Friday, December 26, 2008

Beesly 6: Round 7

Last round, Damion and June Beesly continued raising their twins, Robin and Sparrow, who grew to teenagers and prepared for college. The family adopted a puppy named Izzi to give Sparrow a head start in her "raise 20 puppies or kittens" lifetime want. Damion continued to progress in the military while June excelled in the business world while chasing her own dream of having 20 best friends. Sparrow has now moved back home after college with her fiancee Mexico Halpert.

June, may I ask why you're standing in the snow in your swimsuit?

June: I was swimming and I just got out. I haven't changed yet.

Well, you might want to do that fast. We're heading down to the park for your daughter's wedding.

Glad to see everyone put on some warmer clothes.

And we're having an outdoor wedding in the snow. How romantic...and how poorly planned.

What a lovely ceremony. Now let's get you home before you all turn blue!

So is everyone warmed up now?

Sparrow: I guess so. I could stand to be a little warmer, though.

Would you like me to leave?

Mexico: I think that would be best.

All right.

Mexico: You're really annoying but you are pretty cute. You're less noisy than the cats, anyway.

There aren't a lot of dogs in this town.

So did you end up taking a job?

Mexico: Nah. The criminal career wasn't available. If it doesn't show up tomorrow I'll take something else I guess, but I don't want to get too into anything else.

Well, you guys aren't exactly strapped for cash so I guess that's ok.

Let's sue for libel.


Nice job, June! By the way, how's your lifetime want coming?

June: It's coming along. I'm halfway there-I've got 10 best friends so far.

And look who stopped by for a visit! It's Sim Santa!

Sparrow: So Santa, did you fly down here commercial or do you have a private plane?

Where have you been, Sparrow? He has the reindeer and a sleigh.

Sparrow: Well, that is more fuel efficient I guess.

Uh-oh...I think everyone knows what this means...

Looks like the next generation is on the way!

Sparrow: That was certainly fast.

Look, Izzi grew up! Happy birthday, girl!

And it looks like we're getting a friend for Izzi, the very aptly named Shaggy. Welcome to the family, boy.

Nice work, Damion.

Damion: Thanks.

Uh-oh, shaking smoking doghouse! You know what that means!

Cleaning the dog bed?

Sparrow: Something tells me it's going to be getting a lot more use.

Looks like Mexico finally found his dream job.

Baby time!

Looks like the twin gene hasn't kicked in yet.

Sparrow: It's a girl! Meet baby Canary!


And so far it looks like Mexico's winning the war of the genetics. Canary has his skin and eyes, but her hair could have come from either side.

Hmm, let's bribe.


Way to go, Mexico.

Mexico: Thanks!

Nice job, Damion.

Damion: Thanks.

Enjoying the new baby?

Damion: I love being a grandpa!


Sparrow: Fire! Stupid lobster!

Why are you making lobster for yourself at midnight anyway? Make yourself some mac and cheese-it's much safer.

Uh-oh...I think I know what this means...

Three? That's a lot of puppies...

Ok, so we've got two girls and a boy...

Here's Summer...

Here's Winter, who looks exactly the same.

And buried in the snow is Spring.

Way to go, Damion. You're almost there.

Damion: Yup.

Nice work, Sparrow.

Sparrow: Thanks. Now I can focus on these dogs.

Happy birthday, dear Canary...

What a little cutie! Looks like Mexico really won the genetic war.

Sparrow: Can you say bear?

Canary: No!

Keep trying, Sparrow.

Canary: Mama!

Sparrow: Don't you want to go play with Grandma or Grandpa?

Canary: Mama!

She only seems to want to interact with you.

June: Come on, Canary. You can do it...Walk for grandma...

I can't believe you're a grandma, June.

June: I know.

Nice! Way to go, Mexico! Even though I don't exactly approve of your lifetime want.

Sparrow: Whee! You can fly!

Careful, Sparrow. She's not a real bird!

I just realized I never got a good shot of Canary's makeover. Love the new hairstyle.

June, what are you doing? You're going to wake up the entire town.

June: We're having a new year's party!!!

Please don't set anything on fire. Please? That's not a good way to ring in the new year.

Ok, now we've got a creepy old man with an hour glass.

I'm not even going to try and label all of these people.

Everyone: Happy New Year!!!

And the creepy old man turned into a creepy baby with a top hat. What a way to end the week!

Canary: New Year!

Even the toddler's getting into the spirit of things! But now I've got be on my way. See you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I hope you all had a very nice holiday. It seems ironic to me that the house I had Santa come to was the only house in town without anyone younger than adult in it. He left them a teddy bear, too-such an appropriate gift, right?


Rachel said...

Santa! YOu know I have never had a new year's party. It looks like fun.

ciyrose said...

What a fun holiday filled house. I've never had Santa visit...I'll have to check that out sometime.