Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beesly 5: Round 7

Last round was busy for May and Pao Beesly. Their oldest daughter, Easter, grew from a child to a teen. She has since departed for college and has started her own family. Their second child, Arbor, grew from a toddler to a child. May gave birth to not one but two more singleton children during the week. Halloween grew all the way to a child by the time the week was over, and the baby, Valentine, grew to a toddler. Pao also achieved his lifetime want of becoming the mayor.

Pao: Come on, Valentine. You can do it...just put one foot in front of the other...

I'm resisting the urge to sing.

Pao: Um...ok.

What are you up to, Arbor?

Arbor: Painting. We don't have that cool bookshelf like everybody else so we have to do other stuff to get skill points.

Well nobody in your house was ever in education.

Um, let's go with no.


That extra money sure helps, huh?

May: Yup. That's why I'm doing some online shopping. I've been thinking about doing some upgrades around here for awhile.

Your furniture is a little worn.

Pao? What are you doing?

Pao: Washing the windows. These things are filthy.

Well seeing as how you're the first one in town to wash a window that doesn't surprise me.

Pao: Just you wait, Valentine. When you grow up your big girl room is going to be so pretty. All of your furniture is going to match...

Doesn't the rest of the kids furniture match?

Pao: Um...kind of. Some of it does. But we combined the boys into one room for now and their furniture doesn't match at all.

Um, Zachary? What are you doing here?

Zachary: Dropping off a karaoke machine for Easter since our date last week was so good. now live with Easter.

Zachary: Yes, but our date was here.


Arbor: Hi, Valentine!

Valentine: No touch!

She's developing a little's cute now but something tells me it won't be cute when she's a teenager. we go again.

Wait, could it be that I actually bought these guys an alarm?

Did the cop get the robber?

Arbor: Yup! And she didn't even take our karaoke machine!

At least you guys seem to be enjoying that thing.

Pao: Can you say Daddy?

Valentine: Not the mama!

Well, technically she's right...

I guess she likes Halloween better than Arbor.

Happy birthday, dear Arbor...

Well an outfit change is in order. But have you chosen an aspiration?

Arbor: I want a big family!


Happy birthday dear Valentine...

We'll have to change her hair back, but she's still a very pretty young girl.

Valentine: Thanks!

And the first thing she does after her makeover is run to the karaoke machine!

Valentine: I've been waiting to be big enough to use it.

Yes! Two lifetime wants down!

May: The kids making friends put me over the top.

So this is the matching furniture that you were so proud of?

May: Yup. That's why we're going to do our homework at the desk, not on the lawn like the boys, ok?

Valentine: Ok, Mommy.

Arbor's want will take awhile, but it's very do-able.

Who are you calling, Halloween?

Halloween: My friend Chandler Beesly. She's coming over today with her sister.

Isn't she a bit older than you?

Halloween: Now she is.

She's not older than Arbor, though.

But Arbor seems to get along better with Phoebe...

I think we have ourselves an established couple!

Time for the third birthday of the week! Happy birthday, dear Halloween!

An unfortunate outfit, but that can be fixed. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Halloween: I want lots of friends!

Ok, popularity it is!

Doesn't waste any time, does he?

And established couple number 2 for this lot.

Glad to see the brotherly love is still alive in these two.

Whew! And he has an easy lifetime want too!

Why are you hiding in your room?

Valentine: I don't like being around the boys. They make fun of me and they give me noogies all the time.

Don't worry, they'll be out of the house very soon.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, I didn't get shots of Arbor and Halloween's scholarships. But the both got some, don't you worry.


Rachel said...

Brothers dating sisters (but not their own), so cute.