulting scandal Emily picked up her family and moved to Tranquility Bay.

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Tranquility Bay!

Jacob: Grandma, did you hear something?

Dorothy: Huh? What did you say?

Oh, great. Dorothy's hard of hearing. This should be fun.

There's the rest of the family. How's it going, Emily?

Emily: Um...who are you?

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the mysterious voice. I will be your neighborhood narrator.

Robert: A neighborhood narrator? You didn't mention that when you were telling us about this place, Emily.

Emily: I didn't know! Um, neighborhood narrator?

Please, call me mysterious voice. What can I do for you?

Emily: What's with all the snow?

Funny you should see, when I decided to build a new town I used a bunch of the houses from my old town that got left empty...and the snow came with the house.

Robert: The town that got hit with the bomb?

Um...why don't we all go inside?

Ahh, the peak of maturity.

Dorothy: What did you say? I have jury duty?

....Yeah. That's exactly what I said.

Robert: Ahh, don't listen to her. She moved us into a bomb site.

Don't look so excited there, Robert. You don't want to encourage the kid or anything.

Robert: What do you know? You're just the narrator.

Ahh, but I forgot to mention that I'm the omnipotent narrator.

Robert: Were you omnipotent enough to stop that bomb from destroying your old town?


Robert: That's what I thought.

Hey, look. The Welcome Wagon's here.

Jennifer: Hi, I'm Jennifer Halpert. We just moved in down the street.

Ahh, yes. I should be getting to you guys soon enough.

Jennifer: Who was that?

Emily: Didn't you know? We get a neighborhood narrator and we get to live in houses left empty by a nuclear bomb.

Jennifer: No wonder these houses were so cheap.

Emily: I hope this move was the right thing for my boys.

I'm sure they're going to love it here.

Oh, great. Dorothy, who can't hear anything, is teaching Michael to talk.

Dorothy: I'm not buying any stock!

Oh, for the love of...

Who's this?

Robert: Says his name's Simon something. Came walking by and I thought he might like to meet Emily when she got home from work.

Trying to set your daughter up already?

Well, Michael sure has taken a liking to him.

All right! Your first promotion! And I think your dad has a surprise for you...

Emily: No time for that now. I have to help Jacob with his homework.

Way to go, Dorothy.

Dorothy: I know there's still snow!

I'm just going to stop trying.

Emily: That's it little're doing it!

So did you ever get to meet Simon?

Emily: Yeah. That guy was gross.

You didn't hit it off, huh?

Emily: Nope. But that's ok. I've got my boys to focus on right now.

Another promotion! Very nice!

Honesty's the best policy, right? Let's blow the whistle.

What? What kind of sports team is this?

Sorry about your mom losing so much money right now.

Emily: It's alright. With the bonuses from my promotions it evens out. And we have everything we need right now anyway.

Looks like we've got Tranquility Bay's first birthday!

Well, you grew up with a nice outfit at least. Um, who's the pregnant lady in the background?

Michael: Mom's friend. She came home from work with her.

But how could she be at work...? Oh, never mind.

And I see Michael found his new big boy bed.

What the...last time I checked it was fall. Oh, whatever. Enjoy your day off, boys!

How sweet...

Robert: Well, the kid could use some love seeing as how his new house was in a nuclear blast.

You know, no one seems to care that the house survived the nuclear blast. No one mentions that part.

Well, blowing the whistle didn't work last time...let's try keeping quiet.

I guess it's still better than what happened to Dorothy.

Hey, nice going Robert.

Robert: Yeah, sure. A grown man like me dressing like a llama for a living.

Hey, it's all for the cause, alright?

More pillow fights?

Dorothy: The lights are already on, dear.

Gee, I wonder where they get it from.

Not in front of the boys, please?

Jacob: Come on, let's go outside and build a snowman.

A new friend?

Dorothy: What? This is my new friend Xavier Night-he's from...where did you say you were from, again?

Xavier: Fellowship 3.

And I see that new friend was exactly what Emily needed for another promotion.

Jacob: Check it out! My first A+!

Awesome job, Jacob!

Michael: I got one, too Mom!

Equally nice job.

And who is this?

Emily: Lawrence...what did you say your last name was?

Lawrence: Nuttington.

Oh, one of the Fellowship 2 guys.

You two seem to be pretty good together.

Emily: Well, I don't want to move too fast, but...

I guess that speaks for itself.

So much for not having time for boyfriends because of the boys, huh?

Robert: I don't mind helping the kid. Don't see why he needs it, though. He's already got an A+.

Um, Lawrence?

Lawrence: I thought once we moved in we weren't married anymore!

Gigi: Weren't married anymore? I can't believe you!

Oops. I guess custom townies do stay married to each other.

Gigi: And you! How dare you take my husband away from me! We have a're ruining our son's life!

Your son...who is also a townie.

Gigi: Just because we're townies doesn't mean we don't have our own lives! We're people too, you know.

Lawrence: Sorry I didn't tell you I was still married.

Emily: That's ok. Say, if you don't want to go back home...wherever that is...why don't you just move in here?

Lawrence: Um...sure. That sounds great!

Now there's just the small matter of your marriage to Gigi...

Who just happened to wander by at this exact moment to steal the newspaper.

Lawrence: I can't believe I'm about to do this...we do have a son.

Trust me, the way your relationship is right now it's for the better.

Lawrence: It's over, Gigi.

Gigi: What...what are you talking about? Why?

You're actually surprised by this?

Aww, don't cry Lawrence. Seriously, it's quite disturbing.

Lawrence: all happened so fast!

Yes, yes it did. In one day, in fact.

Emily: Lawrence, will you marry me?

Lawrence: What? Of course I will.

Um, Lawrence's first marriage just broke up like four hours ago. What happened to not moving too fast?

Hey, look who else survived from Tranquility Acres! It's Mumble the penguin!

Robert: What they...why did you wake me up?

Because you're sleeping in your grandson's bed.

Robert: No I'm not...this is my bed.

The bed with the Mickey Mouse sheets is yours?

Robert: Yes...I love Mickey!

Time for another birthday!

Say, how do you feel about getting a new stepfather? I haven't gotten a chance to ask you.

Jacob: Can we talk about this later?


Hey, you got a pretty good outfit too. So what aspiration would you like?

Jacob: Hmm, I think I'll go with family.

Alright. And now that you're a teenager and it's coming up on the end of the week, do you know what time it is?

Jacob: Time to buy me a bed without Mickey Mouse?

Nope! It's college time. Three scholarships for round one. That's a pretty good start.

Jacob: I'm going to college already?

Yup, those teen years just fly by, don't they? And that, my friends, brings us to the end of...wait a minute, do I smell something burning?

And thank you, Emily, for giving this first week in Tranquility Bay a dramatic ending. I'm looking forward to the wedding next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Going from being in round 6 of Tranquility Acres to back in round one of this hood was a bit of a shock. I was surprised that after I gutted the houses I moved over they were still relatively affordable. I also had no idea that custom townies keep their marriage/joined tokens. I had no intention of having Emily break up a marriage, but it was pretty fun to watch.


Mandie said...

I loved this family! Between the hard-of-hearing grandmother and the old man who likes Mickey, they cracked me up! I'm glad to see that you're still truckin' along after losing your first town!

Fairy D said...

This was just too funny. I am really going to enjoy this hood.

ASimWen said...

Yes, yes, love the elders in this fam. The hard of hearing g-ma is great. lol I haven't broken up very many marriages...that was intersting!

Mendi C said...

Your blog is great. I can't wait to get caught up. You are very talented.

craterdweller said...

This is a great family, but I have to agree with the other commenters, the hard of hearing grandma was brilliant.

Rachel said...

Oh so funny! Mysterious voice! I really thought I had started reading your blog, but turns out I hadn't. I found out custom townies stayed married the hard way too. Nice start.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you lost your last Prosperity, Mary! I can't do a prosperity to save my life, lulz. I certainly hope this one is better.

Oh, the bad news - the first family of the new prosperity ends up breaking up a marriage. Is Gigi from Tranquility Acres? If you have SimPE, you can change the relationships to delete the crush and love tokens.

ciyrose said...

So I know I'm starting from forever ago, but I'm trying to read through and catch up on prosperity blogs, and you're was next on my list. Great job with the start of this family....didn't know custom townies kept relationships, but good to know. The grandma was absolutely brilliant.

Missymumu said...

I know this is old, and I've read it before, but I have a similar sims 3 story. A townie was single, but the next day (when he was also involved with my sim) he had a girlfriend, who he also got pregnant. I felt so bad, I played his ex for a while, and gave her a nice house to live in.