Thursday, December 18, 2008

Warner 1: Round 7

Last round, Destiny Warner continued to ponder the mystery of the photographs she brought with her to Tranquility Bay. Meanwhile, she helped her husband Eric chase his lifetime want of having 50 first dates. This was difficult, though, with the couple's two daughters still living at home. Their older daughter, Angelica, grew to teen and chose a life of romance, which meant that the house had a constant flow of teenage boys. Their younger daughter, Dot, grew from a toddler to a child and tried her best to understand her sister's life choices.

Hi there, you two.

Eric: Hi, mysterious voice.

Still plugging away at those dates?

Destiny: We're up to 10...I think. It's hard to find time with kids and work.

Well, you've only got one at home now so it should be a little easier.

Speaking of's it going, Dot?

Dot: Ok. I was just reading.

Do you read a lot?

Dot: Yeah. Mommy and Daddy are usually busy on dates. But they never go anywhere-they just go out and sit in the car.

Dot: Tag! You're it!

Glad to see the kid gets some social interaction, at least.

Happy birthday, dear Dot...

Not bad. Have you picked your aspiration yet?

Dot: Yup!

Dot: I want to have lots and lots of friends.

Not surprising...

At least her lifetime want is easy enough.

Eric: You want to head back to the car?

Destiny: You know, I've been thinking...maybe we should be more discreet about these dates now. Dot's older-she must know what's going on.

Eric: I know. But it's my lifetime want. And we're not getting any younger.

Who are you chatting with?

Dot: My friend Holland Halpert. Mom and Dad are out in the car again-I'm trying to ignore it.

Do you still wish they would pay attention to you?

Dot: Sort of, but that's not really the problem anymore. Now it's just awkward because I know what they're doing.

You're fixing the tub?

Dot: I told you, all my parents do is eat, sleep, work, and date. Everything else is up to me.

Well, it's good that you're learning responsibility.

Um, let's vaporize.


What happened to being discreet?

Destiny: Dot's up in her room.

Which has windows...

Any more breakthroughs in the missing family department?

Destiny: No. I've been searching government records and I couldn't find any record of an Alexis, Avery, Adina, or Eddie Warner ever existing. Even the town the newspaper article was from doesn't show up anywhere-not on any maps. It's like it never existed.

Dot: Hey, Holland, I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date. No, just at my house. Great-I'll see you in a bit!

Doing some dating of your own now?

Dot: Hey, when in Rome, right?

You two seem like you know each other pretty well.

Dot: Well, Holland and I have been friends since we were kids.

I guess so. That didn't take long...

Nor did that. I guess we have another established couple.

Eric: Honey, I really don't think your brothers and sisters are alive anymore.

Destiny: I know, but I still want to find out what happened to them. Entire towns don't just disappear off of the map.

Tell that to the citizens of Atlantis.

Ok, so Holland's mother is calling the girl he went on a date with yesterday and asking her to go downtown. That's just a bit creepy.

What happened to the two of you?

Destiny: We were outside...having a water balloon fight....and we got a little too cold.

Well that's what you get for having a water balloon fight in the middle of winter! I think I'll let you guys warm yourselves up. I'll see you next round, and tell Dot I'll see her at graduation-if you speak to her before then.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: I know, I forgot to have Dot review her scholarships. But she did get some, I promise. So far the grand dream date total is 20. This lot was also the first time I've seen Sims freeze-like, unable to move and another Sim has to warm them up with a hair dryer frozen. Both Destiny and Eric froze at the end of the week-Eric even ended up on the ground on his side. It was kind of creepy.


Rachel said...

I love when life long friends get together. How sweet!

Anonymous said...

Awww.... I wish Dot's parents would spend more time with her........... :(

But anyway, she found a great boyfriend... even though he's a romance sim.... wow her life just isn't fair is it?

kayla said...

Where do you get dot"s pigtails??